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  1. Why are they scheduling a 1A team against Oak Hill? Seems like that would be a big mismatch.
  2. Has anyone been to this before? I see Bluefield is playing Wesley Christian in KY and University School in TN. Don't know anything about these schools. How does Bluefield match up? Do they have a chance? I see University is also playing Oak Hill, the real one not their red team. Also Chapmanville in WV is playing Abingdon. I could see that getting lopsided pretty fast.
  3. Wise Central has impressed me with their play in the Arby's. They will be tough this year.
  4. I don't think anyone in 2A can compete with them. They only lost to Sierra Canyon by ten.
  5. He torched Graham this year. Took the first carry to the house. Graham only started to get back in the game when he was out for about the entire third quarter. He has potential for sure.
  6. Appomattox vs Graham was definitely the real championship in my opinion
  7. I’d be surprised if Appo doesn’t win. I’ll be pulling for you guys.
  8. that guy definitely makes the tackle if you don't put a body on him. i don't think just trying to run in his way is going to suffice. i just don't know what you want the guys to do. https://www.hudl.com/profile/11364702/Xayvion-Bradshaw
  9. Yeah I was afraid that would hurt them. He's a starter both ways. When you're a small 2A school and don't have a ton of depth that hurts.
  10. like i said i guess these are the rules. this is football now. just gotta get used to it. five or so years ago not sure if that call is made. you just gotta get in their way or let them run into you.
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