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  1. Abingdon Ft. Chiswell Giles Ridgeview Morristown West, TN Bland Graham Marion Tazewell Chilhowie Galax Rural Retreat George Wythe Narrows Twin Valley JI Burton Castlewood Pineville, KY No. 14 Miami No. 5 USC No. 7 Georgia No. 13 Auburn No. 12 Virginia Tech New Orleans Dallas Pittsburgh New England Oakland GotW Bluefield, WV 63 ***BONUS PICK*** (Worth 2 points) Hokie bird
  2. Abingdon Giles Allegheny John Battle Graham Union Ridgeview Grayson William Byrd Bluefield Bland Rural Retreat George Wythe Hurley Twin Valley JI Burton Castlewood Eastside Chilhowie Boise St. Tennessee No. 13 Virginia Tech No. 6 Oklahoma St. No. 17 Mississippi St. West Virginia Atlanta Tampa Bay Seattle Kansas City Oakland GotW Grundy 56
  3. Abingdon Blacksburg Ft. Chiswell Giles Gretna John Battle Virginia Gate City Lee Ridgeview Glenvar Marion Galax Hurley Twin Valley Castlewood Rye Cove Patrick Henry UCONN No. 9 Oklahoma St West Virginia No. 16 Virginia Tech No. 3 Clemson @ No. 24 Florida No. 4 USC Buffalo Kansas City New England Los Angelas Rams Atlanta GotW Georgege Wythe 28
  4. Abingdon Ft. Chiswell John Battle Ridgeview Gate City Lee Union Rural Retreat Lebanon George Wythe Tazewell Virginia Bland Galax Narrows Twin Valley Pike Central, KY Castlewood Patrick Henry Hancock Co Chilhowie No. 25 Tennessee No. 17 Louisville West Virginia Indiana No. 18 Virginia Tech Oregon No. 3 Clemson No. 24Notre Dame No. 2 Ohio St. No. 6 USC Arizona Oakland Los Angelas Rams Seattle Dallas GotW Giles 56
  5. Abingdon George Wythe Christiansburg Radford Virginia Central Lee Ridgeview Carroll Graham Marion Bland Hurley Twin Valley JI Burton Honaker Patrick Henry Twin Springs Harlan Independent, KY No. 17 Florida Virginia No. 1 Alabama No. 13 LSU UCLA G(s)otW Union 42 No 21Virginia tech 46
  6. Union Abingdon Fort Chiswell Blacksburg Central Richlands Lee Ridgeview Alleghany Honaker Chilhowie Virginia Bland Galax Narrows Hurley Twin Valley Patrick Henry Northwood West Greene Eastern Montgomery G(s)OTW Bluefield 36 George Wythe 28
  7. Abingdon Union Lee Graham Galax Giles Twin Valley J.I. Burton Twin Springs Chilhowie Patrick Henry George Wythe Ft. Chiswell Notre Dame Virginia No. 7 Texas A&M No. 18 North Carolina No. 23 Virginia Tech No. 10 Florida Tennessee No. 14 West Virginia No. 1 Alabama No. 9 Nebraska Baltimore Philadelphia San Diego Green bay Denver G(s)otW Appomattox 48 Tazewell 63 Ridgeview 35 Pitt 49 Carolina 42
  8. Abingdon Ridgeview Virginia Lee Gate City Union Graham Narrows Richlands Eastern Montgomery Glenvar J.I. Burton Castlewood Patrick Henry George Wythe Rural Retreat Galax Georgia Tech No. 5 Louisville No. 10 West Virginia No. 8 Baylor Notre Dame No. 4 Washington No. 7 Nebraska No. 15 Auburn South Carolina No. 3 Clemson Cincinnati Houston New England Carolina Atlanta Dallas GotW Twin Valley 68 Twin Springs 35
  9. Tazewell Ridgeview John Battle Lee Union Graham Ft. Chiswell Virginia Giles Hurley Twin Valley J.I. Burton McCreary Central, KY George Wythe Rural Retreat Galax No. 22 North Carolina No. 24 Navy No. 12 West Virginia No. 1 Alabama No. 19 Utah No. 17 Arkansas No. 23 Ole Miss New York Giants Indianapolis Minnesota Buffalo New England Seattle GotW Richlands 56
  10. Abingdon Richlands John Battle Union Lee Bland Castlewood Giles Hurley Twin Valley Twin Springs George Wythe Northwood Narrows No. 20 WVU Pitt No. 1 Alabama No. 16 Miami No. 17 Virginia Tech No. 18 Florida No. 12 Ole Miss No. 2 Ohio St. Philadelphia New England Oakland Atlanta Dallas Houston GotW Patrick Henry 56 Graham 28
  11. Abingdon John Battle Gate City Union Graham Richlands Giles J.I. Burton Castlewood Eastside Hancock Co., TN Chilhowie Patrick Henry George Wythe Bland Galax No. 20 Oklahoma No. 18 Florida No. 25 Virginia Tech No. 8 Texas A&M USC No. 1 Alabama No. 10 Miami Baltimore Minnesota Pittsburgh Atlanta Dallas Green Bay GotW Hurley 68
  12. Honaker Marion Patrick Henry Central Union Ridgeview Floyd Richlands Rural Retreat Hurley Twin Valley J.I. Burton Castlewood Thomas Walker Northwood Bland Parry McCluer Narrows No. 12 Georgia No. 11 Wisconsin Virginia Tech Virginia West Virginia No. 19 Florida Pittsburgh No. 4 Michigan No. 7 Stanford No. 10 Texas A&M Oakland Baltimore Denver Carolina New York Dallas GotW Graham 36
  13. Abingdon East Ridge, KY Marion John Battle Richlands Gate City Lee Union Glenvar Tazewell Giles Honaker Hurley Twin Valley J.I. Burton Thomas Walker Patrick Henry No. 15 Tennessee No. 10 Louisville No. 25 Miami Virginia No. 22 Oregon No. 1 Alabama Pitt Virginia Tech No. 20 LSU No. 12 Michigan St. No. 3 Ohio St. Cincinnati Dallas New England Arizona Indianapolis Green Bay George Wythe 63
  14. Abingdon Grundy Marion Virginia Ridgeview Lee Graham Carroll Giles Honaker Hurley Twin Valley J.I. Burton Patrick Henry Twin Springs Harlan Co., KY Rural Retreat George Wythe Galax Eastern Montgomery No. 3 Oklahoma West Virginia Virginia Tech No. 16 UCLA No. 5 LSU Virginia No. 18 Georgia No. 1 Alabama No. 2 Clemson GotW Richlands 63
  15. Twin Valley Chilhowie Abingdon Central Richlands Lee Ridgeview Union Alleghany Virginia Blacksburg Hurley Patrick Henry Rye Cove Northwood Rural Retreat Bland Auburn G(s)OTW Bluefield 63 George Wythe 56 Galax 48
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