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  1. [ QUOTE ] Abingdon is terrible. Hunter Cox is a freak and wont place at state because he wont wrestle...the vhsl wont let him with finger nail polish. And even if Hunter does do "ok" ("7/8") who else do they have? NOBODY. Abingdon sucks. Back Back Back.......just let a little day light under your hills and burn the top of the grass like you are skating, cover ground, open up to your side line, go up and get the ball. [/ QUOTE ] ok...youre right...not at all...first of all hunter cox is a bad***...and second, we have had some ups and downs this season, but saying that we have nobody...u ever heard of devon puerifoy?????
  2. [ QUOTE ] Richlands vs Jesus- Richlands huge, you can't win with your hands nailed down [/ QUOTE ] uh..yeah dude, im pretty sure that youre going to hell for that one...that was pretty brutal!! but hey, just to throw it out there, id say jesus-54, richlands-17
  3. yeah dude...everytime i have a wrestling match or somthing in grundy, i wonder why i ever left when i see the girls...damn!!! i dont think that theres more than 10 ugly girls in grundy...! but anyway, good luck with your game friday grundy...and cc!! go falcons!!
  4. now hold on...whos pathetic...i think its you guys! so, were a bunch of wussys, who havent beaten grundy in 23 years...if were that bad...you guys must be the worst team around, cause im pretty sure we just whooped your ass...37-16!
  5. honestly...it could possibly be close if we dont play, but it think that friday night proved to everybody out there that we have a good team, they just needed to get motivated and go out there and play. but anyway, back to the topic...if we go out there and play, grundy wont score...34-0!
  6. um...actually we already have a head coach...coach gregory is still the head coach...hes just suspended. get the facts before you start talking about things that make no sense!
  7. go out there and play your ass off zach...we know you got it in you to help us win it tonight...falcon awesome!!
  8. no one ever said that you attacked anyone directly, but you are attacking a school as a whole, and thats wrong too...not everyone in the school wants to get rid of coach gregory, personally i think the whole thing is a bunch of crap, just let the man do his job, his way...even if it means yelling occasionally...but of course, like the rest of you, i wasnt down on the field, so i dont know if anything that they said happened really happened...but as far as i know it didnt...but anyway abingdon doesnt suck...if you take a look at the basketball team...or the wrestling team, were ranked top twenty in the state...i dont think that bluefield is...or whatever backwoods holler you come from
  9. the falcons are going to dominate the dawgs!!!! wait and see...go falcons!!!!!
  10. thats some good administrating, you are doing a good job, setting a real good example. it would be different if you knew the coach, it would be different, but you dont...youre just like everyone else, you think that you know the facts, but you dont know anything...so the next time you run your mouth, know what your talking about. im not saying that coach gregory isnt an asshole, or that hes a perfect coach, but you dont even know him or what happened, you just have no life so you like to run your mouth about things you have no business talking about
  11. enough with the name calling and using **** in place of four letter words
  12. What youre saying sounds pretty stupid, this game could go both ways, it would be different if you were talking about richlands...but u are talking about the bullpupppies...not that great of a team!!1...but you can still talk, if it makes you feel better about yourself
  13. i think that the players and parents need to suck it up and play ball. i dont know the whole story, but most of it, and it seems like a bunch of bull#$%# to me. if everytime some students didnt like a coach or a teacher, and tried to get them fired then we wouldnt have a school. if you dont like him then dont play, move aside for the people that want to play.
  14. caleb jennings...overrated!!!!!
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