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  1. Graham is homecoming so they are very resistant to moving that one. Homecoming activities are now before the game. Not at the half.
  2. All Central District games around Richmond are now tonight.
  3. All these games moved to Thursday. Greensville County - Surry County Southampton - Sussex County Windsor - Brunswick Northampton - Middlesex postponed indefinitely due to high winds on the Bay Bridge
  4. Westmoreland County vs Riverheads suspended indefinitely
  5. Princeton 27 Lord Botetourt 21, Long TD pass for Princeton score on the last play of the first half.
  6. Just be careful and watch out for the ducks crossing Temple Ave when you leave the I-95 exit ramp.
  7. Well they didn't want to drive an hour to Welch.
  8. I like the first way. Still get to go 55 to 65 and see a little bit of the country.
  9. Looks like Union has been kicked to the side. Don't forget them 9-16.
  10. There is bad blood there. lol
  11. There already was a drop off with Smith. It just went from a gentle slope to a free fall. Phoebus in killing them in recruiting.
  12. Pembroke played 6 man football in the Monroe County League for about 20 years in the 30's and 40's. I agree 6 or 8 man is a good idea. The only draw back is the travel. Don't worry about state playoffs. Come up with your own system. Look at all the schools struggling to put a team on the field. Auburn, Bland, Montcalm, Phelps KY, Jenkins KY, Bath County, River View, Castlewood, Craig, Twin Springs, Rye Cove, North Greene, TN, Unaka, TN, East Montgomery. Another issue is that the field is not as wide or as long. Go watch an Oklahoma 8 man championship game on youtube.
  13. Thanks to the power of internet searches and information available online that are now available I found the article. Dec 17, 1938. I was using the District decision which Tazewell appealed.
  14. I would like to know who wrote that article because I would like to see their reference to the outcome of the 1938 game. Many years ago when I researched it it was clear to me by my reference that it was ruled a forfeit to Graham.
  15. Yes. Just two people running their mouths at each other. The ref told them to stop and they didn't.
  16. Graham only had 1 personal foul for a late hit or similar infraction and it was a very questionable call on the Bluefield sidelines. They had a PF for a chop block as well. Graham's main penalty issue is holding.
  17. Well we know where one of the missing Palantir is now.
  18. Pulaski Abingdon Carroll County Bluefield Radford Central Virginia Lee Grundy Richlands Graham Narrows George Wythe Galax Honaker Thomas Walker Montcalm, WV Chilhowie Rye Cove Lebanon Rural Retreat GotW Twin Springs 51
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