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  1. Well it means even less in the Graham - Bluefield game since the gate is always a 50-50 split.
  2. All contracts for 2020 are considered honored and fulfilled. Tough break if you are Union in regards to the Graham game but the shoe fits the other way too. Graham is at Bluefield again in 2021 even though Bluefield was the home team in 2019.
  3. 08-27 A Bluefield 09-03 H Tazewell 09-10 A Richlands 09-17 H Union 09-24 A Galax 10-01 A George Wythe 10-15 H Virginia High 10-22 A Pulaski County 10-29 H Blacksburg 11-05 H Marion
  4. I agree with what you are trying to accomplish I can assure you voters will not update their addresses and as a person that worked at SSA they do not have the time or resources to update every time someone moves. You WANT the person to be able to vote in the RIGHT place. Not send them to the wrong place because the incorrect address on file says they should go there even though they don't live there anymore. You still need your county clerks to do the registration but it would be logged into a national system. The national computer system should cancel one registration when a person registers in another local or gets a passport, driver permit or state ID somewhere else. It is complicated but it can be done.
  5. If you abolish registration how are you going to know what jurisdiction (State, County, City) the person belongs to? That is the problem. The ballot in Mercer County is way different from the ballot in Raleigh County and completely different from the one in Tazewell County.
  6. Picture voter ID card tied to the Social Security death database only to make sure the voter is not deceased. Voter ID cards are issued free of charge. All voters can go online and check to see the status of their vote. All voting can be retraced instantly. No absentee ballot unless it is requesting in writing with voter ID number. Voter ID number must be on the returned and signed ballot. We should be able to recreate the election any time electronically.
  7. Talked to the staff at Bluefield today and they said that it was Ridgeview that reached out to Bluefield to see if they could arrange a game.
  8. Bluefield has 580 students. Ridgeview has 582 according to the internet.
  9. 08-27 H Graham 09-03 A Princeton 09-10 A Pulaski County 09-17 H Woodrow Wilson 09-24 H Richlands 10-08 H Pikeview 10-15 H Tazewell 10-22 A Oak Hill 10-29 A Ridgeview 11-05 H MIngo Central
  10. I learned something pretty interesting about the WV succession from VA. It seems that the law states (ed) that a part of a state could not leave another state without that state's permission. Because Virginia's government had succeeded from the union Lincoln set up a "true and legitimate" government of Virginia in Wheeling which was still a part of Virginia. This government immediately gave WV permission to leave the rest of Virginia. Also right up there with the worst decisions of all time....Loudoun, Fairfax. Prince William and Accomac Counties wanted to go with the other counties and be part of WV. We turned them down. Right up there with Bluefield, WV turning down Wal Mart.
  11. The other team was taking a knee even though they would still have to punt.
  12. Blocked a punt for TD, Got onside kick, completed a pass, kicked a FG
  13. Confederate Flag story. In 1957 Big Creek went undefeated but finished third in the ratings. Until 1972 only the top two teams played for the championship in each class in WV. Big Creek thought that they were screwed out of the championship game because the WVSSAC gave Weir a late point for a Martins Ferry win. Big Creek sued and lost (the WVSSAC was in fact correct). The WVSSAC was vindictive and banned Big Creek from all sports in 1958. After a disappointing 1958 season Bluefield lured coach Merrill Gainer away from Big Creek in 1959. Bluefield went undefeated and won the WV AAA championship. In 1960 Bluefield again went undefeated but only finished 4th in the ratings behind Weir (9-1), Nitro (10-0), and East Bank (9-0). Bluefield fans and others 'down south" felt as Bluefield was robbed just like they thought Big Creek was in 1957. They adopted the southern rebel attitude because the south was always getting screwed. They adopted the rebel flag as the school symbol and the fight song became "Dixie". This lasted all the way thru the 1967 season. Gainer left after the season for Patrick Henry and John Chmara was promoted to head coach. More importantly Park Central was closed for good. Although the rebel flag and Dixie were not used for racist reasons the leaders at the school and the city knew that this would not work in a completely integrated school. Mayor Ed Elliot (who was also the play by play radio announcer at that time) and others sat down to consider the situation. They knew that the people of Bluefield would not abandon the song and the flag without replacements. That is when they came up with the "We Believe" slogan and the logo with the Beaver inside the "B". They printed massive quantities of T shirts and sold the logo on everything including front car tags. They adopted on Wisconsin as the fight song and the band was no longer allowed to play Dixie. A tremendous marketing campaign went on the promote the new image, It obviously worked. An interesting side note to the 1967 game. Bill Jarrett was the new coach at Stonewall Jackson in 1967 and that was the opponent in the championship game. In one of the articles in a Charleston newspaper the reporter was asking him all the usual questions about the game. At the end of the article he asked Jarrett who was going to win. Jarrett response was. "I don't know but they aren't going to go up there (Parkersburg) and play Dixie all day". Of course Bluefield did go up there and wave the flags and play Dixie all day. The irony of the situation is the Charleston school was named for the Confederate General Stonewall Jackson who was a native of what is now WV. General Jackson certainly would not have minded the flags and the music that day. If you watch the 1962 championship game video on the same site and watch the post game awards you clearly see Bluefield waving a large Confederate flag on the field after the game,
  14. This is the only Beaver-Graham game I have ever sat on the visitors side. At that time Graham sat on the visitor's side even when they were the home team. They were the home team for this game so I was not doing the P. A. Graham was a heavy favorite and their hearts were torn out when Bluefield won.
