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  1. If you need a baseball fix, come to Tn. High today at 5:30 and support some of SWVA’s top seniors, as they play one last high school game against seniors from Tennessee.
  2. Virginia High has a true chance to only win 2-3 games. They have a great group of assistant coaches and a couple of good, young athletes, but they are a couple of years away from trying to be competitive again. Eighth graders had to try and carry their JV team last year, and unless a kid is a D1 or high level D2 talent, freshmen tend to take lumps at the varsity level, especially with the schedule that VHS has had the last couple of years. Numbers will be a problem again and they won’t have that same core of seniors having to carry the load, despite all of the in-house cards being stacked against them. Region 2D should be Graham’s play thing again this year. Tazewell, Ridgeview, Union, Richlands, and Wise Central will be the 2nd tier teams. Battle and Gate City would round out my top 8. Marion, Lee, Lebanon, and VHS will be at the bottom looking up.
  3. Unfortunately for VHS, Bristol is trending in a different direction. This year’s starting lineup is talented and experienced, but they generally only dress 12-13 kids per game. A couple of which, have to change into a varsity uniform, immediately after their JV game ends, just so we have some bodies. People have been fooled by the 11-8 record of VHS on the season. Injuries ravaged the team in the first half of the season. Our two-time All-State 1st baseman missed 5 games due to a hamstring injury. Our #2 pitcher, and regular SS has dealt with herniated disks in his back all season. Our 3 year starter at 2nd base, as a baserunner getting a lead from third base, took a foul ball on the ankle from a near 100 MPH exit velocity line drive, and was hobbled for a bit. Our utility outfielder that plays both LF and RF depending on who is pitching, who is 6’5 and the fastest kid on a team with great team speed, would be a valuable asset to the pitching rotation but has dealt with shoulder issues all year. The Bearcats are the healthiest they have been all season and are winning games. The Bearcats have lost 8 games, but not a single one has been a “bad loss”, so to speak. Their losses are..... Three hard fought losses at Myrtle Beach, an extra inning loss to JSB to one of the area’s top pitchers, two losses to a very solid 18-2 Abingdon team, where the Bearcats led in the 5th inning in both games, an extra inning loss to a stacked team from Ohio, that beat Abingdon, in the FCA tournament where the Bearcats blew a five run, 7th inning lead when two of our starters went down with injuries, and a 3-0 loss to potentially one of the best pitchers this area has seen in decades, from a (previously) one-loss Lebanon team. The beautiful thing about all of this, is we are talking about playoff, high school baseball. You never know what to expect at this time of the year. I’m glad that Graham’s baseball feeder system is doing well. I hope to see this for other schools in the region, too. I’m just afraid that is not the case in the immediate future in Bristol.
  4. That’s exactly how I understand the scenario to be. Yeah, Marion has had a rough year. Graham should win that one in 5. Richlands/Tazewell is much tougher to call. Richlands has the offensive advantage but I liked what I saw out of Tazewell’s ace when he threw against VHS, a few weeks ago. I give Graham a good chance to play with anyone in the M7 in the Region tournament, outside of playing Battle with Moore on the mound. I’ve seen Battle twice, Union once, and watched Wise Central play Battle. The G-Men are a scrappy bunch that can beat you if you overlook them.
  5. At last check, Tazewell was ahead of Graham, but barely. I believe that with a Graham win and Tazewell loss in the opening round of the district tournament, coupled with points Graham would receive with either a win or loss in the second round, would be enough for Graham to secure a spot in the region tournament. I really believe that Graham is much better this year than the previous three years that my son has played against them. They played us very tough in our last matchup. If they do indeed secure the 4 seed, they will be a tough out for Battle, especially if Moore doesn’t pitch for JSB.
  6. It looks like this is probably going to happen in baseball this year. Even though GC finished 3rd, I believe, in their district, they pulled a huge upset at the end of their regular season and received a huge point amount for playing to a tie with Carroll County. Had VHS not beat Lebanon last night, mathematically speaking, GC could have finished as high as the 2 seed. I believe with the VHS win, the highest GC can finish now is 3.
  7. Bearcats win a barn burner 8-7. Great game with multiple lead changes. Tiebreaker will be Saturday at Abingdon @1:00. Rematch from Tuesday night. Both team’s aces are eligible. Should be another fun one!
  8. I can only answer for baseball. If I understand correctly, winning the regular season guarantees the #1 seed for each side of the region bracket. By default, JSB will be the 1 seed on one side of the bracket, while the winner of VHS/Lebanon series will be the 1 on the other side of the bracket. Lebanon won the first meeting 3-0 on Tuesday. They play again tonight and if VHS were to win, a one game playoff will be played to determine the district champ. Four teams from the M7 and 4 teams from the SWD will make up the 8 team Region tournament. In a similar situation to Abingdon, Grayson County, while in a 1A district, will be figured in to the SWD spots for the region, as they are still a 2A school. The SWD #1 plays the M7 #4, and so on and so on. Seeds 2-4 in the region will be determined by how teams do in their district tournament. Everything is based on a “Points” system. Every team gets points for a win, a loss, and a tie. The bigger the school you play, the more points you’re awarded. These points are tallied up after every game this year, including thru the district tournament. Regular season district champs earn the 1 seed, while points decide 2-4. I hope that helps.
  9. I was thinking Mabe as well, so I did a little research and his PG profile says he’s in the class of 2020.
  10. I’m afraid I don’t know much about him, but if he’s signed with WV, that speaks volumes!
  11. That may be a tough one outside of Dixon for VHS and Taylor at Abingdon. Outside of those two, most of the good pitchers in SWVA are underclassmen. EDIT: I forgot about Bailey for Union. If I’m not mistaken, he threw well in the FCA tournament at the beginning of the season when Union beat Boone. EDIT #2: If the Parker kid at Tazewell is a senior, he throws it pretty well too. The Tn. side is loaded with hitters! EDIT #3: Jeez, I forgot Moore at JSB as well.
  12. I’m not touching the “who’s the best seniors” for the Bearcats with a 10 foot pole, but I will echo @Falcon Mania and say Tanner Barrs is the best hitter in SWVA and even if you add in NETN, he’s second only behind Gavin Cross for Tn. High. TJ Taylor is also a really, really good baseball player that can play multiple positions, very well. Trey Brown and the Cole kid for Richlands are good ball players too. (I think they’re both seniors.) Simmons is a really good player, but I’m not sure what year he is. Nate Bailey for Union is another good one I’ve seen this year. A few more I’ve seen do some good things this season are.... Moore (JSB) Osborne (Marion. Another one I’m not 100% sure of what grade he’s in) I can’t speak on the Graham kids yet. We haven’t played them, but we do play them twice this week.
  13. They are definitely in the running with their ace on the mound. During the FCA tournament they were beat 11-1 and no-hit by Tn. High. This Lebanon team is eerily similar to their team from 3 years ago when they had Will Stamper as their ace. When he pitched they had a chance to beat anyone. They were a little different team when Stamper couldn’t pitch. This year’s Lebanon team has shown signs of this. They’ve played Battle 3 times. A dominating win with Buchanan on the mound. 2 close wins in the others. Im not taking away from them, they have talent, but just like most of last season, they’re a much different team when he’s not pitching. EDIT: What I meant by last year’s team was in their first matchup against VHS, Buchanan threw a no-no in a 2-0 win. The next game, VHS scores 11 runs in the first inning.
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