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  1. the worst part of a good 2 way player is if he were going 1 way he could be very good, on those warm nights by the middle of the 3rd quarter they are about gassed.
  2. anyone go to UVA at Wise today?
  3. Finally posted All-Mountain 7 District First Team P – Chase Hungate, Abingdon, soph.; Landon Moore, John Battle, sr.; Ethan Ketron, Abingdon, soph. C – Jon Compton, Gate City, jr. 1B – Tanner Barrs, Abingdon, sr. 2B – Mason Caldwell, Union, jr. 3B – Micah Whitt, John Battle, jr. SS – Chase Hungate, Abingdon, soph. OF – T.J. Taylor, Abingdon, sr.; Dylan Cunningham, John Battle, jr.; Caleb Collins, Abingdon, soph.; Hunter Anderson, Union, sr. Utility – Cam Bartee, Union, jr. DH – Bryson Collins, Wise County Central, sr. Second Team P – Nate Bailey, Union; Jake Taylor, Gate City; Canaan Phillips, Lee High C – Evan Stanley, Wise County Central 1B – Landry Baker, Union; Jonah Hilton, Lee High 2B – Luke Francisco, Abingdon 3B – Logan Sartin, Wise County Central; Kolby Reed, Lee High SS – Austin Gibson, Union; Landon Elkins, Wise County Central OF – Gabe Counts, Ridgeview; Carson Jenkins, Gate City; Dewayne Garrett, Lee High; Daniel Lawson, Wise County Central Utility – Blake Willis, Lee High; Gabe Counts, Ridgeview DH – Nate Bailey, Union Honorable Mention Abingdon – Jake Thacker, Jonas Lane, Jacob Bowles, Jake O’Quinn; John Battle – Zach Smith, Zane Poe, Bryson Almany, Garrett Bowman; Gate City – Tyler Gardner, Carter Babb, D’Andre Mack, Ryan Jessee; Wise County Central – Jordan Bishop, Daniel Lawson, E.J. McDanel; Lee High – Tyler Tabor, Jacob Stewart, Caleb Coleman; Ridgeview – Carson Sykes, Tyler O’Quin, Mason Jones, McKenzie Sproles Players of the Year: Chase Hungate and Ethan Ketron, Abingdon (Class 3); Jon Compton (Class 2) Coach of the Year: Mark Francisco, Abingdon Sign up for breaking news alerts Sign up! * I understand and agree that registration on or use of this site constitutes agreement to its user agreement and privacy policy.
  4. Does anyone know who runs or operates the mnt. 7, or is it a fabricated district the VHSL threw us in because they didn't know what to do with us?
  5. anybody go to 7 on 7 at Emory today?
  6. grandson plays for Battle an they are there today
  7. Anyone have a ideal how long the 7 on 7 at Emory an Henry will last Thursday?
  8. that's for the info, grandson plays for them an all I could get out of him is we done ok an we will get better.
  9. Did Battle look any good at all at Eastside?
  10. I didn't think they could talk to you till your junior year was over an GPA played a big part in a offer
  11. 1 was the 1st TD catch the rec. landed out of bounds (a photo shows it), 2nd was the fumble in your deep in your side of the field (sure looked like the backs knee was down before the ball came out). all I was trying to say is anything can happen, a hurt player, fumble, interception, or a bad call can change a game an when you go counting out teams before the season begins is just wrong.
  12. Dont go counting those wins just yet because anything can happen. Last years game if it had not been for 2 bad calls the outcome might have been different down on Battle Hill.
  13. Battles #1 an #2 batters are starting to get the hits again an the #3 an #4 batters are hitting it right at fielders, rest of the batters put the bat to the ball most of the time so they need for all them to get hot for 4 games to win out. But most people didn't give them much of a chance to get this far, but they like to surprise folk, they sure keep us on the edge of our seats (lol)
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