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  1. How is the regional tournament? Number of teams, location, etc?
  2. I’ve been watching so many games on the video stream, I’m more into it this year than usual. Graham appears to be very good from what I’ve heard. The team to beat in the SWD for sure, maybe the region?
  3. Beamerball, I see you’ve done this before. Will you again? I’m shocked by the lack of interest thus far.
  4. Central is the other job open but I hear they’ve got their man. Should cool the GC/Central rivalry.
  5. Add VA High to the list of open jobs. Strange stuff mid June and two jobs opens from teams that were pretty good last year.
  6. Any update on the Burton girls and Central boys jobs?
  7. Wise Central Boys JIB Girls Grundy Girls TW Boys Lee Girls Am I missing any? Any scoop on who will get these gigs?
  8. If he goes to Abingdon, the Falcons are going to be hard to handle. The M7 will be ridiculously good again.
  9. Spring sports are dead. We’ll be lucky if fall sports aren’t impacted in some way. This virus ain’t leaving anytime soon.
  10. Martinsville is a good match up for Union. They are very athletic, so is Union but, the Bears are much bigger. If Union keeps playing defense the way they have been, I can’t see them losing this one.
  11. Central had their shot night. Hensley probably didn’t play a quarter total in the game. Key stretch was a 3 by Wise in the third qtr late gave them the lead and sent their fans bonkers. Dean then hits a three from the logo to shut up the crowd. Wise proceeds to turn it over and Dean makes two FTs for a huge 5 point swing. I’ve seen these two play several times now. It’s a mental block, I think Pretty evenly matched teams, at some point you would think Central would win.
  12. Union fans only show up for football. Last nights showing for the girls game was embarrassing to say the least.
  13. We’ll worry about next year then. Our season is over. This is not a program built on moral victories. Hopefully the ending fuels everyone involved to be better for next winter. The goal is to win the league next season.
  14. A) It wasn’t a foul B) We missed too many FTs C) Move on and get ready for next season. Given how many close games we played this year, I hope we learned a valuable lesson. Make free throws and beat the hell out of people. Don’t stop, just run it up, you can’t let officials get involved. Best of luck to teams moving forward this season.
  15. I’m not sure who would want it? The JV team is terrible and they are losing what 7-8 seniors off this team? They are years from competing, Central fans better enjoy this run.
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