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  1. Reminder: Terry Martin won 15 games over his last two seasons including a playoff win at Appomattox... got fired.
  2. ... Taking donations to send the Adkins family to Myrtle Beach next weekend for a well deserved vacay...
  3. I’ve never seen a team with a smaller margin of error. If GC commits zero turnovers / penalties, they can play with anyone. Tackling must improve, but this, last, & next week’s backs probably have a lot of folks saying that. Tale of the tape: GC: 4 fumbles lost, 2 INTs, most (combined) personal fouls I’ve ever seen in a game that wasn’t played in KY.
  4. Everyone on this thread / board seems to be looking forward. A wiser man than myself once said ‘Take ‘em one game at a time & everything will take care of itself.’
  5. I like that Rare Breed. 🦃
  6. Somebody that knows more should definitely verify, but I think he pulled in 12 TD catches & has some big runs (off jet sweeps). I think he had some big returns. I’m the type that can remember what I had for breakfast in 1988 but can’t remember yesterday. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  7. Mac played WR in 2015 & had a monster year. Personnel decisions lead to his specializing after the 15 season - but we’ve covered all that in previous threads.
  8. I knew the final score & was still a nervous wreck watching the tape. All I know is that I’m officially out of the prediction business. Anyway, the week 1 win probably increased week 2 attendance by 2500 or so. Legion Field will be rocking for the Falcons.
  9. RHS had 2 bad snaps & 3 10-15 yard penalties that put them in impossible 3rd down situations. I’m betting Mance & Co get that cleaned up. My take: Richlands has the area’s best HC, a generational talent at kicker, and a TON of raw talent. They have the potential to go 9-0 from here on out.
  10. Didn’t attend but I watched the tape. Hot take: without that all-star kicker, Richlands loses by 20. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  11. Anyone counting Mance & Co. out after week 1 is apt to look foolish in week 11.
  13. Grapeape

    Gc vs hurley

    We’re lucky to have this staff!
  14. Post Script: as @UVAObserver stated previously, there’s a Bonanza in Lebanon so I am now a HUGE supporter of this scrimmage.
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