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  1. I have it circled already thanks for the update central and Galax will be a good one to start the day. I saw both teams a few times last season. I think Union will be better this year as well
  2. Sorry havok i just become acclimated with the area again a couple years ago and do have strong ties and strong roots in the Deep South. As you all know by now I have ties to Honaker. However I don't live quite that far south now and have enjoyed keeping up with girls basketball the past few years. I really enjoy ranking the teams in this west division that the site tracks. If everyone would rather me only track the south division then ok. I like keeping up with all of them though. I thought some on this site might enjoy knowing or hearing what is out there The Roanoke area has some strong teams that have been fun to keep up with as well One of my nephews does a lot of referee and I have friends involved all throughout most of the west sided teams areas. I just enjoy following the action. If this board is mainly for Deep South talk or SWVA talk only I completely understand
  3. The season is getting close and I see the site has updated the schedules of the teams they plan to track scores on. Again I will say coming from a huge girls b ball fan I love the tracking of all these teams by this site. It really makes it fun to keep up with. Very challenging to try and rank and keep up with so many teams but also a lot of fun ive been to a handful of scrimmages and I won't lie I'm friends with a few old timers that still ref their share of games so that helps me keep up with a lot of teams. Of course I won't have it all correct to start the season and many of you may know some good stats or points about teams that I'm missing so feel free to blast me or my ranking list anytime๐Ÿ˜‰ Just to remind everyone I like to try and do a top 10 of all the teams this site tracks. All divisions included that's what I will do. Last year the end season rankings going into the playoffs was just about spot on ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Yes this old timer just congratulated his own post. Yes I know how sad. Anyway I watched PM play Va HIGH today. It's the 4 time I've seen PM the past 2 years and the 2nd time seeing VA HIGH. Although PM won by 30 I'm here to tell you VA HIGH is gonna be a force to deal with. They have some excellent shooters. Honestly losing to PM is nothing to be down about. PM is by far one of the better HS girls teams I've ever watched play. By the way from a guy that has strong ties to Honaker Highschool. VA HIGH girls should be very proud to play in a Gym like they have. A Really nice place for a Highschool basketball team to play. RANKINGS ( based on teams listed on this site) 1. PM ( 2 time defending champ ) 2. Central wise ( 2 time defending champ ) 3 Ridgeview 4 Abington 5 Galax 6 Carrol County 7 VA HIGH 8 Christianburgh 9 Floyd County 10 Honaker ( yes my homer pick I'm sure they may not stay on the list long so give me a little slack please. On the Bubble > Union Ok there it is feel free to hit me with your best shot and tell me I'm wrong. Give me some good info and I will research whoever you think should be ranked higher. I do have sorces you know ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. Any changes to the scheduled scrimmage between PM and VA HIGH ? Is it still Sat around 3 or 4 pm im really hoping to attend
  5. Sorry I was reading to fast. Thanks for the date and location on this one.
  6. All of these will be great match ups thanks i want to attend the UVA WISE scrimmage for sure. I'm not sure about getting over to mount airy is the PM and VA High game gonna be down here or in the PM area. I want to see that one for sure. Do you know a Date and location
  7. I haven't seen them play really. They creeped up on me last year. I heard they were really expecting to be good this year. I'd say with in a couple weeks of the season this list changes a lot ๐Ÿ˜„
  8. It's November can we start looking at girls basketball now ? ๐Ÿ™‚ I was wondering if anyone knew of another good matchups scheduled for scrimmages. Most teams should get going over the next two weeks. I would think scrimmages would start soon? I'd like to see some of the top teams play before the season gets going.
  9. Abingdon usually reloads quite easily but your probably right. I'm giving them the benefit of doubt until a week into the season I expect union and VA High or some others to make some early moves i say again I hope the site tracks and keeps the scores up to date again this year truly remarkable how informed this board keeps all of us I really enjoy it.
  10. I know union and Va High will move up quickly. I'm just going off last years numbers for the most part. I shouldn't have moved Galax yet. But I had diner with some of my ref buddies last week and they convinced me that Galax had 2 possible D1 or D2 prospects on their roster. The Brown kid sounds like a sure thing but they are saying Fox has improved tremendously but my gut tells me your right. I expect union and va high to be really solid this year I hope no one gets to board with my hobby. I really enjoy trying to rank and keep up with girls basketball. I've been involved in girls athletics mainly basketball for 42 years now seems like yesterday my first born was playing tee ball
  11. 1 LB 3A state camp ( I hope the site tracks their record this๏ปฟ year. If not I will remove them from the list ) 2 PM 1A State Champ ๏ปฟ 3 central wise 2A State Champ 4 Abingdon ๏ปฟ 5 Ridge view 6 GALAX 7 Carrol county 8 Floyd County ๏ปฟ 9 Christianburgh ๏ปฟ๏ปฟ 10 Honaker I had to throw in my home team i know it's still football season guys but I wanted to adjust my preseason top 10. I've had quite a few people tell me that the two kids from Galax Fox and Brown are both remarkably better and unstoppable. People that I trust well. So Im gonna start their move up my list now and see where they end up. This is going to be a very exciting girls basketball season. I look forward to it. Only 3 or 4 weeks left before most programs get started.
  12. I watched Galax a few times last year and had them ranked in my top 10 all year actually the first time I watched them I thought they were hands down the best single A team I'd ever seen. I believe I stated here that they looked as good as anyone I'd seen in all divisions 1-4. I watched them beat 4A carrol county badly. Then I saw PM play and quickly changed my mind. PM was the best team I saw last year. That includes all of our SW divisions. However I'm agreeing with you at this time. I think Galax will be hungry. I expect the Brown kid to be unstoppable. I think PM may have graduated a few key players ( I'm not entirely sure about this ?) Either way I think this may be Galax's year in group A. I'm hoping Honaker makes a strong push to the next level and I feel like they can contend in 2 years but overall id agree with the assessment of Galax being dangerous and a major player in the Division. Extremely well coached as well. One of my oldest and best friends is a referee ( no I do not claim him in public ) he said Ridgeview will be back in full force this year. They can contend and beat anyone this site tracks. Wise will be there and it sounds like Virginia High will me as well. This should be another great year of girls basketball congratulations to Brown for landing a scholarship.
  13. The Criteria and Rules of the poll 1. I use most of the teams that are tracked by this site on the overall score board so it's not just SW listed. I also rank all the divisions together Division 1 and up. 2. Based on feedback ( creditable feedback ) I might change the preseason poll a little. last id like to extend a pat on the back to the site moderators for your extensive score board posting. I travel the state quite often and usually take in a few games in different locations. I enjoyed keeping up with the teams last year and this boards tracking of the teams records really helped me to pick good match ups to attend. It's also crucial for the ranking of the teams. PRE SEASON POLL REVISION 1 1 LB 3A state camp ( I hope the site tracks their record this year. If not I will remove them from the list ) 2 PM 1A State Champ 3 central wise 2A State Champ 4 Abingdon 5 Ridge view 6 Carrol county 7 Floyd County 8 Christianburgh 9 Galax 10 Honaker I had to throw in my home team I'm not sure about them making the top 10 but I do expect a great season and a run at the end of the year Any thoughts or suggestions ? I must say that last years final regular season poll turned out to be just about spot on. So dont judge to quickly. Give me a chance to gather all the info this year. I don't have hundreds of scouts helping you know. Lol
  14. I saw her play one time last year. I thought she was a good player.
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