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  1. Giving up home games to play GC in Wise was really, really bad. Giving up a state tournament game to play in Wise would be horrible. These kids and coaches deserve to play at home, please don't take it away from them.
  2. You’d have to be a fool to play at Wise if Union is an option. I thought Goforth and the Wise ties were no longer with the school? Us giving up home games to play GC at Wise was bad enough.
  3. The fact this game is at Union in BSG is huge, I think. We’ve not lost a home game to a VA school in two years. Hopefully we can stay out of foul trouble and hit a few more perimeter jumpers. What’s the skinny on JR?
  4. If Ridgeview doesn't walk the dog in football and boy's basketball next season, it'll never happen.
  5. I can’t find the game at Union but at Abingdon Osborne scored six points when the two played.
  6. It won't be but honestly if Union beats GC by double digits, the entire first team should be Union kids. They've yet to play a district game within single digits. Reyshawn Anderson is Union's sixth man and would start for any other team in the league.
  7. Union isn’t playing great and still beating everyone by double digits. It’s strange, not sure what it will take to get them back clicking. The potential is there, clearly. Everything is just odd. The team is the defending state champions, hasn’t lost a league game all year and the stands look like a pick up game at Carnes Gym. Very little buzz.
  8. Can someone let the AOA officials know it is actually legal to dunk a basketball? A friend from Wise sent me a video of a dunk last night where the kid was assessed a technical foul for simply dunking the ball on a rebound. I've also seen Union be assessed a technical foul for dunking as well when the kid could either come down on top of a RV player or hold on for less than two seconds. Officials - Let the Kids Make Athletic Plays!
  9. According to the paper, Abingdon shot under 30% for the game. It’s hard to lose when you play defense like that.
  10. How will that be broken? I'd like to go see these games if this comes to fruition.
  11. That may end up being very beneficial to Union down the road, some kids had to step up with Bunch out. The one thing Union always does is play defense and it helped tonight. The weakness of the M7 is starting to concern me though, Union has yet to play a league game within 15 points.
  12. At this point I would favor Burton in the district. Campbell back scoring and honestly think they are better coached than the other contenders outside of Damron at Eastside.
  13. Where are the A and AA tournaments this year? I've lost track due to COVID, I know last year had Graham won Union was going to Graham so does that mean it's the Mountain 7 hosting?
  14. GC just hasn’t been able to score since Dean left 2 yrs ago. Union won the JV game in a blowout as well, GC may have upper hand next season with McMurray but long term it appears this rivalry has flipped. The Bears have won 4 in a row in the series.
  15. Thoughts on this one? This is the one opponent that concerns me.
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