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  1. Don't worry biggun. Bob wears vanilla perfume while hunting. He gets confused about a lot of things. lol
  2. That seems to be the trouble with a lot of kids. Parents don't get involved enough to make them see things out. I really believe when a kid starts a sport they need to see it through. I see it all too often though.
  3. Just found out 100% it will be Bob Green.
  4. Jason

    Gc. Vs gw

    I'll go ahead and say it. Akers was never given full control of the team. I know it's not a popular belief but it is true. He would make decisions only to be told by a couple higher ups it would not happen. I saw some of it first hand. I'm really hoping it don't happen with Jeremy. All I do know now is it will take time.
  5. Jason

    Gc. Vs gw

    GC played a near perfect game against Richlands. The next week played a pretty good game against Abingdon. Then came South and the dam broke. Nothing but mistakes. Turnovers and penalties have been the norm since playing South. They put together a decent 2nd half against Union. When they play mistake free they can play with most anyone on their schedule. Defense hasn't been any good all season. The type of offense they run will put them far behind with turnovers and penalties. Those mistakes need to be addressed.
  6. Jason

    Gc. Vs gw

    Moving said rb from the line back to fullback was the best decision Jeremy has made. No way he needs to be at OG. Jeremy has my full support in anything he does. As does most GC fans. It's a long way back to being the GC of old and will not happen over night. But I believe it will happen in the future. It just takes time.
  7. Jason

    Gc. Vs gw

    I'm still here. lol. Mostly read more than I post.
  8. I really expect it to be close either way. Its been a nice little rivalry. Going to miss it when South closes down.
  9. Jason

    Mance 200

    I'm just being a butthole. I don't do it often. lol
  10. This has been my favorite game since the series started. Hoping GC can get the win this week.
  11. Jason

    Mance 200

    They better hope no train horns are involved. They won't be able to carry anyones slopbucket if so. lol
  12. Jason

    Mance 200

    So what team is the best chance to get win 200 from?
  13. Jason

    Ab vs gc?

    I kinda thought the two teams mirrored each other tonight. Both had a great running game.
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