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  1. Here in Craig County we have 9 reported cases since it started. However, our proximity to Roanoke is worrisome if an outbreak occurs there. There are people who live in Craig and work in Roanoke and vice versa. In my opinion, a hybrid model for school is necessary. It doesn’t matter what decisions are made. If we have school as normal, people will be angry. Distance learning? People will be angry. Hybrid model? People will be angry. Sports will be the same way. If only we could turn back time on this virus, this would be like any other year.
  2. This Rocket would pull for the Spartans in that case.
  3. rsntu88


    Yep. UVA has the upper hand until Tech beats them. Until then, VT fans have to deal with it. Just like VT fans have to deal with Bristol. Just like we had to deal with the 09 Chick Fil A Bowl.
  4. The football coach here at Craig County is a paraprofessional. Works the In School Suspension.
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    Well, aren’t you a little big for your britches.
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    Suit yourself.
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    About that..... They lost to them in 2018 by 2 touchdowns. They were a 4-8 team. They didn’t exactly beat the crap out of them last season when they went 1-11. But what does a UT fan like me know?
  8. I saw a very encouraging video on the Appomattox Football FB page. The Appomattox players were comforting heartbroken Graham players. That is sportsmanship. It’s always the fans. If you notice, the guilty ones are adults in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. The players have nothing to do with any of the crap you see among any fan base.
  9. The clowns on there make me face palm sometimes. Again, the woman who does the feed seems like a good person. But if I have to roll my eyes at some comments people make one more time, I will look like Undertaker.
  10. Yeah. Cheryl is a good lady. Sounds like it at least. They had one guy say “Don’t pick up the flag! If you call a flag you need to uphold it.” I have watched some people on those feeds comment some silly bologna. One guy once said that Doug Smith should be considered greatest coach of all time. Okay. If he is still there 20-30 years down the road and wins 3 state championships every 5 year period then yes, he would be. A year back I saw one guy say the refs were screwing them out of the game in a game Appo was winning in a blowout. 🤦‍♂️ I don’t have a problem with Appomattox. They have a great thing going on over there. But some of the people I see have no idea how football actually works.
  11. Yeah. I watch the feeds occasionally. Seems like a selfless person who is doing this FOR others and not herself.
  12. Appo is a great team but wouldn’t win 3A or 4A. They may win 2A. Gotta advance past next week.
  13. Definitely rooting for the boys in Salem.
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