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  1. You are all wrong, the NFC West is clearly better.
  2. Running up the score doesn’t help anything. If Palmer feels it was an unfair advantage then he likely talked to Union’s coach and AD after the game. There is never a good reason to run up the score, it does nothing but make the game that much tougher the next time you play. Palmer handled the game correctly, get the continuous clock running and then get your starters out.
  3. It’s probably to give their seniors a chance to keep playing since it’s their last game.
  4. Well too bad we can’t send this to freezing cold takes on twitter.
  5. Don’t know on the district question but on the second hand contact it would be possible to fail but unlikely. They set the level high enough to catch a regular user so most second hand contact won’t cause you to fail. You would have to lock yourself in closet with someone smoking a pack. Possible but highly unlikely to be the reason why someone would fail.
  6. They test for nicotine as well. If they did this 20 years ago they wouldn’t have any one eligible.
  7. Unpopular opinion. Xay will be better than Webb.
  8. If I installed a train horn in the visitors section that also plays brown noise, would that be considered poor sportsmanship?
  9. Lol how do you know that I did not seek prior approval from the coaches to attack them before posting this. Jk Now in all seriousness, I think we are saying the same thing. I am not advocating to totally switch the defense. I just think, a plan for when they run into this situation would help. That was a big game last week and we seemed slow to adapt to Unions game plan. If I am every team Graham plays, I am going to attempt to attack their D the same way. It probably won’t matter until the playoffs, but it would be nice to get a few snaps with a bigger line before then. So they are prepared.
  10. Exactly. The kid has the size and is a decent athlete. They would be better off using him in a 4 or 5 man front against a team like union. clog the middle and keep your linebackers clean to make tackles. I don’t know if you need to run that type of defense all the time but if someone is going to run straight up the middle on you, then it seems like the best option.
  11. I would be more worried about the defensive front. They couldn’t get off the field against union. Union seemed to uncover a weakness in having a big back run up the middle. They need a to develop some size at DT to use when teams try this strategy.
  12. Watching both games, Graham will played Bluefield’s receivers 10 yards off, they pressed Tazewell. I think they were afraid of Bluefield beating them deep. Johnson burned then bad the previous year. They did not seem as concerned about Tazewell’s
  13. I would say 8-2. 7-3 at worst and 9-1 at best. I think the two games in question would be Richlands and Union. There were nothing I saw Friday night, that would lead to believe that Tazewell would have a shot with or without Lester.
  14. I thought this to but apparently he can’t find a helmet old enough to meet his standards.
  15. Bitter much....I only know of two transfers playing for Graham and I think they live in Graham’s district. Even without those two players Graham is still better than Tazewell and likely still in playoffs. The population has declined everywhere in this area. These teams would still beat the teams of 80’s and 90’s. They have a higher football IQ and are playing using more advanced concepts in middle school than those high school teams ran. Similar to the NFL the 49rs were great in the 80’s but wouldn’t even sniff the playoffs I theirs era.
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