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  1. And Gate City had A numbers for several years opting instead to play AA before dropping down.
  2. I hope you don't go through life with such shoddy research. You don't happen to work MSN do ya? Lol
  3. Looks like the warriors stumbled over the block.....and fell. 69-59
  4. So the refs were calling ghost penalties?
  5. It's amazing what having a coach that gives a darn and loves the players will do....
  6. gc1

    Mance 200

    Guess Mance will have to wait....
  7. gc1

    Gc vs hurley

    I agree as I had this conversation with someone just the other day. The GC program has been affected all the way down through LL. Once that happens it's hard to get those kids back as they now have other interests. It's not an overnight solution and folks need to be patient. I think GC will have more wins this season but they do have a long ways to go before relevance is reached.
  8. Yes. Very proud of the team stepping up in the face of adversity. Hopefully they will stay highly motivated.
  9. Mac had 18 vs Syracuse today.
  10. While I'm not an Akers fan, it's amazing what you can do when you don't fumble 5-9 times....
  11. Congrats on the win. Good to see the players and coaches getting to celebrate.
  12. gc1

    Springs. Cove. Gc

    And because of this you will see football decline even more. Not just at GC or in SWVA. The risk of concussions and the media attention it has gotten are worrying parents, and rightly so. And football is pointed out as the culprit not the other sports.
  13. I won't disagree that the talent is down. But, it's not 1-9 down. Plus, with better coaches, kids playing elsewhere or not at all could help immensely if they came back. GC football really isn't a quick fix right now. Going back into LL it may take a few years after a coaching change.
  14. It's not basketball that's having a negative effect on the program. Several kids either not playing or transferred. The problem lies within the program at the top.
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