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  1. I still say if you dont have a winning record you should not be in the playoffs, just my thoughts.
  2. no town, just plan something for them at Battle to let the kids know what they are doing is special. some dont get that a little praise goes a long way.
  3. I was wrong about the pep rally an sorry I was, it was Saturdays game that was poorly done, No Cheerleaders, No Band, No Big Send Off, not a lot of special care that week. The field house was planned years ago, an I am sure the coaches care about them an the kids are great. BUT this year do yourself a favor go early an watch how a town treats the kids for a playoff game in Big Stone an that makes the kids try that much harder an I hear its like that in Ridgeview too.
  4. I have always heard how schools such as BSG, Powell Valley, App. went so big on football games an to go play Union in the "Big Park" as we called it was a thing to see, so last year we drew Union in the 1st Round of playoffs. I was not disappointed, the way the town went all out to the way the players road in, now Battle on the other hand did nothing for the boys not even a pep rally, the boys were beat before they road over. The tradition of these schools is one reason the other is the way the boys get treated, the coaching is another an last is the way the people of the towns treat these young men even down to the cheer leaders is the reason you have so many young men on the sidelines. If I had had a choice #20 would have been playing football at Union instead of Battle, but like Bearcat Dad just said the young have moved out, no jobs here which in turn means no kids.
  5. Bristol Va. is more or less a retirement community plus we have 1 Christian school an I think 1 private school, also a lot of kids are home schooled now which is done in Washington Co. other than that I dont know. Bearcat Dad may have more to say on this than me.
  6. JSB gets its students from the farming community an just outside the city limits, in 1974 city of Bristol annexed into Washington county an took (I think I am right) 1200 kids, a lot of the kids travel 40 min. to get to school so its hard for parents to get the kids to practice. Battle for some reason has never been a football town as they were more into baseball. Some of the kids that are the size of good line men wont play because they dont get to carry the ball so I am told. Lot of good kids there so I do hate for them to get beat up year after year, also I think coaches come in with a "come hell or high water" attitude to run this or that defence or offence instead what can we do to make this team able to play with other teams.
  7. After the Abingdon game Battle lost both speed guys that make the triple option work all they had left was power runner. Coach ought to have been smart enough to see this an went to the wildcat they have now an I am sure they could have scored more points which would have produced more wins also we might not have had the injuries we have. But you can not run a triple option without speed it just will not work.
  8. Feeder program has died in Bristol we are way too interested in travel football
  9. Battle is down for several years to come, Ridgeview coaches have been on its team in the ways it lost the game to Union that the team will go out an execute in a big way. Having a grandson that was a player at Battle before a injury took him out for the year I will not predict a score but I think Adkins wants to redeem himself an gains over 250 yards.
  10. The refs have been bad everywhere this year, we had a punter catch the ball on 1 knee because of a low snap an they allowed the kick which was a good one, holding calls, calling 1st downs without a measurement, a lot were just bad calls. If the VHSL pays them then they ought to do better.
  11. feeder system has ran out, some idiot decided to do travel ball football an kill that sport like they have baseball!
  12. ran the wildcat or a version of it, I know they lost Brown in 2nd series but Battle had them on there heals in the first half.. I am telling you Battle was a much better team at first of the year, key injuries an bad offence decisions made this team what it is.
  13. If they stay away from the triple gun an with Poe back they should have a chance. If the coach had threw the triple away after the loss To Abingdon they would have been 3-2 or maybe 4-1 and may not have had the player losses they have.
  14. if you are not at least 5-5 you need to be in the play offs.
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