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  1. Union's WAXM radio announcer sounds like Shaggy from Scooby Doo when he gets excited.
  2. I'd throw Chilhowie into the conversation of community support. It's nearly impossible to separate the school from the town. The town signs are orange and black, as are the fire trucks, the EMS truck, and police cars. The town's newest park is named, of course, Warrior Park. When groups buy t-shirts unrelated to school, such as a church group, orange and black are the predominant colors. A number of businesses will use the same color scheme on its signage. You can eat at Warrior Island Seafood or eat a Warrior Burger at another restaurant. The warrior head logo, arrowhead, and slanted C are ubiquitous, particularly on yard signs and the family car. An inordinate number of parents will wear Warrior gear year-round as a part of their daily dress. For games, Chilhowie fans are about as enthusiastic as you'll find. I can understand a business in a two school town (Bluefield VA/WV) not wanting to go all-in for one team. Why choose a business name that could alienate half of your potential customers on Day 1?
  3. Every high school deserves fans like Otis Mitchell.
  4. "I moved...to Saltville." That's a seldom heard statement.
  5. 100 points scored in Daleville tonight Riverheads 62 Lord Botty 38 Final
  6. Riverheads 62 Lord Botty 38 2:14 4th
  7. Heritage (L) 56 Appomattox Co 13 Final
  8. Heritage (L) 49 Appomattox Co 13 4th Riverheads 55 Lord Botty 38 4th 3:37 \
  9. Heritage (L) 49 Appomattox Co. 7 3rd
  10. Riverheads 55 Lord Botty 32 3rd Luke Bryant 8 yard TD run for Gladiators
  11. Heritage (L) 42 Appomattox Co. 7 3rd
  12. Heritage (L) 35 Appomattox Co. 7 3rd Riverheads 48 Botty 32 3rd
  13. Heritage (L) 28 Appomattox Co 7 Half Appo's last loss was to Heritage in 2019
  14. Being from Marion, I can't speak to the specific incident. I will say, however, I've been around Rickie Vencille (AD at the time) when my daughter played against RHS. He was nothing but calm and professional during several highly stressful situations.
  15. Can we debate something less polarizing than vaccines, like religion or politics?
  16. Bishop Sycamore just fired Roy Johnson. He might be available.
  17. I just watched the camper road trip clip from Top Gear. I've somehow missed this piece of comedy gold. Jeremy: "Been on the go now pretty much seven hours. Could have flown to New York in that time. But no, here, drizzle, cold, frightened...And all I have to look forward to is camping with...a lunatic and a retard"
  18. Fauci said to "follow the science". Apparently, he meant Political Science.
  19. Chilhowie coach Jeff Robinson nor the announcers seem to understand "Intentional Grounding" in high school. The rule is different than college. The tackle box is not a factor Under NFHS rules, intentional grounding is a foul whenever a legal forward pass is thrown into an area not occupied by an eligible receiver, or when a pass is thrown to prevent a loss of yardage or to conserve time. ... The penalty is 5 yards from the spot of the foul and a loss of down
  20. Nothing moves faster in SWVA than the rumor mill at the Mercer Co. School Board.
  21. Surprisingly, the home team advantage only applied to the past decade. From 1991 -2010, each school had 10 wins with exactly half on their respective home fields.
  22. This rivalry is as even as possible. In the last 10 games, each team has 5 wins. In the last 20 games, each team has 10 wins. In the last 30 games, each team has 15 wins.
  23. I do understand the difference between straight-line speed and football speed. I was just listing their 40 times as one factor to consider for the sake of the debate.
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