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    VHSL Scholastic Bowl

    It was Patrick Henry that was the other team in the Region D tournament. Grundy won the Region D tournament with Honaker finishing 2nd. Grundy and Honaker both moved on to the 1CD Super Regional with George Wythe and Eastern Montgomery on February 3. Honaker won the 1CD Super Regional with George Wythe finishing 2nd. Both of those schools are playing in Williamsburg this weekend for the 1A state championship along with Galileo Magnet School and Riverheads High School. Honaker will be going for its third straight state title. Wise Central will be representing SWVa. in the 2A state tournament.
  2. Just wanted to bring some attention to the Scholastic Bowl teams in Southwest Virginia. Scholastic Bowl is an academic competition sanctioned by the VHSL. The kids involved in this play a season that runs from late September to mid February. The time and effort they put in rivals any of the major team sports. SW Va. teams have represented this area admirably in the last couple of seasons. In 1A, Honaker has won back-to-back state championships. In 2A, Central has a state championship and a runner-up finish and Gate City and Tazewell each have a fourth place finish. This season, in 1A Grundy and Honaker are both poised to make a run at the state title while Tazewell, Gate City and Central are all contenders for the 2A title. There are many other teams playing Scholastic Bowl in the region and the competition is getting better. If you get a chance, I recommend going to a match and supporting these kids. They work every bit as hard as the players in the high profile sports and they toil in relative anonymity. The matches are exciting and the kids appreciate it when their community supports them.
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    Best High School Football Game

    [/ QUOTE ]Curious...were you a Garden fan per chance? [/ QUOTE ] 1985 GHS graduate.
  4. appst89

    Best High School Football Game

    1985 - Garden scores late in the game to beat Grundy for the first time in forever. 1986 - Garden 6 Hurley 0 at The Cliff. Garden's defense held Hurley to negative total yards for the game. Garden won it on a blocked punt recovered in the end zone. 1986 - Garden 19 Powell Valley 0. <font color="green"> </font> <font color="green"> </font>