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  1. Lexi

    VA Championship Updates

    Yay Tazewell county!!!!
  2. Lexi

    Mac McClung

    I have to question Ewing not playing mcclung and akinjo the last 8 minutes. That lost the game. Ewing will learn if he wants to win mcclung has to stay on the floor with Govan only resting them. I understand malinowski caught fire but he can't win a game for you.
  3. Lexi

    Mac McClung

    I think Georgetown could end up in the NIT, if they do , do you think they could win it? Or play in the championship game UVAObserver?
  4. Lexi

    Mac McClung

    Remember when that coach told him , "enjoy sitting on the bench at georgetown?" Appreciate the fuel.
  5. Lexi

    Mac McClung

    The race ain't over yet, and were both cheering real hard for him, right?
  6. Lexi

    Mac McClung

    Wait! Where did he go? That dude was trying to defend McClung. As Ricky Bobby and Cal Naughton Jr. would say, "Shake and bake baby, Shake and bake." AND ONE!
  7. Lexi

    8th grader

    all eighth grade parents on opposing teams are asking to see this young mans birth certificate.
  8. Lexi

    Mac McClung

  9. Lexi

    Mac McClung

  10. Lexi

    Mac McClung

    You was close 88 to 78 look at these liberty highlights, looks like McClung is the real deal he and his buddy combined for 32. wow https://www.instagram.com/p/Bq8qM0shzfW/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=6v0i9iiwrdyy