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Honoring Tim Rasnick - (Tazewell's Soccer Coach)

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Well deserved honor for Tim, Jill, Megan and Carter.  Tim was the heartbeat of his soccer program.  He, his family and players worked tirelessly.  His untimely death has been felt deeply by so many.  A solid foundation Tim, Jill, TJ, Megan and Carter have left for the Tazewell Bulldogs to carry on with.  My first soccer game was to watch TJ play at Abingdon.  His Dad had fixed special padding for him to wear in the game for protection, due to his cancer treatments.  I knew nothing about the sport of soccer (still not a lot), but I was there to watch a young man, who was so naturally talented and gifted in this sport.  I was blessed to see Tim coaching his team, and a protective Dad with his eye vigilant on his son, to protect him from injury. 



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