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  1. So are you all insinuating that Mac is possibly transferring? That would be a huge surprise and shock if that was the case.
  2. Most definitely! GC may be favored but they can easily lose as can Radford. I'm obviously hoping GC wins but all the teams left at this point are capable of beating anybody on a given night.
  3. It would be Radford's choice. They are playing Graham at Pulaski Co. High School I believe, so maybe there. Last year they played GC at Radford University so who knows but IF it is those two teams then it will be played somewhere near Radford.
  4. GC and Graham play at 6. These two teams are who I think, we all expected to be here. Based on how GC has played of late, I have to give Graham the advantage tomorrow night. If GC can find their rhythm they can very well win comfortably. Should be a great e though. We may end up seeing the same matchups from last year in the state tournament.
  5. I went back and looked and it was just one person that said it. I wouldn't act like it was a bunch of people thinking Union would upset Graham.
  6. I went back and read the thread and one person said they thought Union would beat Graham.
  7. I think it's better to have the girls and boys at the same place. More fans would be there and it gives people an opportunity to see some teams they aren't capable of regularly seeing. I liked last year being able to see 4 great games at wise. It was a great atmosphere and great basketball.
  8. This thread has gotten a little ridiculous in my opinion. Hopefully, some people can put aside this drama and enjoy what I believe has the potential to be a great basketball game tonight. Depending on which Central team shows up tonight, GC better play better then they did against Lebanon or they very well could be done. Central hasn't been very consistent this season but they have been as of late. I believe GC will come out on top but I don't think it will be a blowout.
  9. There is more at stake this time of year so I'm sure that plays more of a roll in some of these games. The players know there is no room for error so they proplay more tense then a regular season game. Throw comment opponents out the window because that doesn't play much of a factor now. Graham and GC should be playing in the region championship but they are both playing capable teams of knocking them out.
  10. Lebanon 26 GC 19 Graham 24 Ridgeview 22 Both at the half.
  11. Depending on the seeding, I could see the same final four in Region D as last year. GC, Graham, Wise and Union. Central is so off and on though I wouldn't be surprised if they lost in the first round or made it to the final. If I were to bet money though I'd pick Graham and GC.
  12. So Graham and GC can't play unless they make it to the Region championship?
  13. Well I was way wrong about GC and Battle but I'm not complaining. GC needs to play like that from here on out to make any kind of run this postseason.
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