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  1. Salem is rowdy. Whether you move or hate them, they have a great source of support. Pulaski County has a rowdy bunch. Patrick Henry (Roanoke) has a rambunctious student section. PH in Roanoke has a classy crowd too. Giles has a great and rowdy crowd. Gate City’s crowd is usually loyal and vocal.
  2. I say own up to the issue. They used illegal cleats. Would it have made a difference? Not entirely sure. Doesn’t change the fact that it’s illegal. Richlands will forever have that controversy on them. Since they were found out, nobody will ever mention that season without the cleats. Is it time for Salem people to move on? Way past. But acknowledging what happened is just the reality. No need for Richlands people to be defensive.
  3. One thing that hurts it is the lack of attention that Richmond gives them. Hell, I live 3 hours from Richmond and just under 3 hours from Charleston. Craig County borders on SWVA and the Virginia Highlands. Richmond would dump the part of the state from Bath County to Lee if they could.
  4. Well there’s those fans. I can certainly understand it if they were on the 92 team. Once Richlands was found out, they probably felt cheated out of something they worked hard for. If they were students during that time and not on the team then they may feel that their classmates got cheated. Not saying the Richlands players cheated. From what I gather, it wasn’t the fault of the players. That cleatgate was on Richlands’ coach. It probably didn’t make a difference. But the Richlands players on that team now have the asterisk on the trophy they won. Most Salem fans I see everyday do not whine about it. Why should they whine? From 1996 through today, they’ve been the cream of the crop in the Roanoke Valley. 9 state championships in 21 years.
  5. I encounter Salem fans everyday. I ask them about the cleats. Most of them shrug their shoulders and say oh well. Parry McCluer? Those people are rude.
  6. Yeah. Is Giles supposed to be any better if there’s even a football season?
  7. I know. Most of the Salem fans I encounter everyday are generally pleasant. Most of them I have met don’t get triggered at the mention of Richlands.
  8. Try Craig County during the winter. New Castle can be tricky in cold and snow Especially Simmonsville, Paint Bank, John’s Creek. Try that in a snowstorm.
  9. Yeah there are a fair amount that are pleasant. BoBob seems to be one. I see a lot of the people on social media posting crazy stuff. They ruin it for the good ones. Of course, I do live 20 minutes from Salem, who has a bad reputation.
  10. Riverheads fans, I haven’t really seen a huge issue with. Appomattox fans? Entitled. Whiny. Insufferable.
  11. It’s definitely not a hoax. It was turned into a political issue. From both sides. The people who shame others for not wearing masks are making it political. Northam made it political with his hypocrisy at Virginia Beach. People calling it a hoax created by Democrats are making it political. We have failed in our response to the virus because Democrats and Republicans are both playing politics.
  12. Here in Craig County we have 9 reported cases since it started. However, our proximity to Roanoke is worrisome if an outbreak occurs there. There are people who live in Craig and work in Roanoke and vice versa. In my opinion, a hybrid model for school is necessary. It doesn’t matter what decisions are made. If we have school as normal, people will be angry. Distance learning? People will be angry. Hybrid model? People will be angry. Sports will be the same way. If only we could turn back time on this virus, this would be like any other year.
  13. This Rocket would pull for the Spartans in that case.
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