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  1. Considering the refs played no part in the outcome I would say that’s a good call.
  2. He guarded him off and on I believe but for the most part he didn’t. A lot of Dean’s shots were so far behind the line they didn’t think to pick him up it seemed.
  3. The tale of two halves was the theme last night. Wise was hitting their shots and playing good defense in the 1st half and then GC flipped the switch in the 2nd half and took it to them. Wise definitely only had the two scoring threats on offense. I read the coaches quote about the physical play but that’s how SWVA basketball is played. It’s always very physical, especially between these two teams. I thought it was a clean game from both sides though, not like in games past. McAmis can create his own shot and they were falling up until a few minutes into the 2nd half. A lot of that can be credited to the defense played on him. Hayes, I felt like could have been used more on offense. He was good at driving to the paint and getting a good look. GC looked too passive all night to me. Of the games I’ve seen this year they were looking to get the ball to Dean more so then they usually have. He came through hitting big shot after big shot but he’ll have to get more help on that side of the ball going down the stretch. The rematch in Wise will be a classic I’m sure as well as the district championship, barring anything crazy happening. If Wise beats GC next time and they finish tied do they have a playoff game to determine the winner or how do they determine that?
  4. If University is the school in JC then I question who is in charge of pairing these teams. Oak Hill is a top 5 team in the nation. They shouldn’t be playing a small school like that. It really wouldn’t be fair to either team in my opinion.
  5. GC 4-0 Wise 4-0 Lee 2-1 Abingdon 1-2 Union 1-3 Ridgeview 0-3 Battle 0-3
  6. To not be worried about GC you mentioned them almost as much as your son. Coach, worry about your team and not a message board.
  7. GC 94 Abingdon 60 Central 80 Ridgeview 76 Lee 54 Union 51
  8. Last week I was shocked at how empty it was on the home side. You didn’t need anybody saving a seat. I wasn’t sure if a lot of Union fans didn’t want to sit in the cold or if they assumed it wouldn’t be much of a game. I’m sure from here on out they will have a bigger crowd but definitely not last week against GC.
  9. I don’t remember if it was the first half or second but Union called timeout and one of the line judges pointed toward GC so the ref motioned it that way too but after he did that the back judge came in to clarify that it was Union who called the timeout. That may have been why the scoreboard showed GC was out of timeouts. Union called it near the end zone where the scoreboard was so I’m pretty sure it was the 1st quarter. If you heard the ref say that though then I don’t know what happened and if that’s the case we got lucky. I feel like our best chance was to try for the 2 points after we missed the first xp. anyways. It takes so much time to change out the shoe and we end up rushing the kick.
  10. We had 1 left and used it after the TD. Our kicker is our qb and he changes his shoe to kick, which takes a lot of seconds.
  11. Yea, lol! There was a bunch of times where I felt like a measurement was needed or they took about 10-15 seconds before they decided to. If it’s within a yard I say measure but don’t think about for awhile and just give the first down. With the whole undisciplined thing, I’m more meaning Union has to play smarter. They are too talented to still be making those plays and hurting themselves. The teams from here on out will be a tougher match up and they can’t help them out with dumb penalties like they did tonight. GC was an extra point or two away or a completed pass away from stealing a win tonight.
  12. I think Union ran the same play near the end of the 3rd quarter and all of the 4th all but a few plays. Kid is a beast and there is no arm tackling him. The game was put on his shoulders and he carried you all to a win.
  13. They spent the whole first quarter on the GC’s side of the 50 but that was solely on GC making mistakes. We had the muffed punt, not sure what he was trying to do, and then another fumble if I’m not mistaken. The defense for GC, along with Unions undisciplined ways, kept them out of the end zone. From the two games I’ve seen Union play against GC they seem like head cases. Football is an emotional game but Union doesn’t know how to control theirs. 44, 24 and an OL or 2, can’t remember their numbers, could easily be flagged almost every play. Don’t get me wrong they are great players but they need to learn how to control their emotions. It cost them a bunch of yards tonight and if they don’t clean it up, next week may be the end of their season.
  14. Wise is a scary team in my opinion. They have the potential to make a run deep into the playoffs but I can see them losing this week as well. Their speed is no joke so I feel like they will be able to match up with Richlands. I’ll still say Richlands pulls out the W but it will be a close game. This may be better for wise anyways because I see them making a run in basketball, as long as they stay healthy.
  15. Powell plays Rhea Co. (9-2).
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