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  1. I'm extremely sorry guys I know my lack of posting let the girls division of the board down I found myself rehabbing for a little while at one of the best nursing facilities ive ever been to. All is going well now. Theres just no way I can catch up with all the action I missed. I've tried to do some score board catch up but to much has happened i will pat myself on the back though and say quite a few teams in the top 10 went very deep in their respective divisions my final top 2 was central and PM and looks like both are playing for the title. From what I can read both seemed favorable to win. A major shock and disappointment was how the tiger ladies finished up. I really expected those young ladies to make the final 4 in the west. But let's remember they are extremely young. I plan on making the trip to VCU as long as my sweet daughter makes it in from PA to drive me. Looking forward to a great weekend of basketball. There's no finer rehab than that . For the ones of you with teams left to root for I say good luck.
  2. Honaker Offense

    The girls are knocking on the door of greatness. Things looking good in tiger land
  3. Rankings

    UP DATE 2/1/18 1 central wise 2 PM 3 carrol county 4 Ridgeview 5 Patrick county 6 Christiansburg 7 Abingdon 8 martinsville 9 Galax 10 Eastside bubble floyd county gate city honaker
  4. Rankings

    Hey guys. I'm actually just getting home from the Rock the ribbon. Enjoyed a great day of basketball. LB vs PM was a good game. Two top notch programs for sure. Im not sure I will move rankings to much based on this. Maybe a spot or so. I've got some score board catching up to do and then a ranking im hoping to catch Abingdon some time this week again
  5. Rankings

    All single A list correct ? I like it. Tigers are getting some love don't you have to pay for that site ? I see they have EASTSIDE over GALAX. I think the two teams are very close but GALAX did edge out the win
  6. Rankings

    Well great now I have to add grundy to a my list of teams to go see lol. Thsts good news though. I'm glad to hear they are better than I heard. Glad because it makes me feel better about these young tigers I really think there's some special things ahead for honaker in a year or 2
  7. Rankings

    That's good to know and encouraging. I was told Grundy wasn't very strong. I haven't seen them play yet and missed the honaker match up
  8. Rankings

    I'm holding out a couple more games on union. They certainly look like they are getting strong though by the end of this week things may turn upside down that's for sure the homer in me was chomping at the bit to move honaker inside the top 10, but a bad loss prevented that. Strength of schedule for the tigers is not real good moving forward
  9. Rankings

    Union seems to be on the move Abingdon is a head scratcher Christiansburg is really playing good ball. I seen them for the first time last week.
  10. Rankings

    Update weekend of 1-20-18 1 PM ( no change win 65-26 vs faith ) 2 carrol county 3 central wise ( win over Abingdon) 4 Abingdon ( loss to central ) 5 Ridgeview 6 Patrick county 7 Christiansburg 8 martinsville 9 Galax 10 union bubble Eastside floyd county lebanon honaker
  11. Rankings

    Very evenly matched game. Union continues to impress. Abingdon is fading some. Hasn't looked overly impressive lately
  12. Rankings

    They also lost to central, lost to Eastside and lost to a average GATE city team but looks like they are in the right direction now. They climbing up my list. I think one of the hotter teams as of late
  13. Rankings

    Update 1-18 1 pm 2 Abingdon 3 carrol 4 central 5 Ridgeview 6 Patrick county 7 Christiansburg 8 martinsville 9 Galax 10 union bubble honaker Eastside floyd lebanon
  14. 2017-18 Girls Season

    I thought GALAX was one of the best small A teams I'd seen until I changed my mind a bit score board watching. However if the GALAX team I watched early In the season shows up in the post season then I believe the sky's the limit. I personally think Galax is one of the few teams out there that can beat the PM team. I was very impressed with those girls the game I saw. I'm sure PM wants to avoid playing that group if at all possible. If if nothing else it sounds like the girls deserve to be recognized for their hard off season work. I doubt anyone at these small school districts are putting in that much off season work. It sounds like GALAX should be rewarded
  15. Rankings

    Sounds like your right. id like to see them play the LB game. It's a Saturday. It looks like some pretty good boys teams will be in that tournament as well
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