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  1. Braeden Crews from Bluefield will be one of the best point guards in the area.
  2. Now has offers from VT, UNC and NC State
  3. Braeden Crews from Bluefield is a very good point guard. Can score pass and gets everyone involved
  4. Who wins tonight at the armory and why
  5. Good luck to the GMen. Hope you bring the hardware home. Safe travels to everyone making the trip.
  6. Graham should not have any problems with Princeton. Princeton is struggling this year
  7. Junior defensive end for the Beavers has his first D1 offer from WVU. Congrats to the young man with his first of I'm sure many more to come.
  8. As bad as I hate to say it, Graham by 10-14. The Beavers will be much improved from last year but the G-men will be too much for them again.
  9. Do you have a schedule or do you know when Bluefield has another game in it.
  10. Any thoughts about this game. Haven't heard much discussion about Gate City, don't really know what to expect.
  11. It appears that Ponder has really come into his own. I'm sure that his hot streak won't continue but if he can be a steady player for them this year, they will be a tough out.
  12. They play Tuesday night in Brushfork. Who will win and why? I think it will be a good, close game but I believe with Graham's returning experience they will pull out the win. This will be Bluefield's first game of the year so who knows what they will look like. Bluefield is talented but they don't return much experience.
  13. Of course I want to say the Beavers will go into Wayne and win but I don't think it will happen. I do think it will be a close game and the outcome may depend on turnovers. Weather looks nasty from Wednesday on so the field will be sloppy. If Bluefield's line can hold their own against Wayne, we will have a good chance. Good luck to the Beavers and hope that both teams come out injury free and ready for the playoffs. Safe travels to everyone making the trip.
  14. Lewis County Princeton South Charleston Preston Parkersburg South Wyoming East Phillip Barbour RCB Lincoln Sissonville Buffalo Greenbrier West Tug Valley Gilmer County South Harrison
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