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  1. I heard that no one could agree on a venue change so it reverted back to Gate City. And I thought the only time coaches couldn't agree was in all-district meetings...
  2. I'm sure any kid would choose playing at WVU or Marshall over Charleston.
  3. They also say he owned part of The Cricket in Pocahontas before its demolition.
  4. Once he takes a bite of a Big Pal with Cheese and some Frenchy Fries he'll be on board.
  5. Maybe now we can get one of those urban paintings on the side of the Gate City Pal's with Mac and Shaq back to back...
  6. Yeah, having both in one location just makes it a tremendous environment for everyone involved.
  7. The fact that both boy's and girl's tournaments aren't in the same location is a huge mistake.
  8. Some of these kids have a terrible group of people surrounding them as well. They hitch to the kid's wagon in hopes of some huge NIL deal or even further, NFL contract. They will put thoughts in the kid's head that they are a P5 talent or the League is a no doubt outcome to their career. I see it damn near every day and the kid is the one who suffers in the end.
  9. I predict that work on all three Tazewell County fields will come down to the wire.
  10. Like clockwork... The Cicadas are set to reappear this year and so does the Graham stadium debate.
  11. It's essentially the thread holding Russell County together at the moment.
  12. The Lebanese Walmart is tremendous with a great Mexican restaurant in the same shopping center and the Tokyo is tough to beat. I think the kicker here is that their Bonanza is still thriving while the Wise one is not.
  13. Two great areas in SWVA are now without a head football coach. Which one will Bill Belichick chose? Both Lebanon and Wise offer tremendous eateries, shopping options, and scenic views... Could come down to the wire in this one.
  14. I think if the Lebanese want to keep a coach for the long term, a unlimited gift card to Pal's should be on the negotiating table.
  15. So you're saying that Tazewell is the problem...
  16. If the VHSL has an opportunity to screw something up, they will.
  17. Because they had the ability to...
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