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  1. I really expect it to be close either way. Its been a nice little rivalry. Going to miss it when South closes down.
  2. Jason

    Mance 200

    I'm just being a butthole. I don't do it often. lol
  3. This has been my favorite game since the series started. Hoping GC can get the win this week.
  4. Jason

    Mance 200

    They better hope no train horns are involved. They won't be able to carry anyones slopbucket if so. lol
  5. Jason

    Mance 200

    Marion is game 7.
  6. Jason

    Mance 200

    So what team is the best chance to get win 200 from?
  7. Jason

    Ab vs gc?

    I kinda thought the two teams mirrored each other tonight. Both had a great running game.
  8. Week 1 was a pleasant surprise. A long way to go though. Still need to get the numbers up in little league. Also need to keep those talented kids interested passed little league. I see some really talented kids quit between little league and 8th grade.
  9. Because Hurley was a scrimmage and Richlands was a game. Never put much stock into a scrimmage or jamboree.
  10. Jason

    Gc vs hurley

    People put too much stock into scrimmages and Jamborees. I've seen teams struggle with other teams in Jamborees only to spank them later in the season. You don't win preseason games. You go into them to find what weaknesses you need to work on. Real game Hurley could beat Gate City handily or vise versa.
  11. I really miss the Jamborees at Virginia High.
  12. I've heard 27 and heard 33. Cancelled the blue and white game to not have an added chance of injuries. I had also heard they cancelled it to stay off the field but Little League will be playing on it this evening.
  13. The first pic is of a guy pressure washing the home side bleachers. lol
  14. That's sad if he is banned. He has been the #1 fan of Union and PV
  15. Plenty of talk about it here.
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