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  1. Especially since he should have gone d1
  2. Who going to be ridge view coach?
  3. Why did dean get ejected? Don’t tell me union taking a page out of tj’s playbook and starting to play a little dirty.
  4. I am sure it was the refs fault.
  5. I dont think gc will be playing for state title. They are good but not that good. They have to find somebody else besides dean. He can’t have 40 every game. Other coaches eventually will hold him to mid 20s.
  6. I don’t feel it is about him. I still feel that it was an awful hire by the powers that were in place at gate city. However, he applied and he is a big boy and he knew the pros and cons to the job. You can’t have his record at gc and be able to outrun it. No matter what he does from here on out, he still will be remembered for his time at gc. Hate it for him but it is what it is. To rusty: your comments are only fanning the flames
  7. For the fans sake. Agree on outcome
  8. Wise needs to move the game to the college.
  9. Hayes. By far the best basketball player on wise’s team. Hate it for him. Go ahead and give dean player of the year for m7. Why didn’t tj let the prodigal son guard him ?
  10. How many flagrants fouls will be called? How many technicals? Does tj put a bounty on dean like he did Mac and Zach? Does tj finally beat gc? Maybe the wrestling mats can be brought out and tj and vermillion can go at it. Going to be wild. I am interest to see how daddy’s boy responds. You know the student section going to be after him.
  11. Thought Abingdon was supposed to be good?
  12. Gc is still the champ until someone beats them. Lee, union, wise, ridgeview, blah blah blah. Wait till they play the team that has always been there. To be the man you got to beat the man. Not saying it won’t happen but until it does, you “other” schools are wishful thinking.
  13. So.....should a kid like that being at rye cove should have transferred to a bigger school? thoughts?
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