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  1. You have to think that M7 teams are selected based on what they did during conference play. In the girls, GC finished tied for 3rd with Union behind Ridgeview and Abingdon. Union won the region tournament so I can see why their coach won that. I’m a little confused about the boys since GC hasn’t lost a game in like 5 years but who knows, maybe he said give it to someone else. McAmis and Central did have a great season. Union will definitely have a lot of players and probably coach on there next season. They finished very strong and they’re all returning next season. Radford is region C so if them and Union do meet, it wouldn’t be until the state quarterfinals or semifinals.
  2. The girls should be as tough as ever imho. GC only loses two contributors, mainly on the defensive side. Ridgeview is Ridgeview. Central will be back and more experienced. Union I’m not sure of. I’m sure Abingdon will be tough. The boys will be Union and GC I believe with Lee as a dark horse, I don’t know what all they lose. Abingdon will be a solid team. Graham will be better in the region as well.
  3. No, AFTER today. Today’s games are no effected
  4. GC girls up 30-26 at the half.
  5. I can only assume because it’s the day of the class 1 and 2 games that they didn’t do that for them. I’m sure a lot of the fans are either already there or on there way. I’m surprised they did anything to tell you the truth.
  6. They had a great season. If I heard correctly they only lose one player for next year. I expect they’ll make another run at it next year. Great program and tradition up there. A Radford - Union matchup next season could be very likely to happen.
  7. The game is on YouTube, just search Radford vs wise central. I watched some of it and based on how physical it was the whole game the no call was pretty consistent on how they called the parts I seen. Central was very physical off the ball on Cormany and hardly ever was called for a foul. One guy was running through screens and maybe one foul was called on him. A still picture can make it look worse then what it really is. The live feed didn’t look all that bad but like I said it played into how the game was called.
  8. He’s not talking about the boys, he’s referring to the girls.
  9. IF John Marshall doesn’t win the state championship, how many years will it take for the movie to be made documenting the Hickory-esq upset of the ages?
  10. The shot at the buzzer is tough. It’s a bang bang play and I can see how they would wave it off. I saw a video, but can’t remember where so I can’t see it again, but my first thought was no good. If you slow it down possibly there is a chance it was clear but the refs don’t have that capability so you can’t fault them for that one. At least they were tied at that point. If they would have lost the game because of those calls then that would have been a travesty.
  11. My opinion is as long as there is time left on the clock, a foul is a foul and it should be called. I get you don’t want to have a ref decide a game but rules are rules. This was obviously a foul and should have been called.
  12. First things first, JM can only play one of either Radford or GC not both. Sorry to disappoint you in the fact that they won’t be able to kick both of their asses. Secondly, how is that not bagging on two of the teams covered by your board? You “can’t wait” for that to happen? It’s no secret, JM is the overwhelming favorite but dang.
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