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  1. Graham then Ridgeview. After the region D championship, I am not convinced that Ridgeview can handle Graham at the LOS. Graham returns 4 of 5 starters on a O-line that dominated region D last year except for the early game with Union.
  2. With the good comes the bad. Multiple kids in Bluefield move across state lines in every grade, every year. There isn’t a lot to do in this area and having them sit out sports for even a couple of months could be detrimental to a kid who has no control over the situation. It’s the same as area teams holding players back for football. Sure, you could make a rule addressing it but you going to be punishing a lot of kids also.
  3. I think that’s a fair critique. I do think skill set had something to do with last year. They lost D Brown early in the year which was more of a possession receiver. They did tend to throw more intermediate passes in the spring when J Blevins was QB. That’s not a knock on Z Blevins from last year, I thought he was the best player in region D, just was a better throwing the ball down field.
  4. Bluefield has really good back in Hairston, so if I had to guess I would say it was to get more touches. I might be the only one who thinks this but feel like it would be better to have the Floyd kid in the backfield and Clements at wideout. Clements is explosive but took a beating last year. I think you may get more out of him using him similar to the way they did Bradshaw. Meadows will be fine at QB. He will do better job in working the middle than Blevins. Blevins just through one heck of a deep ball and was an escape arrest when under pressure. Given what Graham has coming back on the line, I think they are the favorites to win D.
  5. I would still give the edge to Graham just based on what we saw last year. Graham won that game on the line of scrimmage. They are returning 4 out of 5 linemen. Meadows is a big loss but Omari Hill looked impressive in what action he saw on D last year. Ridge view may have the flasher skill players but i would bet on the team that wins in the trenches.
  6. If Corny is the OC, they may have problems scoring on Lee.
  7. Graham had over 300 yards rushing on Union In the playoff game.
  8. Great prediction! Graham will also have a post championship game hangover which will lead to Marion winning region D.
  9. Yeah I wouldn’t put to much stock in that. It’s hard to throw the ball 40 yards on one leg.
  10. If you are on an apple device just click reader view (the Aa in the address bar). It will let you read it.
  11. I think that’s probably Blevins from Graham.
  12. IMG academy travelled 1000 miles to play an imaginary school.
  13. Well hope nobody got the Bat Wing or the Goat!
  14. They may have been worked up from some of Appo’s bands antics in blocking the bus.
  15. I think this is probably it. I mean it was pretty clear that he should have tried a 3 man front defense.🤦
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