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  1. The Allen kid is about to take over. Wonder where he'll end up...
  2. I said it on Twitter a few days ago and will repeat it here. The West Virginia high school state basketball tournament is vastly superior to the Virginia high school state tournament.
  3. I mean, my wife graduated from E&H, I graduated from Bluefield State, and I'm the breadwinner. #HarvardOfTheAirConditionedCity
  4. Hell Ricky, I was high when I said that.
  5. Word on the street is John Marshall will be heading to the NIT in place of Virginia Tech.
  6. All the wrestlers in Buchanan County have been going to Grundy for years. If it can work there, it can work anywhere.
  7. Richlands girls basketball plays without a coach, wins 2A State Title.
  8. Pretty sure they just closed Rocky Gap altogether.
  9. Whitewood and Council did that in the 90's.
  10. Getting someone twice your age charged with assault is the lack of toughness the NBA frowns upon.
  11. I remember playing in a travel ball tournament in Tennessee when I was in 5th grade. We lost to a team from Kingsport 124-16 in the quarterfinals. No surprise, that team made it to the championship and the opponent for that game just walked out, shook hands and left. Would be funny if that is what John Marshall opponents did as a sign of protest.
  12. No one associated with the NBA knows or cares about anyone related to this situation.
  13. Plot twist - Rife is sentenced community service and has to coach Richlands girls basketball for another year.
  14. I'm not a fan of either party involved to be honest but any charge is a bit much in this situation. The only thing this charge does is keep this story alive longer than it should be.
  15. Any school who use Notre Dame or Michigan's fight song are lazy to me.
  16. Imagine a scenario where all 4 2D semifinals were in the same location? What an environment that would be. Think it's far-fetched? It's going on right now in 1D. Region 2D can't get out of it's own way sometimes.
  17. The SWD will be interesting as every program will have a new head coach. I think it will be a fun spring for that aspect alone. What does kill me is how Region D schedules spring sports. It is ok for these schools to not schedule every athletic event on the same day at the same time. Would love to hear their reasoning behind that.
  18. BDD shouldn't have more than 2 in the region tournament this year. It's sad how far the BDD has fallen in basketball.
  19. Let's consolidate Honaker, Twin Valley and Richlands... I think Raven High School sounds good.
  20. Narz would consolidate with James Monroe before they would Giles.
  21. All the complaints about sharing a stadium yet you only have one Thursday night game... How will you guys survive this?
  22. I really like the North/South set up here. My only question is, how often will we have to replace Lebanon when they hop-scotch back and forth with the Hogo?
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