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  1. Had to fix it hobird7, didn't ya. Hobird7 couldn't see that honest Abe was another or was that that crazy Ryan with one of his burner accounts? I'm banning all of you. Your boring. Consider yourselves banned.
  2. I'm sorry Ryan it must be terrible. But this is a thread on the Lakers. You need to see a psychiatrist. Hope you make it through your issue. Start a thread on it and I'll come and give you well wishes.
  3. Lexi

    Gate City vs Abingdon

    Leave it to me, a homeless man with a 3rd grade education named Lexi, having to explain to a sophisticated Abingdingdong where they are. Geez.
  4. Lexi

    Gate City vs Abingdon

    You are in the basketball section. Congratulations on your success.
  5. Go Gate City! Dec.14 2018.
  6. Lexi

    Gate City vs Abingdon

    Gate City vs Abingdon. I like Gate City.
  7. Misread the date , sorry this was a benefit game , GC has Abingdon tomorrow night.
  8. Lexi

    Richland at Grundy

    Richlands goes in to Grundy with a record of 2-1 beating Hurley and Twin Valley and 1 loss to Grundy. They roll into Grundy tonight at 8:00 pm hoping to turn last Saturdays loss to Grundy 65-50 in to a win tonight.
  9. your right Ryan, there is several people trying to figure it out.
  10. Same ears, nose, eyes, height , hands. Same deep eye sockets. It's all going to come out. Look at those noses.
  11. Lexi

    Mac McClung

  12. Lexi

    VA Championship Updates

    Yay Tazewell county!!!!