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  1. I think I've got this, @Plywood_King. Richlands and Graham =the successful older brothers of Tazewell Tazewell=The black sheep younger brother w/chip on shoulder Marion=unwelcome step-brother and nemesis to Tazewell May I add Abingdon; our smug, arrogant cousin who thinks his McMansion and BMW make him look wealthy?
  2. We get all this BEFORE the playoffs begin! 10/25 Graham vs Richlands 10/25 Abingdon vs Ridgeview 11/1 Union vs Abingdon 11/1 Ridgeview vs Pikeville 11/1 Central vs Gate City
  3. Warriors slay the Mighty Bear. Are we in the end times?
  4. This just proves there is no winner when Marion and Tazewell play.
  5. @Canes00 Agree 100% Thanks to VH$L greed, Marion's QB unnecessarily got hurt because they made the playoffs in '11. The kid was rewarded with torn ligaments in his shoulder, a six-hour roundtrip bus ride to Tunstall, and a 35 point beatdown, For good measure, he also got to watch his friends play basketball while he spent his senior season on the bench in a sling.
  6. Any fan not looking forward to the 2D playoffs should be checked for a pulse.
  7. Trenton Adkins will break this record.
  8. @Hokie1Pokie @old_school_blue I made a snarky comment that he had spewed more racial slurs than most coaches, but I do want to clarify a couple of points. First, I'm not calling Dennis Vaught a racist, and, frankly, I doubt he is one. It wasn't my intent to imply he's one either. That would be a serious accusation and there's no evidence for me to make that claim. I do think there's a difference between uttering a racist comment (which is bad) and actually being a true racist (which is far worse). I think DV would have started a card-carrying member of the Nation of Islam if he thought it would've helped him win a game. Many years ago, I was discussing DV with a long-time high school official. He told me Dennis Vaught was one of the most likable people you'll ever meet until it came down to winning a ball game. He said competition would change him from a mild-mannered gentlemen into a raging madman. He said the Vaught was a football genius but couldn't control his win-at-all-costs mentality. Secondly, I don't think anyone can question his football acumen (two titles in five years with two different programs that had never won before). I believe those of you who say he's a good man who made some mistakes. Dennis Vaught left a sad and sordid legacy. We'll never know what might have been, but he was certainly on his way to becoming one the most successful coaches in VHSL history.
  9. I'm guessing the 1% would include the African-American players from the '89 PH-Roanoke team
  10. You should give Vaught full credit. He's also spewed more racial slurs than most coaches.
  11. @cityofRaven @Plywood_King, @BigWinners I can't believe there's no love for Token and his smooth bass lines.
  12. The very first VPI game I saw in-person was, coincidentally, during the aforementioned low water-mark of 1977. I watched Clemson spank my hapless Fighting Gobblers in a torrential downpour. Instead of viewing that day as an omen of life-long heartbreak, I inexplicably become an even bigger fan. That decision haunts me to this day.
  13. The "five player rule" is an NFL rule. It was changed from four players at the start of the 2018 season. The high school rule is four players unless it was changed recently.
  14. Excellent point that Greg Mance "kept it classy" in the post-game interview. He has always impressed me how he treats others with grace, respect, and dignity.
  15. The clip of the Montana Tech coach reminded me of every Graham Clark (D-B Indians) interview I ever saw.
  16. You d@m-ed spoiled brats and your artificial noisemakers. Back in the early 60s, we couldn't afford to just go out and buy some noise. We had to make our own.
  17. If ever in doubt on a rule just ask yourself, "What would they do in Kentucky?".
  18. Fixed that for you.
  19. Amen. Went to Bramwell to watch the play 'Smoke on the Mountain' in July. I ate myself into a new weight class at the Corner Shop. The town is a southern WV treasure.
  20. Did anyone else read the topic and think that Travis Turner had resigned?
  21. I didn't realize Cotton's had become a BBQ joint. An old friend of mine used to eat burgers and drink beer at Cotton's everyday like it was his day job.
  22. It's either a down cycle of talent or Chris Akers.
  23. It was likely just a bizarre KY insult unless he referred to your pretty mouth.
  24. The final twist on Field-Gate was that the concession stand at Northwood was not opened, which meant ~5,000 hungry fans descended on Chilhowie after the game.
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