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  1. So the coaches have to cut out the ear hole & the snaps? No, thanks. They look great, though. I got $5 for Christ if he’d go back to the Michigan style Va High look.
  2. AND for many of those years, making the playoffs meant 7 / 8 wins in swva, as opposed to 1 / 2 wins in tssaa.
  3. What is the big square thing on the right of the M in their logo?
  4. GC has a couple of bigs to keep an eye on. Gibson & Calhoun have serious potential - hopefully Calhoun will get to carry the ball some, too.
  5. It just seems super weird that they haven’t hired anyone. I mean, it’s almost August... idk 🤷🏽‍♂️
  6. Any word on this? Can’t believe Lee hasn’t made a hire yet...
  7. Chris Kelly is welcome in GC; come be a Blue Devil.
  8. @GMan should lock this thread now. The man in question is a fan. This is not a forum to discuss individuals - save that shit for topix or whatever.
  9. Mr. Kelly has an intellectual disability. One of the most passionate fans in the state.
  10. 1996 Gate City team had 4 D1s & 1 D1AA (Beasley, Shoemaker, Houseright, Wolfe, & Smith), + a bunch of NAIA - DII guys.
  11. We know all about facilities management at GC. You should see our Sports Complex; you’d think it had never been used.
  12. I got $5 on some 83-92 era Colobro Blue throwbacks for GC.
  13. http://www.timesnews.net/Education/2019/06/25/State-Police-takes-over-new-investigation-of-Norton-football-coach.html?ci=stream&lp=1&p=1
  14. I wasn’t aware of those incidents. Brings up a separate set of questions. I’ll save board space for folks that know more about it.
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