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  1. Video productions is carrying all of Bluefield's games this year and you can watch on YouTube. If Bluefield wins they get in the the playoffs if they lose, they're out. Big game Friday at Mitchell for sure.
  2. Well this game wasn’t as close as the first one. Bluefield is a really good team this year and their top players are underclassman so the should do nothing but improve
  3. The youngest Fuller kid, Caleb, is a junior this year and he is a very good basketball player. We are blessed to have him and his dad at Bluefield. They are great people
  4. Any predictions on this one. The Beavers need to win their last two games to get into playoffs. They will have enough games now to qualify with a recent forfeit to Woodrow Wilson. If they can make the playoffs I think they have a pretty good shot at winning it. This game concerns me though, it appears Ridgeview is a good team and will be tough to beat at their place.
  5. Amir Hairston and Jamel Floyd from Bluefield
  6. 2004 Bluefield vs Weir semifinal round. Bluefield came from 14 down to tie and won in OT 21-20. Several fans left the stadium thinking game was over.
  7. The 7 footer didn't play but the other two starters did. Their coach said they were hobbled with injuries but played anyway.
  8. Grant Cochran from Princeton and yes he will be very good. One to watch
  9. Carson Deeb from Bluefield has to be in the conversation. He has 1900 yards, 22 TDs and only 6 interceptions. Not a bad year.
  10. When Bluefield played them earlier and had a player hurt (Johnson) none of the Princeton players took a knee at any point in time. The tackle on the Harris kid from Tazewell looked just like the tackle on Johnson that broke his ankle. Hope he is ok
  11. I haven't seen Tazewell play yet this year but I'm going to say Princeton wins by 10
  12. What are everyone's thoughts on this game
  13. Ridgeview Pulaski Abingdon Patrick Co. Ft. Chiswell Blacksburg Radford Eastside Richlands Union Honaker Chilhowie Tazewell Glenvar Grayson Co. Narrows Grundy Tug Valley, WV Patrick Henry Rye Cove Thomas Walker Northwood East Mont. West Virginia South Carolina Tennessee App. St. Virginia Tech Marshall No. 11 Oregon Virginia No. 4 Oklahoma (Sunday) GotW Bluefield 48
  14. Anyone else hearing that Sean has opened his recruitment back up and decommited from UNC
  15. Braeden Crews from Bluefield will be one of the best point guards in the area.
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