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  1. I miss not getting to see the seniors get there last year of spring sports, mainly my grandson play his last year., he is lucky to have already signed with a college while others needed this last year to get schools to take a look at them.
  2. just meant to delay it 2 weeks at a time until they see if they can get it under control.
  3. Just saw on the VHSL site that they just cancelled the spring sports in Va. its just a shame. I do think the gov. has over stepped again, another 2 week delay would not have hurt.
  4. I hope all these young men an women get to finish out their senior year that they have worked so hard for. I know my grandson is very down about this year an now this on top of it all, an I am sure the rest of these kids feel the same. There is teams out there that feel like this is there year an might not never know if it could have been. I do pray that these kids an the rest of us survive this virus and I get to watch these kids play out their last year in High School.
  5. yes Bowman an Poe, also Whit, Mayo and Cunningham has fought back from the knee injury in football an is set to be released to play.
  6. Maybe they will let the teams go ahead an play even if schools do close, they could have someone check temps before games an practice, if you go to a game wear a mask. Anything to let these seniors finish their HS years.
  7. I also thought the same which was why i asked him because I figured a bunch would be getting together. I dont see if the boys were not sick why the team could not still hold practice.
  8. He said his coach said they could be made to forefit the season if they even got the hint the boys were practicing on there own.
  9. grandson said coach told them they were not under no circumstances to practice as a team, I wonder how many teams will follow this rule that VHSL has set?
  10. Tn. High has a great field, if its not pouring down rain or snow at the time they will play, but bring your own heat.
  11. was brain fade is only defence I have, crap I knew Garrett signed to play for Milligan an remember writing it then thinking I need to correct that an didn't.
  12. Dylan Cunningham is going to play baseball an football for Bluefield
  13. Start of new season is on us again, so does anyone have any predictions or hopes this year?
  14. He is very good I watched him in several games in person an on the TV a couple of times, I think I remember hearing Mason did have FBS offers. The way the transfer portal works Mason could go to a good D2, probably see instant playing time an play a couple of years then hit the portal an go to a bigger school. Also the young man may not have wanted to be not far from home for what ever reason in any case its not because he isn't good enough.
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