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  1. Richlands has had two basketball coaches in a row that weren’t system employees, Tazewell’s baseball coach unless I’m mistaken works at the prison and didn’t Graham’s football coach still work for the town police his first season?
  2. The explanation would be VHSL is tied to school systems and travel ball is not. I know the VHSL is far from perfect and care about their bottom line as much as anyone but most people associated with the tournaments that are starting to play are even more about making a profit. Everyone there from the sometimes thousands of dollar entry fees, the $35 tee shirts, the over priced food, the umpires and the towns that own the fields they all have a financial stake in the process a lot of them really want the youth sports industry running And it has nothing to do with the kids. The VHSL is in a drastically different situation. That being said unless something changes they definitely should be playing in fall.
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  4. My recollection was the play Jo got ejected on happened on around the 30-35 yard line but it was at Honakers bench I’m certain because I remember him walking across the field. Also I am pretty certain there were two concession stands one in the end zone and one on around the opposite 35 yard line home side
  5. I know it was 1A but I think Juan Thornhill won both his senior year as a quarterback and a safety
  6. Lebanon 35 Tazewell 6 I think around 2 minutes to play
  7. Tazewell looked flat last week. The team, the fans the coaching staff all seemed flat. Coach Harris and the sophomore group still had the fire but like someone said earlier I think a few coaches and a lot of players turned it in at Richlands. The biggest thing I'm seeing from this team is the very talented freshman group has either quit or are standing around injured. Tazewell has the chance to be very good the next couple of years but they have to get something out of that group of freshmen because there are no juniors, the sophomores are talented but don't have enough numbers to do it alone, the freshman group should be loaded but only one of them is contributing anything at the moment and the 8th grade group coming is a very thin group numbers wise as well. That being said I still think they might win a shoot out this week the sophmores are that good.
  8. You sir were correct. They really are one of the best high school teams I've ever watched and I don't even know if he was playing they were that good all around
  9. Isaiah Iohnson is the number 7 sophomore in the nation I'm anxious to watch him
  10. Has College Avenue cleared for the most part this morning?
  11. I hope he will when he sees I quoted him in my response
  12. Kid named Mike Jones I asked if he played in the JV game earlier and Ryan asked who he was
  13. He's the freshman running back that's scored several TDs in the benefit games and scored what seemed like every touch in middle school last year for Tazewell. Reminds me a bunch of Caleb Jennings he's not the biggest kid but his speed is seriously special. He wears number 3 varsity he was back deep on kick offs versus Virginia High.
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