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  1. Every school I’ve ever been to to watch a game has those fans that just won’t shut up. Every town, every school, every state. Don’t act like GC or Wise or Clintwood or whoever is the only ones that have them. Stop putting down someone you don’t even know. All these coaches try their best to win and teach these kids the best they can. Not for a minute do I believe any coach, including McAmis, teach these kids to be dirty. Some people on this site just like to cause trouble running their mouths about someone they don’t even know.
  2. The Lester kid fouled a GC kid and somehow he ended up on the floor with the GC kid over him. At that point Lester threw him off and that’s when GC players retaliated by pushing and shoving but never any punches thrown. Lester kid is a little mouthy but doesn’t seem as bad as he was when he was at Union. McAmis and Scotty never got into it with each other. I know Scotty told one of the Central coaches to shut up and sit down. Head coaches did meet with the refs and talked and talked. The assistants from both sides got heated and the GC assistants ended up in front of the scorers table right after the incident under the GC basket. No fans from either side stepped onto the basketball floor. Some Central fans did jump up and go toward the scorers table where the GC coaches were but never touched the floor. The bleachers is literally a step above the floor behind the scorers table. Same on the visitor side. To tiny of a gym for a school that size. GC is clearly the better team with Ervin scoring at will but don’t think for a minute the GC players don’t talk trash on the floor or push and elbow just like very team does. McAmis is a good coach and seems to get the most out of what little talent he’s had over the years. Not sure what people are watching when they say his teams are dirty, all teams have turds here and there and things are gonna happen but NO I don’t think he teaches his players to play dirty nor do any other coaches in the area. A couple years back McClung got slammed into the wall trying to dunk by a kid who ended up transferring to Union and still it was all Central coaches fault.
  3. Central Wise girls beat Gate City 50-41
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