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  1. What side does Martin lineup on left or right?
  2. It won’t, bet on talent and not luck. Richlands May keeps it close for a half but Graham will be to much for them in the end.
  3. It’s at Richlands so would be very surprised if it’s a shutout. I think Graham wins by more than one score but a shut out would be a little crazy.
  4. The top accolades usually follow the top team. With Lester playing QB on what might be the best team in 2 it would hard to find a more impactful player. Similar to Cam Allen last year. Trenton Adkins is a great player though
  5. Graham/Bluefield game had a ton of talent. Isiah Johnson - 247 ranking 4 star - 73 overall for class of 2021 Brody Meadows - 247 ranking 4 star - 90 overall for class of 2022 Sean Martin - 247 ranking 3 star - 538 overall for class of 2020 JJ Davis - 247 ranking 3 star - 664 overall rank for class of 2020 Kaulin Paris - WVU committ Devin Lester - Old Dominion Committ
  6. Lester from Graham will be the top player in 2D this year.
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