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  1. My concern with Galax is community support. Dixon took a sharply divided community and unified them toward a common goal. What Galax has done over the past decade doesn't happen without community support. Nobody questioned Dixon's ability, leadership and authority. I'm not sure Allen has that same personality or mentality.
  2. I will reserve judgement on Galax until I see how the new coaching staff progresses. Galax won 2 playoff games in 94 years before Mark Dixon. Dixon lead them to 28 playoff wins in 10 seasons. What Galax is moving forward, post Mark Dixon, could be either of those or anything in-between.
  3. It's arcane the way we vote in this country!
  4. In my opinion, the entire process should be streamlined. We are the most technologically advanced society on the planet and we vote as if it were 1821 rather than 2021.
  5. It's a nice sentiment that would likely require Federal legislation. Every state has vastly different legislation on how and when votes can be cast and counted. A few issues I see from a 30-mile view. Republicans like to talk about "states rights." Would they go along with a Federal measure taking election rights away from the states? First responders almost always vote early, which is something not talked about often enough. Many larger metro areas require early voting for police because they are on heightened alert on election day. My brother hasn't voted on election day since 2000. How would long polling lines be handled? Lets say Bill in Philadelphia gets off work at 5pm, heads directly to his polling place, where he stands in line for 3 hours to vote yet, polls were supposed to close at 7pm!?!?! Would exceptions be made for senior citizens with limited mobility? It was quite difficult for my grandfather to get to his polling place at the age of 86 while battling cancer and being bedridden for two years. It was the only election he didn't cast a ballot in his adult life. How do we address service members stationed abroad? For 8 years in the military, I never cast a single vote in person, or on election day. In my opinion, election day should be a national holiday. Then, timelines would be far more easily achieved for everyone. Election day timelines were established when the US population was that of current day Virginia. Which brings to mind, many, many regulations surrounding our election process could and should be brought into the 21st century!
  6. It’s being overtaken by other grasses and isn’t very healthy. As a result, it costs much more than it should to maintain. Just look at graduation pictures over the years...from mid-June!
  7. He's been a solid producer for them for the past four seasons. He scored a touchdown a few weeks ago against Troy.
  8. Route 21 runs right through Independence and Sparta, NC. Sparta always seems to have a Caleb Spurlin or two.
  9. That would be a huge "get" for GC. I'm not sure why he would walk away from Lynchburg to come to a program that struggles to get 25 players dressed on any given Friday night. But given his recent past, maybe GC is where he rehabilitates his head coaching reputation.
  10. You should. It's an embarrassment right now. I'm not a fan of Wilmore after having sat across from him in a board room setting on a few occasions. I find him to be conceited, arrogant and dense! McPherson is not completely without blame though. He fought to get Bermuda grass on the football field, even after local professionals and various folks from the Turf Management Program at VT insisted it would be difficult at best in Grayson County and impossible given the football field location being shaded by a mountain 80% of the day. McPherson did it anyway. That whole episode has been an abject failure and the county is going to have to eat the cost of replacing the Bermuda. But all in all, he has been a good role model for the kids of Grayson County. I like him and his extended family. His sister-in-law is one of the top three teachers in the Galax school system. To expound a bit on the situation in Grayson County. Over the past decade, the sheriff's department has seen about an 80% turnover rate. The county government has seen more than 50% turnover over in that same time period. Grayson County has had three county administrators over the past decade. The school system sees, on average, about 40% of it's staff leave after every school year and Wilmore is the 4th superintendent since I moved back to the area in 2007. Over the course of a decade, that's an enormous "brain drain" for a county that is already experiencing near-record population loss.
  11. Grayson County as a whole is a "house divided" right now. They have the long-time residents who can trace their families back for generations. Then they have the "implants" coming from outside the area buying up all the struggling farm land. Those two segments of local society are at odds with one-another and have dramatically different opinions of how things should operate. The previous iteration of elected county officials (Board of Supervisors and School Board) consisted of a majority of folks from outside the area. The current iteration is entirely local. That battle has been waging for at least 15 years. It appears locals are trying to take back control of the county. Anyone without lengthy local ties are being shunned so to speak. It's not just McPherson, they have lost an inordinate amount of teachers throughout the county over the past few years. Whats funny though, McPherson and the superintendent of Grayson County schools are both from Craig County. If I were him, I would be updated my resume! There is also the fact that McPherson and Grayson County has been a victim of the success of Galax athletics. McPherson is well liked in the coaching community and is good friends with both Mark Dixon and Shane Allen. McPherson would be a great addition to either staff. I suspect he will end up on one or the other.
  12. Wake Forest Demon Deacons! Interesting for a school founded in 1834 by Baptists. Until 1986, Board members were required to also be members of the North Carolina State Baptist Convention. The following is clipped from Wikipedia. In 1923, the Wake Forest football team defeated rival Trinity (later renamed Duke University). In the following issue of the school newspaper, the editor of the paper, Mayon Parker (1924 Wake Forest graduate), first referred to the team as "Demon Deacons," in recognition of what he called their "devilish" play and fighting spirit. Henry Belk, Wake Forest's news director, and Garrity liked the title and used it often, so the popularity of the term grew.
