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WV HS Footbal Pick'em Wk9 & Overall Results

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run4gsc (8-2)
downtowner (8-2)


wags165 (9-1)

Bison2006 (8-2)
MoorefieldTurnip (6-4)


RonJHyatt (9-1)

chads821 (8-2)
WirtCookNWV9 (7-3)


bksmith81 (8-2)
barney22 (8-2)
Canes00 (7-3)

wvuguy11 (9-1)
doublenut (8-2)
xcbball (8-2)
huntnut1 (6-4)
Stangs02 (7-3)
wvu63 (8-2)

Romneyjacket (9-1)
wvu523 (8-2)
coachmorsi (9-1)

dcoach15 (8-2)

Mountaineer10 (8-2)
Mountaineer Supafan (7-3)
berkeleyboy (8-2)


edrforshey (7-3)

monvalfball (7-3)
ThunderingHerdFan (8-2)
kevin (7-3)

NormanDale55 (6-4)
BigTenBall (9-1)

Beavers Rule (6-4)
Martins5 (7-3)
HillBilliesFan99 (6-4)


Eagle25427 (7-3)

knightsfan3 (7-3)


big10bball (7-3)

304live (9-1)


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Guest Herohoppy

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