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  1. Incorrect on being DC. Ronnie Davis will stay DC and Compton will assist from what I was told.
  2. Rumors have it only 3 acting coaches stay, bringing 1 with him and 2 that's Richlands native but didnt attend Richlands for high school.
  3. Now I'm hearing he is having second thoughts...
  4. Thad Wells is the new Richlands High School head coach, AD, and teacher. Via. Richlands high employee. He will restaff most of the coachs. From what I hear the three staying are Davis, Daughtery, Tarter, and the rest will undergo evaluation (most likely canned).
  5. They are separate positions.
  6. Not sure who he will keep, just assume Ronnie Davis will be one. Davis went with him to Virginia High years ago when he was offensive coordinator.
  7. Wells has already been offered the position. Any other interview will be for incase he declines and for legal purposes.
  8. From what I hear the money will be matched but he will take on more rolls than he currently is. Now he Coachs and teaches a weight lifting class before school in North Carolina. At Richlands he will coach, AD, and teach a subject. Also heard there will be coaching staff changes. He request to make his own staff with only 3 current coach's staying. That's the word on the street at Richlands high.
  9. Just love to see the Richlandians lose it.
  10. Sage comment was a joke, but the Mac statement years ago was going to be true. However, looks like he made the best decision.
  11. Sage Webb is outta here son!
  12. Thad Wells is at Richlands High School as we speak.
  13. Mance will be making more than Wells in South Carolina.
  14. Anyone who says it's a clean hit has lost their mind.
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