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  1. Than go comment on the football board 😃
  2. The Criteria and Rules of the poll 1. I use most of the teams that are tracked by this site on the overall score board so it's not just SW listed. I also rank all the divisions together Division 1 and up. 2. Based on feedback ( creditable feedback ) I might change the preseason poll a little. last id like to extend a pat on the back to the site moderators for your extensive score board posting. I travel the state quite often and usually take in a few games in different locations. I enjoyed keeping up with the teams last year and this boards tracking of the teams records really helped me to pick good match ups to attend. It's also crucial for the ranking of the teams. PRE SEASON POLL REVISION 1 1 LB 3A state camp ( I hope the site tracks their record this year. If not I will remove them from the list ) 2 PM 1A State Champ 3 central wise 2A State Champ 4 Abingdon 5 Ridge view 6 Carrol county 7 Floyd County 8 Christianburgh 9 Galax 10 Honaker I had to throw in my home team I'm not sure about them making the top 10 but I do expect a great season and a run at the end of the year Any thoughts or suggestions ? I must say that last years final regular season poll turned out to be just about spot on. So dont judge to quickly. Give me a chance to gather all the info this year. I don't have hundreds of scouts helping you know. Lol
  3. I saw her play one time last year. I thought she was a good player.
  4. Hello everyone i know most of you knuckleheads are head and toe into your Football season but I figured I would start a little off season post. Last year was remarkable. The Ladies didn't disappoint and my on going season poll came out pretty darn close. ( as I pat myself on the back 🙂) i must admit I have several friends that referee and have done it for years. It certainly doesn't hurt to pick their Brains from time to time. I look forward to continuing our chats this coming season. Last year I spent a few weeks in PA, and lost track of some of the action so the board chat was great. I haven't heard much about some of our graduate here in the SW. Do we have several going to play college ball ? Where are some of the better players attending this year? Talk to you all as we get closer to tip off champ
  5. I'm extremely sorry guys I know my lack of posting let the girls division of the board down I found myself rehabbing for a little while at one of the best nursing facilities ive ever been to. All is going well now. Theres just no way I can catch up with all the action I missed. I've tried to do some score board catch up but to much has happened i will pat myself on the back though and say quite a few teams in the top 10 went very deep in their respective divisions my final top 2 was central and PM and looks like both are playing for the title. From what I can read both seemed favorable to win. A major shock and disappointment was how the tiger ladies finished up. I really expected those young ladies to make the final 4 in the west. But let's remember they are extremely young. I plan on making the trip to VCU as long as my sweet daughter makes it in from PA to drive me. Looking forward to a great weekend of basketball. There's no finer rehab than that . For the ones of you with teams left to root for I say good luck.
  6. champ

    Honaker Offense

    The girls are knocking on the door of greatness. Things looking good in tiger land
  7. champ


    UP DATE 2/1/18 1 central wise 2 PM 3 carrol county 4 Ridgeview 5 Patrick county 6 Christiansburg 7 Abingdon 8 martinsville 9 Galax 10 Eastside bubble floyd county gate city honaker
  8. champ


    Hey guys. I'm actually just getting home from the Rock the ribbon. Enjoyed a great day of basketball. LB vs PM was a good game. Two top notch programs for sure. Im not sure I will move rankings to much based on this. Maybe a spot or so. I've got some score board catching up to do and then a ranking im hoping to catch Abingdon some time this week again
  9. champ


    All single A list correct ? I like it. Tigers are getting some love don't you have to pay for that site ? I see they have EASTSIDE over GALAX. I think the two teams are very close but GALAX did edge out the win
  10. champ


    Well great now I have to add grundy to a my list of teams to go see lol. Thsts good news though. I'm glad to hear they are better than I heard. Glad because it makes me feel better about these young tigers I really think there's some special things ahead for honaker in a year or 2
  11. champ


    That's good to know and encouraging. I was told Grundy wasn't very strong. I haven't seen them play yet and missed the honaker match up
  12. champ


    I'm holding out a couple more games on union. They certainly look like they are getting strong though by the end of this week things may turn upside down that's for sure the homer in me was chomping at the bit to move honaker inside the top 10, but a bad loss prevented that. Strength of schedule for the tigers is not real good moving forward
  13. champ


    Union seems to be on the move Abingdon is a head scratcher Christiansburg is really playing good ball. I seen them for the first time last week.
  14. champ


    Update weekend of 1-20-18 1 PM ( no change win 65-26 vs faith ) 2 carrol county 3 central wise ( win over Abingdon) 4 Abingdon ( loss to central ) 5 Ridgeview 6 Patrick county 7 Christiansburg 8 martinsville 9 Galax 10 union bubble Eastside floyd county lebanon honaker
  15. champ


    Very evenly matched game. Union continues to impress. Abingdon is fading some. Hasn't looked overly impressive lately