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  1. Why would Princeton love that. They played most AA teams this year and could not win.
  2. If Graham wants to build its own stadium . I as a Bluefield fan would like to donate the first 100 dollars to getting it done.
  3. The thing that is funny is both high school teams could beat the college team!
  4. Simons held starters to 35 points not Tazewell.
  5. Bluefield pulls starters a lot faster against Tazewell than Graham or Richlands.
  6. They played 2 times a few years back G men won the first game of the season. Bluefield won late in the season Last year Bluefield won 38-14 would not have matter when they would have played.
  7. Richlands and G men both should drop Bluefield and see if the crying stops.If you can't run with the big dogs stay on the porch. Gmen have never won a decade series with Bluefield 8-2 last decade. Bluefield is 69-23-2 all time against Gmen. Bluefield has won 11 state champ. , 6 runner- up. Graham has never beaten Beaver any of these years. Graham has won 3 state champ. ,Bluefield beat Gmen 2 of those years. 1959 & 2017. BAD OFFICIATING SURE LAST A LONG TIME.
  8. You always hear other teams say Richlands cries when they lose. But I see now how true this really is. The call on the onside kick was the right call by the rule. It is up to the coach to know the rule of how many has to be on each side of the kicker. . CRY BABIES!!!!!!
  9. Now that's funny I don't care how you are!!
  10. I disagree with Graham beating Tazewell without transfers. Lester was at Bluefield until he transferred to Graham in 10th grade. Graham would be 5-5 at best without Lester.
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