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  1. I think we all know who won. Conversation over.
  2. Richlands would of beaten Salem barefooted that year.
  3. #25 Richlands throwing the game against Abingdon to avoid Union in the playoffs in 2015.
  4. From what I have been seeing, Richlands players and staff are loving the new program. Tests on the playbook, and schemes. If they play you're gonna see a lot of tired defenses. Mance implemented some hurry up offense, but nothing like this.
  5. Cox must of got a awesome tan then. Trying to be politically correct here
  6. I do have one question. Saw the QBs and WRs throwing and saw a few new faces. Saw a new QB and WR who transferred in. QB was big guy and the WR had some speed. Anyone know anything?
  7. I guess you guys were right. Ronnie Davis and Frank Daugherty are out at Richlands. Mike Compton(former Patriot)and Brandon Compton to replace. Via Richlands coach.
  8. Incorrect on being DC. Ronnie Davis will stay DC and Compton will assist from what I was told.
  9. Rumors have it only 3 acting coaches stay, bringing 1 with him and 2 that's Richlands native but didnt attend Richlands for high school.
  10. Now I'm hearing he is having second thoughts...
  11. Thad Wells is the new Richlands High School head coach, AD, and teacher. Via. Richlands high employee. He will restaff most of the coachs. From what I hear the three staying are Davis, Daughtery, Tarter, and the rest will undergo evaluation (most likely canned).
  12. They are separate positions.
  13. Not sure who he will keep, just assume Ronnie Davis will be one. Davis went with him to Virginia High years ago when he was offensive coordinator.
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