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  1. My completely uninformed take: If a man doesn’t mind driving from GC to exit 19 every day, he probably wouldn’t mind driving to exit 26. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  2. The one that can pass the Admin Praxis?
  3. The Cumberland currently features two phenomenal young coaches in Warner & Lark.
  4. Grapeape

    Mance news

    Hope springs eternal, but even GC fans need to be realistic once in awhile.
  5. Grapeape

    Mance news

    Fortunately, they open against GC 😂
  6. It seems school board members should be educators. You wouldn’t have a board of teachers overseeing a dentist’s office. When Scott Co had no school board & a competent superintendent they were one of, if not the premier school system in the region.
  7. Grapeape

    Losing Decade

    Since 2009 GC has played the toughest schedule in the state. Playing Bluefield, Harlan, or a 5A TN school on the non conference slate has been brutal. Additionally, historically weak conference opponents have improved & / or experienced unprecedented runs of success (The Wright years at Battle, the Amburgy / Jimmy King success from 14-17 at Abingdon, the recent Central teams come to mind). No excuses, but a lot of those Ls came from teams that it would have taken all-time great GC teams to compete with.
  8. Your guarantee & the stuff that comes out of my butthole bear a suspicious resemblance.
  9. If Marion has had 12 players diagnosed by medical professionals with concussions then this program needs to be immediately shut down. That is an insane and untenable number.
  10. I would immediately drop out of the Ohio version of theVHSL. Play who you want, when you want, & keep all the money. Why not?
  11. Bristol, VA appears to be the 2nd largest population on the map with a 2A school (Radford #1). Surprised to see Bluefield & Big Stone fielding perennial powers with less than 1/3 of the population.
  12. Where do the good football players in Bristol go to high school?
  13. Grapeape

    Gc. Vs gw

    The man did his best & moved on. I’m sorry as can be for getting on here & running him down - it didn’t do anything but make me look like a fool. Only time the man’s name should be mentioned is to wish him well at his new job. I don’t speak for anyone but myself, but I’m thankful for EVERY coach at GC, from LL to varsity. We’re damned lucky to have who we have.
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