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  1. I have a daughter in high school and another in middle school. Action would be warranted on our part as parents if they attended this school system! As a father, especially a father with daughters, how could you not?
  2. So, 14 more students and/or former students have come forward since the school board decision to reinstate Adams became news-worthy, for a total of 16 accusations!?!?! Good luck getting anyone reasonable to believe the whole "false accusation" narrative!
  3. I don't disagree but like any uprising, "movements" have to begin somewhere. While neither example you give is socially acceptable, they do deserve a very different punishment. My issue is, like anything else in modern society (including your example), a movement intended to give voice to and empower women has been perverted for political gain. Differentiating between the two isn't terribly difficult but most people are too lazy to do so. They would rather take the silly Facebook meme and believe it as absolute truth. Groupthink is an epidemic in our society!
  4. You can't lump political garbage in with real life. Nothing that happens in today's political landscape is based in reality! It's designed to divide the country along political lines. Our country isn't built on the traditional two-party political system everyone knows (republican / democrat). It's built on the two-party system of divide and conquer!
  5. Effects 88.7% of rape victims are women on average 68% of sexual assaults go unreported 98% of rapists will not spend time in jail Juveniles accounted for 16% of forcible rape arrestees in 1995 and 17% of those arrested for other sex offenses 1 in 4 women will face sexual abuse in their lifetime Since 89% of victims of sexual abuse are female and factoring in the above information, what would you expect? This is how any "movement" begins.....to bring attention to glaring disparities in the way humans are being treated! #MeToo is not perfect but it's a start and it's not going away.
  6. On Thursday, Slemp said the comments, stapler-throwing and alleged hitting of the student were all inappropriate. Given the student’s testimony on the stapler incident and the length of time that had passed between the alleged hitting and its reporting, Slemp said neither incident could have been prosecuted, “We do not set policy for schools or school districts,” Slemp said. “When something is brought to us, we examine it to see if a victim has been harmed in a way that is criminal in nature. We recognize that this conduct is clearly something that the school board or administration should address. However, inappropriate action does not always rise to the level of criminal activity.” Copied word for word from the article. The criminal investigation found his behavior “inappropriate” but not rising to the level of a crime. Not exactly “not guilty” and certainly not the behavior that should ever be allowed in our public school system!
  7. sixcat

    Soccer scores

    Galax 1 Auburn 0 Galax wins it’s 3rd conservative state championship and 5th in 6 years. Congrats to Auburn. Class program, kids and coach!
  8. sixcat

