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Web site, domain name, and hosting questions

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I am trying to learn how to put my football history spreadsheets online thru my own site. They are all in excel. I have recently learned that I can save each spreadsheet as a web page thru the "save as" function in excel. I have done this with all 398 Virginia spreadsheets. I have also created a spreadsheet that I call my "homepage". It contains in alphabetical rows and columns the 398 school names and I have created a hyperlink for each name to the appropriate web page saved on my computer. All of this is a little less than 9k. 

I have been googling free web hosting and domain names. Basically from what I can tell I can only get one of the two free provided a purchase the other from the same provider. 

My plan at first is to just publish the "home page" with the links to the other web pages. The internet link would take a person to the list of schools home page and then they could click on whatever school they want and it would then take them to that school's football history spreadsheet.

Are there any persons out there with enough web knowledge to give me tips? I have been studying this for all of two days so I am definitely a web site creation beginner. 

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