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  1. That was so long ago I don’t know if any one could speak on it. I think something to consider though is that he enrolled at UVA at 16. He started by the end of his sophomore year at age 17. I was responding more to comment that Compton had the best resume.
  2. Depending on how far you want to go back, I would say Bill Dudley. He was a Maxwell Award Winner and NFL MVP. He is also a member of both the college and pro football hall of fames.
  3. I would bet @Ryan4VT ant farm that Graham doesn’t lose by 3 scores.
  4. I would be surprised if Graham doesn’t take a couple of shots deep. Ridgeview plays a lot of man coverage with no safety help. Bluefield got behind them a couple of times. For what is worth Ridgeview shut down Union’s power run game. I think Graham’s main game plan has to be get the ball in Clements hands as much as possible but you may have to throw deep a few times to keep Ridgeview honest. Ridgeview plays the run well because they typically stack the box and trust their athletes to cover on the outside. It will be a good matchup to see if Watkins and Edwards can get behind Ridgeview’s DBs the way Bluefield did.
  5. If Graham gives up more than 28 points they lose. I went back and watched a couple of Ridgeview’s games and a few things stood out. First off they are running the ball a lot better than they did under Tiller. Can they execute this against Graham and stay out of 3rd and long? Graham has the best Dline in the area. Their Dline is better than Bluefield’s by far. The way Bluefield had success was forcing Ridgeview into obvious passing situation and then getting to the QB. When the Ridgeview QB has to move out of the pocket his accuracy drops significantly. This game will come down to if Ridgeview can find away to keep Grahams Dline in check.
  6. The pick six was tipped by the pass rush. Graham also pulled starters in the 4th or the score would have been worse. Ridgeview may very well win this weekend, however there is no universe were Ridgeview was winning last year.
  7. I wouldn’t say they imploded. They couldn’t handle Graham’s line on both sides of the ball. That will decide this game as well. Graham is returning 4/5ths of their line. The question will be is Ridgeview improved enough to give O’Quinn enough time to get the pass off and can they stop Graham from gashing them on the ground. If they have it will be a game. If not it will be a different year but same result.
  8. Grahams starters have given up 71 pts total. That’s an average of 6.5 pts a game.
  9. I have feeling we are going to get round two of the Peyton Creasey vs Tom O’Quinn debate.
  10. Lol if Tazewell is city, they will be blinded by the bright lights of Bluefield. Maybe that’s what happened last time.
  11. Well that was certainly a lie, he is not even coaching Ridgeview.
  12. It will be interesting to see how Ridgeview adjusts to Graham’s line. That was the difference in last years match up. Once Graham started getting pressure Ridgeview didn’t have an answer. Graham is returning almost the same Defensive front as played in that game. As we speculate they both need to be worrying about this weeks match up first. Hopefully we get Ridgeview vs Graham again.
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