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  1. It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.
  2. Congratulations to Coach Reed on the promotion; hope he does great things at Battle!
  3. I see 4 wins & a first round drubbing in Bluefield. The fires need to be lit under our LL & middle school programs for there to be any hope of getting back ‘on top’ in the next decade. I’m surprised DR hasn’t taken one of the open HC spots... Hopefully his wing t will be suited to this group. I predict GC will lead the district in attendance & message board posts.
  4. Why would you hire a man that never played the game he’s coaching?
  5. Great opportunity for Akers if he hasn’t sold his house yet. We all know he dreamed of coaching in Bristol. Plus, he’d get to whoop GC every year & show his talents to all the doubters.
  6. WR from UVA? That would be quite a hire...
  7. It’s insane to me that this is still happening. PHS & JHS had been gone at least 13 years before the class of 20 was born. I sat with some friends on the Lee side during the GC \ Lee game & PMS shirts outnumbered Lee High shirts two to one.
  8. They should sniff around Harlan County for a hungry young coach. They’re sure not going to lure away a young Wise County HC. I hope they get a good one & go 9-1 forever; no community / school needs the benefits of a successful football program more.
  9. Was Coomer the coach when Tyler Graham ran for over 500 yards in a loss to JJK?
  10. Terry Martin was successful until some dude with school board connections decided he wanted the job. C’est la vie, I guess.
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