  13. Galax has exactly 2 playoff wins in school history without Mark Dixon as head coach. That’s a lot to replace. The talent has always been there. Results will be determined by how that talent (and the rest of the community) buys-in to a new head coach.
  14. Galax 2/27 v Bland 3/6 v Grayson 3/13 v George Wythe 3/19 @ Carroll 3/27 @ Auburn 4/2 @ Fort Chiswell For anyone interested in following Mark Dixon's progress at Pulaski. Pulaski 2/22 @ Cave Spring 2/27 v Hidden Valley 3/5 @ Christiansburg 3/12 v Blacksburg 3/26 v Patrick Henry 4/2 @ Salem
  15. Not trying to poke holes but your numbers aren't accurate for the Mount Rogers Health District. Grayson County and Carroll County have had numerous positive cases among faculty, staff as well as students since the beginning of school. Galax City Public Schools had a public meeting last Thursday to walk parents through the in-person school process. Galax has been "virtual only" since school began September 8th. They will begin in-person classes October 7th. I bring that up to provide documented proof of my statements. Dr. Karen Shelton (Mount Rogers Health District Director) addressed the crowd on behalf of the Galax City Public Schools both in-person and through Facebook Live (in which my wife and I watched). During her speech, she confirmed the cases in Carroll and Grayson as totaling 18 school students since August 13. That's 18 not counting faculty and staff of each respective school district. That information can be found in the linked Galax Gazette article. https://www.galaxgazette.com/content/galax-begin-person-classes
  16. UNC West Virginia Notre Dame Florida State Clemson Oklahoma State Carolina Minnesota New England San Francisco L.A. Rams GotW Tampa Bay 52
  17. Thought some may be interested to know. Andrew's paternal great-grandmother is my dad's sister. We used to beat up on Chad and my brother when they were kids. Wouldn't attempt it today!
  18. It would be reasonable to suggest Carroll has played down since leaving the New River District but they were certainly not playing down while a member of the NRD. Carroll wasn't even the largest school in the NRD at any point during the 25 years they were a member. Blacksburg and Christiansburg were both larger. Radford was significantly larger in those days as well, although I don't believe they were ever quite as large as Carroll. Both Dublin and Pulaski were also members of the NRD prior to consolidation into Pulaski County. Giles, Galax and Narrows played up to a AA level while members of the NRD before dropping to single A and moving over to the MED in 1988. At some point in the 80's, Floyd moved over to the MED, where they remained until the inception of the Three River District. Grayson has only been in existence since 1988 when Fries and Independence consolidated. No Grayson County school was ever a member of the NRD. The Carroll schedule my freshman year was Cave Spring, Patrick, Galax, GW, Radford, Christiansburg, Floyd, Chilhowie, Giles, Blacksburg and Lee (playoffs). Chilhowie was a last minute change because both Carroll and Chilhowie were left without games when Fieldale-Collinsville dropped Carroll because of the formation of Magna Vista the prior year. Chilhowie lost a game when Saltville and RB Worthy consolidated. The schedule my sophomore year was Patrick, Galax, Grayson, William Byrd, Christiansburg, Floyd, Radford, GW, Blacksburg, Grundy, Blacksburg (playoffs). Carroll, Galax and Grayson are border rivalries. The gate proceeds for all three schools would be far too much to give up. I don't think it's fair to suggest they played "down" during the years in the NRD!
  19. Careful guys, that's a bit of a Rocky Gap you're treading!
  20. I suspected Giles would win on appeal. They are in a very similar position as Fort Chiswell and Grayson County were in recent years.
  21. It will be interesting to see how he transitions. I think it's fair to point out, Galax has played Northside far tougher than anyone expected over the past five seasons. And that was with a roster of fewer than 30 kids. He won't be playing the "numbers game" like he had to at Galax. I will say this, Dixon is as excited about what he has at Pulaski as i have ever seen him. And the man isn't prone to hyperbole. Take it for what it's worth!
  22. Given the title of the thread is "Playoff Predictions," I will make the bold (maybe) prediction that Pulaski will make a deep run! Dixon won't take long getting the most out of the talent level Pulaski can generate from year to year. I plan on being there when/if they play Salem.
  23. Galax should be solid in terms of returning talent even though they lost a 2,000 yard RB, a 1,500 yard WR, and four 4-year starters from the line. They have a lot of returning talent and a group of kids coming from JV who haven't experienced a loss since sandlot. The big question will be the loss of Dixon and everything that entails. Dixon failed to reach the state semifinals twice in his career. Those are some lofty expectations and huge shoes to fill!
  24. You’re still under the impression I’m on one “side” or the other. I’m simply pointing out the hypocrisy in your own postings. As I said a few weeks ago, you’re too fekking stupid to realize you’re being trolled!
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