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  1. Grundy looked like a regional contender/favorite tonight knocking off GW, they controlled this game throughout.
  2. First 6 game losing streak since the end of the Soviet-era for Richlands. 1989 was the last time the Blues had this bad of a stretch, 3 years later they were state champs
  3. Reminder that this game is for 2nd place in Tazewell County and Richlands is 1-5 and Tazewell enters at 3-3. this rivalry is great for the feud above as neither of these teams is winning anything worthwhile this year.
  4. These five losses L 0-42 Union L 3-48 Graham L 0-21 Abingdon L 10-26 Bluefield L 6-33 Ridgeview
  5. First five game losing streak for Richlands since 1990 Those five losses L 18-20 Grundy L 7-12 Tazewell L 8-32 Gate City L 6-30 Graham L 12-22 Virginia High credit fourseasonsfootball
  6. Tazewell coming off a big win against Grundy at Nelson. Richlands has scored 46 points all year. Does Tazewell have the We beat Richlands Parade #2? Looks that way. Huge rivalry game and anything can happen here. I’d put the early line on Tazewell -8.5
  7. Like others have said give credit to Tarter for sticking with these kids when other coaches have bailed on them and he has caught much more flak for staying than the others have for abandoning the team. There are a lot of issues with the program but Tarter imo is not one of them.
  8. Richlands has now scored in back to back games. Also I believe they had 3 turnovers on three straight possessions last week, last I heard only 2 tonight. lots of issues but hopefully most parents are supportive of the program rather than airing dirty laundry. If the entitlement of the moms and pops of Richlands continues then the big R will not have another winning season for a decade.
  9. Definitely some discipline issues with the Bluefield area teams.
  10. Richlands stopped at 1 ridgeview 13 richlands 0
  11. Grundy wins a sloppy disgusting nail biter of a game. Grundy 13 Tazewell 8
  12. Bluefield goes 0-4 and remains ranked. Wins a game and falls out of the poll. Beautiful.
  13. SWVASB has this at -27.5 spread for the Wolfpack. I think that’s about right. I do think the Blues making a change at QB was long overdue, Brown is touching the ball each play now and you have that other back on the field for most plays now as well. I still look for a big Ridgeview win but I think Richlands is moving in the right direction as they get into the “softer” part of their schedule (Tazewell, Marion, Crockett and Virginia, if things break right Richlands could close 2-2 or 3-1). Ridgeview 48 Richlands 20
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