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  1. TD Gate City 14-7 Ridgeview
  2. It’s been a one sided series since GC started playing South. 2010 is correct as being the last, and only, time GC has won against South in the last 10 years. It has been reasonably close the last couple years so I’m hoping this year GC can finally overcome that and get the W.
  3. Ridgeview is away next week and Wise is the last game of the season at home.
  4. I understood what you meant and completely agree about the mentality going into the VT game Saturday. Back to the topic though, it sounds like Bluefield may not be as strong as they were on paper at the beginning but I could be wrong. Maybe if this game was later in the year I’d pick Bluefield but I think LB will win this one going away. Don’t ask me why because I wouldn’t know what to tell you.
  5. South is down and GC is playing good ball right now. GC has to get this win heading into the next two weeks. If they continue to melt the clock and not turn the ball over I like their chances to pull out the win. I’ll go with 34-27 GC.
  6. Hokie101

    Ab vs gc?

    Great game tonight and a great atmosphere at Legion Field. It hasn’t sounded like that in a few years. GC boys never quit and they played good enough to win tonight but Abingdon was just too strong at the end. The rb for Abingdon is legit. He’s definitely the workhorse for them and he carried them at the end. GC didn’t execute as good as they did last week in the 2nd half but they still gave themselves a chance and after the past few seasons that’s all you can ask for right now. Good luck to Abingdon going forward. Your rb is a stud and you have the weapons outside to keep the defense honest. Go make some noise in 3A.
  7. This year may be the best opportunity for GC to have some success in my opinion. Just looking at their roster there will be a significant drop off for next season unless the numbers can improve. I think that’s why everyone is so excited about the Richlands game because it allows an opportunity for the mentality to change in the halls. If we can put together a pretty respectable season this year, maybe some of those kids that can play but aren’t change their minds. It will be a long process but hopefully we are in the beginning stages now. If the players play with as much heart as they did last week, which I know they will, then this could be the season everybody points back to that started the rebuild of the program.
  8. Biggest penalty of the whole game was the last drive for GC that ended up being the game winning TD. Richlands stopped us on 3rd down but a DT came in real late and dove on the running back after the whistle giving us the automatic first down.
  9. To my knowledge this is the same group of kids from last year. Some have changed positions from last year though. The Jenkins kid, #11, is just a sophomore and I don’t believe he played much last year. He had a huge impact in last Friday’s game with 2 touchdowns and the huge int at the end of the game. Calhoun, #45, is a senior but he was hurt last year but I can’t remember what part of the season that happened.
  10. Hokie101

    Ab vs gc?

    GC has a lot of speed I don’t think they are getting much credit for. There were two pass plays against Richlands where the receivers had burnt the defender and one of those resulted in a 77 yard td. If the other one was a little more in front it may have been two but the #2 for GC had to slow up a bit which allowed the db to make a great play. The biggest issue going forward is depth. It showed Friday with all the cramps in the 2nd half. If they can stay healthy they will do great things this year. Will they win a lot of games, who knows. Abingdon will be a tough matchup with their depth alone. On a side note, how awesome is it to always seem to be in fg range for Richlands? That kid should be able to pick where he wants to go to college.
  11. So are you all insinuating that Mac is possibly transferring? That would be a huge surprise and shock if that was the case.
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