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  1. It’s not arrogance if you can back it up. Undefeated in Virginia isn’t arrogance. That is just truth. Call it what you will. Sorry you can’t say the same about wherever you are from.
  2. I’m.not worried about GC. Your comment about GC being mentioned so much. Who else has the media talked about the past few years? Not Central. That’s about to change. I thank you for thinking that I would be a coach for Central and Isaiah be my son. I would be proud to be either. You will find out Tuesday we are all Warriors and our “son” is the best player around.
  3. Had to get in here and talk about how proud I am of our Warrior Basketball program right now. Right now, our Warriors are 10-1. We are undefeated in Virginia and have lost only once that being to a team in the Arby’s Classic. We would have won the sixth place game but when you play an Arby’s Classic tournament schedule like we had this year, which was way tougher than Gate City’s in 2017-18 when they won the sixth place game, you do what you can. Last night, the Warriors were true to their school name. Hats off to Zac who had the Bears very prepared and while the game was surprisingly close, people outside of Wise County have to realize that all of our basketball contests are like this. History proves it. Union may currently be 1-3 but the record does not show how great of a team they are. Our Warriors are by far the best team in our district. Lee would be second. Maybe GC or Ridgeview is third or fourth but Ridgeview on the other hand isn’t that great of a team. Athletic yes but not a great basketball team. They and GC are very much alike this year. The only player that GC has this year is Dean but he doesn’t impact a game like Isaiah. Ridgeview for instance we had them down nearly 20 but a lot of our guys lost that competitive edge and let them come back. We forgot everything about the game of basketball and it about cost us. All except Isaiah who is truly by far the best player in the district. Without him we don’t win. Ridgeview according to my reports from someone who listened to the game on the internet played close to GC all night long and led them. Proves my point. Elijah is for sure the second best just as the paper says but definitely not quite the impact player that Isaiah clearly is and without a doubt the very best player not just in Southwest Virginia but in the entire area from Roanoke to Knoxville. Show me anyone who can take over a game and make such an impact like he can. No one has impacted the game like him ever since Mac McClung at Gate City and if not for his injury last year he would be as good as Mac or better. Last night proved he is a way better player on the floor than Mac ever was in high school because he was calling out what defenses to play and doing the things basketball coaches never dream their players could ever do on the high school level. Mac was a good player like Isaiah but he never had his basketball savvy. People may ask why he isn’t getting offers from division one schools. Maybe he is but Isaiah is so humble he will not talk about them and crave attention like everyone from Gate City does. People ask me if we are excited about playing GC next week. We are but it is just another game where the district teams are going to give us their best shot. Make no mistake, all GC is worried about is their “streak”. Appearances mean everything to them. After we take their best shot Tuesday, just watch and see who is left standing. We might celebrate a little bit but not much because if you know what the outcome will be and are prepared for that outcome it’s not that big of a deal and we have had bigger wins this year anyway. Our goal is set way higher than beating GC. Our goal is Richmond. Gate City is just a stumbling block to get there. Very proud of our team in all respects! #BadBoys4Life #WarriorBasketball
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