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  1. Who thinks the VA gov. will let them play in the spring. I hope so but i bet not.
  2. Bluefield will have a great team this year. 1st day 57 players. They do play Pikeview.They will play 5 aaa teams and 2 very good aa.
  3. Bluefield to scrimmage Cabell Midland in Bluefield
  4. Only thing is home or away. Game being played is a done deal with Parkersburg
  5. Bluefield only has one va transfer so far. Bluefield is up to 8 games now. but that could be all.
  6. Well now they are calling it political because someone disagrees with them. Im just waiting on the racist shoe to drop next. This a hoax no matter how much name calling and uninformed you are.
  7. Some of you need to turn off CNN and enjoy life.
  8. It is a HOAX. But some will fall for anything. Im glad Jim Jones is not around. A lot of people on here sure would drink the kool aid
  9. Started today. New face in Bluefield. I think we will have football in WV. A lot of people are not falling for the HOAX
  10. Why would Princeton love that. They played most AA teams this year and could not win.
  11. If Graham wants to build its own stadium . I as a Bluefield fan would like to donate the first 100 dollars to getting it done.
  12. The thing that is funny is both high school teams could beat the college team!
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