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  1. 2017-18 Girls Season

    Is it that much separation in single A ? Where as PM is a hands down favorite ? I think I have my schedule set so I can attend the PM VS FLOYD game on the 19th. Honaker is young and made many young mistakes the other night but for a single A team I left thinking they could upset anyone. I'm planning to attend Eastside at union on the 22nd. I assume after these 2 games I will know first hand what the tigers are up against.
  2. SWVA Best

    Currently playing ?
  3. SWVA Best

    What girls players in each division do you guys have rated high.
  4. 2017-18 Girls Season

    The schedule has these two teams playing again on the 19th of dec. I have to go to Richmond VA sometime before Christmas. Will this be a good game to attend ? Do you know how close to interstate the PM Gym is? If the single A Is going to run through PM I'd really like to get a look at them. Honaker is young but they sure look good to me. I'd like to compare them to what PM has but I really don't want to drive to far out of my way.
  5. 2017-18 Girls Season

    Thanks a good friend of mine also said to check narrows out as well as Eastside I have picked a couple dates out to see them. Your the second person on here that's told me to check McCluer out. They are defending so I'd like to see what they have and who's returning but it's 3 hours away. I'd like to see them against someone down here.
  6. 2017-18 Girls Season

    Oh wow I was a little excited when I was told that wythe played for the title last year. Wasn't aware they lost a lot. Thanks for the update. Sounds like the tigers are in good shape still. I would like to see the best teams in single A play so I can compare. Any suggestions of some teams or games to go watch. I'm semi retired and work 2 days a week. I would love to see some good teams. Who should I target ?
  7. 2017-18 Girls Season

    They very well might be a force to deal with this year. The won big today over a George wythe team that played for the state title last year ? I'm not entirely sure how many returners George wythe has but this has to be a good win for the tigers either way.
  8. Top players

    Who are the top girls players in each division.
  9. 2017-18 Girls Season

    I was able to attend. I think it's a very good group of tigers. Great win
  10. Projected top girls teams to watch

    Thank you give me time I'm socially illiterate 😀
  11. Projected top girls teams to watch

    Where can I find a site or news source on line with schedules and results for the southwest. I travel so much it's hard for me to get local papers with any good info
  12. Projected top girls teams to watch

    Oh my. That is an amazing commitment from the Galax girls program. to work out and shoot before school is amazing. I will most definitely add Galax to my list of teams to check out. I was talking to a friend of mine that coaches a 3A team this past Saturday evening and he said he felt like each division of 1-2-3 A - could all have their state champs from the Southwest. That would be impressive. Galax may be his choice I will have to ask. I was still very excited to see a young honaker tiger team play the way they did. I hope they are around down the stretch.
  13. Projected top girls teams to watch

    I guess I shouldn't so quickly anoint the tigers as the team to beat or even one of them. I just really enjoyed watching these young girls get a win .
  14. Projected top girls teams to watch

    This sounds very impressive. Would Galax be the team to beat this year ? I will have to add them to my schedule of games I'd like to see. Im told Eastside is very good as well. To me honaker girls looked like a major contender with the Richlands gsme.
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