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  1. GC hasn’t played the best the last two games. The Lee and Abingdon games were kind of sloppy. They’ll have to play better tomorrow or they could get beat. Central has the talent, in my opinion, but they may have too much pressure on them. I think it helps that Dean has his 2,000 points now so they don’t have to force it to him as much and can just focus on playing ball.
  2. It was a back and forth game. Union definitely had their chances to put the game away but didn’t. I’ll chalk that up to their youth although that was the first time I had seen them play this season. I think I remember their coach after the GC game they lost at home saying they need to be better at finishing games. I’ll give them credit, there were a few times I thought Central would pull away but Union hung around. #5 for Union hit a three to tie and was fouled and hit the go ahead foul shot. Central scored on the following possession with about 5-6 seconds left. Union got the ball up ahead and had it knocked away but, I believe #5, got it and had the open layup but rushed it because of time and it didn’t go in. Great game though.
  3. Abingdon’s twitter says they play GC in game 2 Wednesday night at GC.
  4. I don’t mind the district being played at the 1 seeds home court. That’s the reward for going through the regular season and finishing on top. If anything was to ever change I feel like it should be on a neutral court but not a rotation.
  5. Gotcha! I didn’t realize Union had never beaten Ridgeview before, that’s crazy. All streaks are going to end at some point.
  6. Union won both games. Girls won 44-41 and boys won 55-45.
  7. So have they already done the coin flip to break the tie?
  8. Pretty positive that’s the same schedule for the M7. Monday at the higher seeds and Wednesday and Friday at Gate City.
  9. I agree I think. If the county gets, let’s say for simple math, $10 per student but it costs $20 for the county per student then just charge the difference. I don’t see how that would be too big of a problem, seeing that the surrounding Tn schools would charge a Va student to come there. I definitely agree, if a teacher works at the school then there would be no fee, or if the parent works in Va. Also, if the student was previously enrolled before a change was or is made, then that should be waived as well. I truly doubt it’s anything to do with “stay on your side of the line and we’ll stay on ours.” That’s childish to even think that. I’m sure Scott is one of the lowest in pay in the state so maybe this could help compensate some of the staff and coaches. I don’t know if it could be used for that I’m just throwing that out there.
  10. Where is the region tournament played at? I know the first round is at the higher seed but do they still play the rest on a neutral court? I can’t remember last year but I remember the one at UVA-Wise.
  11. Great game. It lived up to the hype in my opinion. Dean was on fire at the start. He’s known for his range but I don’t think he gets enough credit on his driving and being able to absorb the contact and still finish. He’s a tough kid. When Central went to zone it definitely played to their favor. It slowed GC’s offense down and kept the game close. I was surprised, like some of you all, that they never went back to it. I don’t know why they didn’t . Mack and Starnes did a great job slowing McAmis. That’s a tough duo to have to deal with for an entire game. Central definitely played like a team under more pressure than GC.
  12. Who owns the tiebreaker if Union and Gate City finished tied? I know they split this season.
  13. This should be a very intense game as always. Based on the write up in the BHC, centrals coach is probably more aware of GC’s winning streak then GC is. He mentioned it a couple of times and tried to play the no pressure on them game. In my opinion there may be more pressure on Central for the fact that they haven’t beaten GC yet and this is supposed to be their year in the M7. I do think home court will play a HUGE role in this game. Central seems to be playing better ball after the back to back losses to GC and Abingdon. GC has found another scoring threat in Hensley to take some pressure of Dean a little.
  14. Considering the refs played no part in the outcome I would say that’s a good call.
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