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Thoughts on the season and upcoming post season

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One thing that everyone can agree on is that we LOVE high school football on this board. But I think sometimes we’re all to quick to criticize and scrutinize other teams merely because we want so badly for our beloved team to be the best and for this to be “the year”. But I think we all need to give all our local teams a cyber pat on the back. In 2D Of course we have union and graham riding high as expected. But we also have Ridgeview at 8-1, Marion as well, va high playing football to a level they haven’t in years. Battle, lee, and Grayson have all took a step forward in my opinion this year and you also have my beloved blues scrapping and clawing like almost no other 3-6 team could. And you’ve also got tazewell kids absolutely breaking their backs to compete week in and out with their teams they play and refusing to quit.

But you also have Grundy, whose had a great turnaround season, chilhowie looking like a 1 D monster and also narrows really putting on a good show.


There are other feel good stories on the season as well and some not so great. The point of my long winded post is this. These kids play their hearts out and I think football this year in our area has been top notch as far as competition and effort go. One thing I fully believe is whatever teams make it out of our regions, they’re gonna be battle tested and ready. Football in southwest va is special. It just means more to us hillbilly’s and most of the state just doesn’t understand us and our passion for our schools. I see it as their loss. Because I have spent many a Friday night at Ernie hicks having the best of times and it really is a beautiful thing when youre in those moments in the stands and those big time swva games are going to the wire in a flat out barn burner. You all know what I’m talking about. 

So I just wanna say I hope with everything in me, that the blue tornado somehow shocks the world and finishes the season at 9-6. But if that doesn’t happen I hope one or more of our local teams play those teams from “the rest of the state”, deliver a flat out ass whipping, and bring home the gold this year. 

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