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  1. Dang! I had no idea. I've always wondered why he went to Independence, and now I know why. Great for him, but that's a morale torpedo to the remainder of GCPS administration, teachers, and staff.
  2. Yes, you're correct. I wonder if Grayson realizes how fortunate they are to have both Stephen James and Doss on the sidelines?
  3. My Marion Mt. Rushmore consists of four Emory & Henry Hall of Famers. -Art “Scrapper” Broady (RB?/DB) came to Marion HS when Smyth Co schools integrated in the mid-60s and made Marion way better in everything. He became the first African-American player for Emory & Henry where he became a record-setting DB http://hof.ehc.edu/members/art-scrapper-broady/ -Larry Bales (QB) was All-State at Marion in the mid-60s before becoming starting QB as freshman at E&H. Bales also played RB and WR for the Wasps and was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in 1969 (R7). http://hof.ehc.edu/members/larry-bales/ -Johnny Wilson (WR) played in mid-70s and remains among Marion's best-ever all-around athletes. He began his collegiate career at Virginia Tech before transferring to E&H and becoming a three-time all-ODAC WR. http://hof.ehc.edu/members/johnny-wilson/ -Marshall Doss (RB/LB) played for the Canes from '98-'01. Doss began his career at ETSU before transferring to, you guessed it, Emory & Henry. He was the 2006 ODAC Defensive POY and an NCAA Division III All-American Honorable Mention.http://hof.ehc.edu/members/marshall-doss/ Honorable Mention: Ron Bales QB mid-60s (also in E&H HOF) Ethan Richardson- RB '09-'12-Holds most every rushing record at MSHS; Played collegiately at Concord U Mark Puckett-RB/LB '84-'87-A true man among boys. An opponent once described Puckett as a tank in football cleats. Kokie Wagner: RB ''74-'77 Played collegiately at Bluefield State
  4. It wasn't exactly a team co-op, but I recall the inspiring story about the only wrestler in Rye Cove history. The Eagles, nor any other school in Scott Co, fielded a wrestling team. VHSL gave his dad permission to be his coach and allowed him to practice each day with Powell Valley. After placing at States his sophomore and junior seasons, he won the 2011 Group A State Championship in his weight class.
  5. Don't question Samantha Perry's professionalism. She's a Pulitzer-worthy journalist whose hard-hitting pieces include decomposing pumpkins, taking her dog to the vet, and feisty grannies of McDowell Co.. https://muckrack.com/samantha-perry-1/articles
  6. In all fairness, no one specified which NBA. NEPAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION Mr. Lama Tendi Sherpa President Mr. Narendra Thapa Secretary General
  7. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1340267997603 FWIW, a clip of the song used to be on Clintwood Green Wave Facebook page. The clip is still up, but the sound no longer seems to work. One commenter stated it was an original piece, while another said it was the same as the "Redskins game song". I'm assuming he was referring to Hail to the Redskins.
  8. Marion's is the same as Emory & Henry's and UNC's "I'm Marion born"..."I'm Emory born"..."I'm Tar Heel Born"
  9. Latest odds for SWVA Sports Video of the Year: 2:1 -"House of Hustle Throwdown: Coach v. Daddy" 100:1 -"Rappin' G-Boyz" 200:1 -"Ridin' the Ramey"
  10. And now it's international...The Daily Mail in the UK has picked up the story https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11800299/Shocking-moment-high-school-girls-basketball-coach-jumps-stand-fight-spectator.html
  11. Add Outkick, Bleacher Report, and Yahoo to the list. Perhaps renaming itself Redlands isn't a bad idea.
  12. The video just made the front page on foxnews.com
  13. This incident reminded me of a t-shirt that reads: Don't Piss Off Old Men. The Older They Get, The Less "Life In Prison" Is A Deterrent.
  14. I think I spotted a fan with outside food and an umbrella in the video. I just hope the School Board addresses this issue as well.
  15. I was just kidding with my comment and none of those attributes apply to you. Your posts are always reasonable and insightful. I'm only vaguely familiar with Hampton HS (TN), but do know Carter County is a different world. What are some of the similarities you see between the two programs/fan bases?
  16. I wasn't aware that Hampton fans are spoiled, entitled, and whiny.
  17. IMHO, Tazewell had it right in 1986 and should've never changed.
  18. I remember that helmet. IINM, it was similar to Furman's helmet logo.
  19. May the light of Christ fill your heart and mind as you celebrate his birth. Merry Christmas!
  20. 🎵...We shouldn't have gone to war with the G-Men...🎵
  21. Congratulations to Chilhowie native Billy Mills for leading Dinwiddie to its second title since 2013.
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