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  1. Where did you see that at?
  2. Hurley coach? Marion coach? Lee coach? Is Tim Johnson staying at lee?
  3. Where is gc and radford being played? When?
  4. who?

    Marion Job

    Where carol go?
  5. Why in the world would Akers get the job over Carroll...Akers takes a traditional winner and turns them into loser. Carroll takes a traditional loser and turns them into winner. Is Brent “big boy” Roberts and Rat quillen making decisions for ft?That’s the only two dumb enough to hire Akers.
  6. There they are...just took a little poking and prodding.
  7. Gc fans have been very quite on here as of late... that usually means they don’t have a lot of confidence going forward. They usually react one of three ways in any sport. 1. Arrogant and loud because they know they are good. 2. Blame the coach because of the results are not as good as they should be. 3. Silence because they know they can’t win much at the end.
  8. Any updates on Ervin return. What gc chances without him?
  9. Back in the day? The sixties? Can’t do that in this era. AND. I could see boys basketball. You could recruit and build repore. But there are no girls coming out to play db or rb. I predict this is his last year. Probably his wife’s too. Don’t think anybody besides him would want to coach with her.
  10. I don’t think Stan Rogers is going to make the blue Devils any better. He has not coached. Football in decades. So far. I don’t see anything going on that is going to make them better. If football going to improve then houseright has to get out of girls b-ball. There too much to do right now to get ready for August. I hope this is his last year doing that. Reed is not going to be the same Reed we all know and love. I believe he disappointed he did not get head coach. His heart won’t be all the way in it. Still see some rough years to come.
  11. What happened to gc at Cleveland?
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