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  1. 71 & 72 Radford teams were loaded. In the 2 years they had like 20 players go D1. That's loaded.
  2. Saving vacation cause would use up quite a bit during NCAAT. Heck yes i miss all the sports from high school to pro sports. Live with my 2 sons so we all not handling it well
  3. Great year GC should be proud. See ya again in the regions again next year.
  4. I am so sorry. I think we were both wrong it's Green
  5. Ben Cox going to Vandy and Kip Greene heading to Costal Carolina
  6. You say Powell is 11-0, so who do they play? My niece married a young man who played at Powell. Just wondering.
  7. As a season ticket holder this kills me to say again, but Vah Tech will hammer us unless Pitt beats you up so bad half of your starters can' play and it will still be close.
  8. just wondering who will replace the man.
  9. Ben Cox from Radford heading to Vandy.
  10. Gonna say without a doubt PJ was and is the best player at Radford. Marshall is as tough as they come but not the football player PJ is, and as for Green it will be up to the coaching staff to change and approve is work habits and I hope they do cause the kid COULD be a game changer. Radford's coaching staff will be just fine with the changes that have taken place, being a great player doesn't always make a great coach.
  11. 71-72 Radford Bobcats had like 11 or more go D1.
  12. I knew the young man had been lifting at Radford but wasn't saying anything until it was a done deal, so I'm hoping Rodney knows what he's talking about.
  13. I did and he had a great game but lost in 2 or 3 OT's to Larry and the Celtics. I should remember how many OT's but it was a bus trip and I had a slight buzz, but Larry the Great had 48, I think it was 48 cause I lied I was hammered.
  14. Cam Cormany could shine without QMR. He's a very good player and I'm looking for big things from him the next 2 years.
  15. Radford 79 Floyd 19. Somebody got on the wrong side of Cormany.
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