  15. Oak Glen is very good on the other side of the bracket. They have nice players. They are either cousins or brothers. Their last name is Patterson.
  16. Clay County BOE went to all virtual schooling on Friday. The Clay football team was told that they were not allowed to play under these conditions. I am not sure if it was the BOE or the WVSSAC. A court injunction was filed Friday by some Clay people and the judge agreed. The WVSSAC could appeal to the WV Supreme Court but the timing makes it so that the injunction holds thru the weekend. The Supreme Court could hear the case if appealed but it may be a mute point on Monday. Getting the injunction on Friday was the key as the WVSSAC can not appeal until Monday.
  17. I don't have the dates of the games but Graham's 14 games are home and home with SW schools and home and home with Bluefield and Princeton.
  18. I am trying to find Riverheads rating for the last week of September 2009. Did the VHSL use ratings to decide anything about playoffs in 2009? If so, when were they released? I can find no ratings published for the last week of September or the first week of October 2009.
  19. This so called debate idea will never give us answers to our questions. It is nothing what I learned about debate in speech class. It is just an insult contest. We need to have someone neutral sit down with each candidate SEPARATELY. Ask the pertinent questions. Let them answer but also MAKE THEM ANSWER. Tape the interviews. Play them back to the public. Tape them so one candidate doesn't know how the other answered.
  20. Science clearly shows that the so called pre cautions have absolutely no effect on the spread of the virus. The ONLY things that are in any way effective are washing your hands with soap and isolation. The thing is that you can wash your hands and kill the virus. Then if any of the dead virus parts stay on your hands and somehow make their way into your system you can test positive even though it is dead.
  21. When Ceredo-Kenova, Vinson and Buffalo of Northern Wayne County closed and were consolidated into Spring Valley High many of the better players from the former Buffalo and Ceredo-Kenova districts went to Wayne High instead of Spring Valley. Thus Wayne took off as a AA power. Now that has stopped and Wayne is no longer a WV AA power and Spring Valley is the number 1 AAA team in WV that just defeated Martinsburg ending their 57 game win streak.
  22. The Clarksburg area had three high schools. Victory, Washington Irving, and Roosevelt-Wilson. Starting in the mid 70's these schools have been blended in two schools, Liberty Harrison and Robert C. Byrd.
  23. Bluefield really didn't become a football power until the mid 1950's. Before that Princeton was more of the football power and Bluefield the basketball school. If you go from 1953 to the present Bluefield's percentage is .720. But if you look at Bridgeport from 1953 up theirs is .763.
  24. All time WV winning percentage. Ties count as a half win and half loss. Some schools have played many more games. Some schools are closed. Games played and Percentage listed 01. 0107 .757 Mingo Central 02 0307 .717 Capital 03 1209 .698 Parkersburg 04 0852 .694 Charleston 05 1025 .694 Bridgeport 06 0507 .672 Clarksburg Victory 07. 1038 .671 Bluefield 08. 0269 .665 Robert C. Byrd 09. 0809 .663 Ceredo-Kenova 10. 0292 .661 James Monroe
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