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Interesting Fact To Think About

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Aloha board!  I'm a newbie here. I've monitored the site for a while and thought I would join the discussions. 

In the spirit of discussions I have some food for thought. 

In the paper I read where the Dean kid scored 40 last night and outscored Central by himself. 

Since McClung was a Freshman (2014-15) to the Dean kids senior year (still active until 2019-20 season passes),  McClung, Ervin and Dean have the possibility of scoring a combined total.of more than 6500 points in 6 basketball seasons. Maybe more than 7000 who knows. 

McClung finished with 2801, Ervin has 2200 at least and Dean just broke 1000. That alone in 5 seasons is over 6000 points. 

So in 5 seasons time, the question I would like to ask Is how many high school basketball teams in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee have they outscored in that time? I am talking about total team points for a season after you add the games up.  

If a team averages 70 points a game for 24 games (22 reg season and 2 postseason), that is 1680 points. In 4 seasons time that is 6720 points. 

Those 3 guys are a mere 720 points off that total at the minimum.  Which makes you wonder how many teams have those 3 outscored themselves? 

If that doesnt speak to some talent that has played on the hardwood in Gate City the last four years, I'm not sure what does. 

Great job by those Blue Devils last night!  Best defense played all year!  

The young Blue Devils are also playing hard!  They came out like a hurricane last night and fought out a great win!  I love watching teams play hard on defense! What is their standing in the Mountain 7 for JV? 

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