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  1. Digital Scout, much like MaxPreps, is only as accurate as the user providing information. Point being, it’s not vetted information cross-verified by the media members in attendance. Digital Scout is a decent tool but has limitations due to inaccuracies from unverified content. It’s Wikipedia for high school football. The stats provided by @Single A westare from the Roanoke Times. I’d be more inclined to believe them over anything I see on DS.
  2. sixcat

    Week 4 updates

    Hamilton (AZ) was down 24-7 to Bishop Gorman (NV) with 1:09 remaining in the 4th quarter last night. Hamilton won the game 25-24!!!
  3. sixcat

    Week 4 updates

    The thing that hurts Carroll, they haven’t developed anyone to go along with the Gosnell kid. They have talent. Just rely too heavily on one kid.
  4. sixcat

    Week 4 updates

    Three weeks in a row. Had Grayson down 14 and lost by a score.
  5. sixcat

    Week 4 updates

    Title IX doesn't apply to fans in any form or fashion.
  6. sixcat

    Week 4 updates

    Athletics are a privilege, not a right within any public school system. While music is still a requirement every school system must offer in some form or fashion. I have two daughters in marching band at Galax. My oldest plays 7 instruments (guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, ukulele, piano and saxophone). She has performed on stage since the age of four with recording artists such as Zach Brown, Kacey Musgraves, Vince Gill, Rhiannon Giddens, Rhonda Vincent, and Old Crow Medicine Show. Most of these band kids put as much work and effort into their craft as any athlete would put into theirs. To dismiss that would be a death-nail to athletics within a public school setting. Be careful what you wish for!
  7. If Galax doesn’t clean up the penalties and general sloppiness of their execution, this game won’t be overly close.
  8. Do they not given out player of the year awards by division? That damned reading comprehension is a bitch, ain’t it?
  9. Bruh, you’re a dipshit! Again, reading comprehension has always been an issue for you!
  10. Reading comprehension has always been an issue for you, hasn’t it? My post reads “is there more than a couple schools in 3A and 4A” and you list a couple schools that may beat Riverheads. It’s doubtful more than the schools you mention would be favored against them. They just beat the 3A state runner-up by more than 4 scores! There little wonder why you have issues with everyone on this board!
  11. Not a COVID move but Auburn has halted football for the time being due to lack of participation according to the Roanoke Times. They have several players injured with a 20 man roster. They were only able to dress 14 players for the game last week and lost a couple more to injury during the game. Crazy decline from a roster that had 45 players just a few short months ago.
  12. They call him The Freak in Augusta County….for good reason!
  13. They probably have the best player in the state too……and he’s only a sophomore!!!
  14. Is there more than a couple schools in 3A and 4A that can stay within two scores of the them?
  15. Confirmation Riverheads would be competitive in the four smallest classifications in Virginia!
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