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  1. This is brilliant and more of the Power 5 conference teams should consider doing this.
  2. Prior to the previous three years (2012, 2013, 2014) Beaver hadn't had any really good basketball teams (by their standards) since around 2007, so they hadn't reloaded in about five years. It would appear Bluefield has a strong freshmen class that could potentially strongly contend for several additional AA titles in the coming 3 years. And west of Radford HS basketball in VA is not overly strong. Graham has a strong team in SWVA, but they would struggle to seriously compete in any class of WV basketball. If they were going to beat Beaver on the hardwood this was the year to do so.
  3. Foster has it made in Blacksburg and it has nothing to do with football...
  4. Trading Upton for several prospects the biggest being a pitcher thst will miss the upcoming season after Tommy John and a fielder with great speed, but suspect hitting and fielding ability. Why not just have traded Upton for a bag of baseballs? They would have been more useful.
  5. With Tidewater teams the caliber of Lake Taylor now in 4A, it's gong to be extremely different for any school west of Richmond to win a 4A state title. Salem was no slouch and they were dominated...
  6. That's so sad, Tazewell's varsity might want to consider playing the JV or 9th grade squads of other schools.
  7. And it might better tougher than originally thought because PIkeView smoked Wyoming East last night by 28 points.
  8. Beaver overcame a lot of adversity last night; getting outrebounded in the first half badly, freshman mistakes by the PG against more experienced opponents, and significant foul trouble to their best offensive player (Ponder). It was a nice first win and good building block, but tougher games are ahead and improvement, smarter play is a must.
  9. Graham's experience would appear, on paper at least, to present a good challenge to the youthful Beavers. I'm excited to see what Collier and Hopkins can do with all the hype coming from their middle school and summer league performances.
  10. Isn't it always interesting, the person(s) that builds something is in many cases the same person(s) that cause it to crumble. Beamer built VT football and galvanized the fan base, taking the program to places it had never been. And now, he's the one responsible for it crashing down as game by game the fan base develops more of the "I don't give a ....." attitude. It'll be interesting to see exactly how many people are in the seats come next Friday night, especially with the students on break.
  11. Absolutely, I grew up watching Dale Murphy and those hideous blue uniforms. The fact, since Ted left the new ownership hasn't been interested in spending money to keep or get players worth a nickel to come to ATL. For me, the Heyward trade is the final straw. They made no attempts to sign or even negotiate with him. The Braves are under the impression that the only thing a MLB team needs is pitching, runs aren't important. The pitching was good enough this year for ATL to be a 90-95 win team, but the offense was pathetic...AGAIN and it's going to be even worse next year. Now you remove Heyward defensively and plug in possibly Gattis? That's a cluster**** waiting to happen. Now the rumors are they're looking to trade J. Upton for two more pitchers from SEA? Are you freakin' serious? If that happens several of us on this board could make the batting order.
  12. Trading Jason Heyward is the final straw for this life-long Braves fan. They'll sign POS players like BJ Upton and Dan Uggla, but trade away a guy like Heyward. I'm rooting for the Cards from this point forward and hopeful JHey makes the Bravos forever regret this decision.
  13. Capital and Beckley were scheduled to play several weeks ago, but from what I understand the conference (MSAC) forgot to schedule any officials. So the teams arrived to play, but the officials did not and the game was not rescheduled.
  14. I couldn't agree more, but you had better bite your tongue though or you'll get called "not a true fan" for not being overly positive.
  15. Only one, two at most, of the penalties were for something other than false starts; they were legit calls. Beaver has struggled with false start penalties all season.
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