    Soccer scores

    Auburn defeated Rappahannock 1-0 (2OT) Galax defeated Northumberland 3-0 It’s an all MED final in Class 1 soccer! They split the regular season meetings with Auburn winning 1-0 in Galax and Galax winning 2-1 in Riner. Galax won the MED final 3-2 and the Region C final 2-0. These two teams have played 11 times in 2 seasons, all competitive games!
  9. Galax did go 6-4 in 2015 and won the Class 1 state championship over Riverheads. Several small schools in our area as well as across the state schedule quality competition but many pad the schedule with Little Debbie snack cakes. Essex and Riverheads have always scheduled quality opponents and the results speak for themselves. Haysi and Clintwood never ducked anybody.
  10. I missed this before and can't resist commenting. Galax doesn't duck anybody and has arguably the toughest Class 1 schedule in Virginia year in and year out! Radford - Have played every season since 2005 - Radford was the 2018 Class 2 runner-up - Only regular season loss was to Galax 41-21 @ Radford. Glenvar - Have played every season since 2011 - 2014 Class 2 state champion. Altivista - Played 2013 and 2014 - Won 2 consecutive Class 1 state championships in 2013 and 2014. Giles - Played from 2013-2016 - 2014 Class 2 state champion. Northside - Scheduled for 2017-2020 - Class 3 quarter-finalist each of the past 2 seasons. Martinsville - Scheduled 2019-2020 - Solid Class 2 program with rich tradition. Graham - Played from 2011-2016 - 2018 Class 3 state champion. Fort Chiswell, Grayson County and George Wythe are all district opponents. If you'll notice, many of these games overlap seasons, meaning Galax played many of these teams in the same season. There's something to be said for being battle-tested!
  11. Galax has done 7 on 7 for the several years now. Not sure where a schedule can be found. It seems like I saw them in Felts Park a couple of years ago against Magna Vista, Martinsville and Mt. Airy. Not sure if I have that exactly correct though.
  12. Dixon moving on to the next level is mostly idle chatter meant to scare others into giving him what he wants. Like turf football fields and new weight training facilities. Don't get me wrong, he's a great coach and gets more out of his players than any other coach I know. But that success comes at a cost and that cost isn't just financial.
  13. They tied Auburn and lost the rest. But all of the 9th graders were all playing varsity. The Galax MS/JV team has won something like 3 games in 5 years. Hasn't hurt the varsity product whatsoever!
  14. Not an apples to apples comparison when you compare who Galax and Grayson play at the JV level versus much of the rest of SWVA. Fort Chiswell, Radford and Glenvar all have solid JV programs that utilize much of the freshmen and sophomore classes. Facts matter!
  15. Grayson has a lot of talented kids with some very good size currently in 9th through 11th grade. If they can replace Hollingswoth at QB, they will be fine. If I'm not mistaken, the probable starter at QB will be the Cassell kid and he will be a sophomore. I graduated with his uncles. His cousin is the Cormany kid that plays basketball at Radford. Lots of talent in that family. Galax will be better this year than they have been over the past few years. They will have an influx of freshmen with some incredible talent. Keep in mind when assessing what Galax and Grayson have within their JV programs, they don't care about winning games at the JV level. Many of those players never even play varsity football. Most 9th and 10th graders play varsity at Grayson and Galax. It's a necessity given the drop in school enrollment over the past decade. Grayson had 10 of 29 varsity players last season listed as freshmen or sophomores on the roster on the district website. Galax had 14 of 32.
  16. This is why your soccer knowledge is respected on this board! Nailed it!
  17. Grayson loses a lot of starters to graduation but have a lot of talented sophomores and juniors waiting for their time. Should be an interesting year for them if they can replace the Hollingsworth kid at QB. Denver Brown from Fort Chiswell transferred to Galax over Christmas break. His entire family played at Galax through the years. Will be interesting to see how Dixon utilizes him. This fall will mark the first year the middle school group I have talked about for a few years now will be eligible for varsity competition. I am looking forward to what those kids accomplish. This is a special group if they can all stay together, focused and out of trouble.
  18. Toilet paper should go over the top and absolutely never come from underneath. Anyone that prefers toilet paper come from underneath is a truly disturbing human being!
  19. Elon just hired Mike Schrage as head coach. Schrage was instrumental in bringing JJ Redick, Kyle Singlar, Mike Dunleavy, Jay Williams, Carlos Boozer and Shane Battier to Duke. He also began his coaching career as a graduate assistant under Bobby Knight at Indiana and later coached with Johnny Dawkins at Stanford. He spent the last four season as an assistant to Chris Holtmann at Butler and Ohio State. The guy can flat-out coach and has an incredible track record with guys of a similar skill-set to Ervin. Ervin could have made a far worse decision on who to play for.
  20. Josh Spurlin from Galax signed a LOI to wrestle at Appalachian State. Spurlin finished his 4-year career at Galax with a 133-16 record and 4 consecutive state championships.
  21. I give up. I've inserted a meme into this a half-dozen times and it keeps screwing up. We have had massive network issues all week at work. I would be more productive anywhere else at this point!
  22. I won't swear these are accurate. I got them from local high school marching band schedules. They were likely put together by Band Boosters while preparing for summer Band Camps. Carroll County 8/30 - Patrick County 9/6 - Grayson county 9/13 - @ Galax 9/20 - @ George Wythe 9/27 - @ Glenvar 10/4 - OPEN 10/11 - Floyd County 10/18 - @ Giles 10/25 - Alleghany, VA 11/1 - @ Radford 11/8 - James River Grayson County 8/30 - @ Alleghany, NC 9/6 - @ Carroll County 9/13 - @ Rural Retreat 9/20 - West Wilkes, NC 9/27 - OPEN 10/4 - @ Bland County 10/11 - @ Auburn 10/18 - Fort Chiswell 10/30 - George Wythe 11/1 - Hart County, KY 11/8 - Galax
  23. I know several guys locally who left the AOA for the Roanoke Association. They work the Three Rivers, Blue Ridge and River Ridge most often. My brief experience with the AOA left me with the distinct impression, it’s disorganized chaos. My cousin attempted to leave the Roanoke Association a couple years ago to help out the AOA since he lives in Galax. His first 4 games were at Lebanon, Castlewood, Grundy and Lee. Hell of a haul from Galax for a guy with a full time job! He went back to the Roanoke Association after 4 games.
  24. Probably doesn't matter from a variety of standpoints.
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