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  1. Everybody that got playing time made all district!!!
  2. I want to personally thank all of you guys for your well wishes for our family. I know that Shelly and Slick and Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Ella greatly appreciate everything that the community has done and is doing to honor Tony. Please continue to keep the Blevins and Webster families in your thoughts. I can honestly say, that he is absolutely the best kid that I have ever been associated with. I may be a little bias but I have never in my life seen a kid that is always smiling, up-beat and as positive as Tony was. It definitely shows is how the communities of Mercer and Tazewell as well as surrounding counties have come together to honor such a wonderful young man. May he rest in peace and never be forgotten!!
  3. JGray

    8th grader

    I used to question stuff like this until I ended up having a few come my way here in Charlotte.
  4. The same thing happened here in Charlotte 2 weeks ago. Independence and Rocky River were fighting as well as East Meck and Hickory Ridge.
  5. You may not want to miss the Hough and MC game. It may be a classic, especially with all of the transfers that Hough got in this summer.
  6. That conference is the best in the state from top to bottom. There are only 2 bad teams in the conference, those being Hopewell (0-8) and Lake Norman (2-7). North Meck and West Charlotte are also competitive to some extent and will make the playoffs and give that conference 6 teams to get in.
  7. At what point does the Graham coaching staff gain an advantage in the coaching department? Will it take a state championship, a game without and 15 yard penalties, or what some would call a program changing win? If so, who would that program changing win be against. Graham has just as many wins as Richlands and Bluefield since 2015 when the coaching change occurred. Before I get bashed, let me note that I "KNOW" Coach Mance and Coach Simon are great coaches.
  8. No. That was the Tazewell County High Warhawks building until it changed to the junior high. My grandmother told me that their school sat up on the side of the hill until they got the new (TCHS) built.
  9. Genoa was the Junior high (7-9) and Park Central was the high school. Unless Genoa was the high school before Park Central. In Bluefield, Virginia, my grandmother graduated from Graham Colored High school in 1944 which was in our neighborhood before Tazewell County High.
  10. Last night (Tuesday, June 19), the Mecklenburg County Commission approved a County budget totaling $1.7 billion, including increased support for the students, teachers, staff and schools of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and pre-K programs in the county. CMS released the message below this morning. See original CMS budget request at ourkidsneedus.org. Details (from the Charlotte Observer 6-20-18) include: “The budget increases funding to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools by $31.1 million, including $11.8 million for raises for locally funded employees and $6.9 million from the current budget for increased local salary supplements for teachers and staff. CMS had requested nearly $40 million in extra funding. It also continues a recent emphasis on early childhood education, including $9 million for enough new pre-kindergarten classrooms to serve 600 children. "I think absolutely this is the right thing to do," CMS Superintendent Clayton Wilcox told WBTV, the Observer's news partner. "I think county commissioners are being brave in stepping forward."
  11. Ike now has an offer from Rutgers as well.
  12. The difference in the game will be the depth of North Meck. Vaud, Jae, and Tristan are not the only players that North has. GC has guards that can play too. The issue will be on the block and not letting Tristan get going. Vaud doesn't want to score but Tristan and Jae will score in bunches. They will run about 9-10 deep with not much of a let off.
  13. Please elaborate on this statement.
  14. JGray

    SWVA Best

    Lol.. Sory for adding the g. I was referring to Stacy Ervin.
  15. JGray

    SWVA Best

    Is McClung the best player in SWVA since Erving or Talford?
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