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Interesting in AAA, that I see three teams that finished with 9 games.  Capital (9-0), Point Pleasant (9-0), and Woodrow Wilson (6-3).  That was the problem that Bluefield used to have, having a hard time getting 10 games.


So, #3 Bluefield will play #14 Ravenswood at home.  What I am curious about is how good Bridgeport and Frankfort are...

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Bridgeport's only loss was to AAA #8-Wheeling Park, 14-10, in the second game of the season. They beat AAA #9 Lewis Co., 14-7, in the third game of the season.  The beat #8 AA R.C.Byrd (31-7), #9 AA Keyser (31-6), and #12 AA Fairmont (42-7).  Sounds like they are pretty solid again.


For comparison, #2-Frankfort beat R.C. Byrd (27-21 2OT) and Keyser (28-27 OT)

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