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  1. Quincy did play at Mitchell Stadium in 1997 as a junior. He also was on the active roster for the Bengals and played in a few regular season games during his NFL career. I have a question. I remember a few Bluefield posters saying this awhile back. Was Ahmad Bradshaw originally from Bluefield, WV?
  2. We've had our differences, but I have had the chance to step back and realize the magnitude of the success that Bluefield has had historically and especially recently. Since 1997(including this year), Bluefield will have made EIGHT trips to Wheeling. That is unreal. This Weir fan is going to be there Friday pulling for Bluefield. They have too much athleticism and speed for Wayne. Bluefield by 10-14.
  3. Donald Amaker had some jets. He reminded me of Reggie Bush in a sense because you always had to know where he was on the field at all times and he could hurt you on the ground or in the air as a receiver out of the backfield. He was also an excellent kickoff and punt returner. I heard he was an All-American at Tusculum and I'm glad he did so well there.
  4. I think starting in Charleston is where the South starts for the game. The North has won the last two games. They also won the N/S baseball game this year 19-6 I think. I will be down there early because one of my best friends is playing in the N/S basketball game the night before. Is anyone else traveling for the football game?
  5. Say what you want, but I constantly talk to Tom and met him at 3 Bluefield games. I even had a copy of the 04 tape made for him when he asked me because he's pretty cool. We talk smack to each other but it's just joking around. I wasn't talking about Coeburn and Wells. I would defend the whole state of WV, yet you talk smack about the Ohio Valley because we are close to OH and PA. Also, you couldn't pay for my house in a year and a half. You only have your master's degree. When I'm done with school, I'll have a doctorate and then we can talk about salaries. And since you say that you don't believe me, why don't you make a trip to the N/S game and you can still not believe me when I have transcripts. I don't care and I don't think I'm a big shot like you do because I'll be a physical therapist. And if I thought people from the South were hillbillies, why would I have spent part of 3 summers in down state WV working for Habitat for Humanity? You think you have all this money, but go to some of the subdivisions up here in Weirton and see that your house and cars are nothing. But like I said if you'd like to meet up at the N/S game, then just let me know.
  6. I'll be there. I think it should be a close game. The past two years the North has had a much more talented team on the football field but the South played well and kept it close. This year the South might have more talent with Culbertson, Fulmer, and Spurlock.
  7. I'm friends with people from Bluefield, that's why I'm on this message board. Unlike you, they actually played football at Bluefield. You're supposed to be a professional in health care yet you act like a kid? I think you're a bum that works at McDonald's to be honest. I called YOU a pansy because you hide behind a computer name and talk like you're some big shot to make yourself feel better about your life. I don't think I ever said anything about a southern accent because I have family from Alabama. Actually my cousin plays for West Alabama and his family has a strong southern accent. Who is we, when you say to ban me? Did I miss the memo where you became a moderator? I'm not talking trash about anyone. Jimmy Carey Stadium in Weirton is awsome, but I know it shouldn't hold the Super Six. When did I ball my eyes out when we lost? I don't ever remember that. I remember being mad at two coaches who are related in 03 and 04 and admitting that in 97, Bluefield had a better team but I never cried over any football game, especially one that I went to in middle school. The history of the series doesn't matter. All that matters is that Weir is the DEFENDING AA STATE CHAMPS with a 40-0 victory over a good Bluefield team.
  8. Not all of the teams stay in Ohio and Wheeling is the only venue in the north that holds a state championship. Charleston has baseball, girl's and boy's basketball, track, and cheerleading. Hungtington hosts wrestling while Beckley has soccer. The real problem that people from the south have is the drive to Wheeling. However, I don't complain when I've driven the past two years 3.5 hours to Charleston for the basketball and baseball tournaments when Weir played. Who cares what is near the stadium? Do you think that Park and Central wanted a gambling establishment right near their stadium? NO! However, for as many people from Bluefield complain about it, I bet at least half of them go to the Downs and spend money! The Super Six isn't leaving Wheeling so people should just get used to it.
  9. I was just wondering where Marcum was going to play college football at?
  10. The title game will never leave Wheeling because it is the nicest high school stadium in the state. If it had not been for the flood, which is out of anyone's control, noone would be complaining. However, they did a lot of work on the field after it was damaged. No, Parkersburg didn't have a better package and if it was ever played there I wouldn't go. The turf at Stadium Field is cement and there isn't hardly any parking. I know when my dad was in HS, he told me he always hated playing there. Also, like I said I wasn't trying to start trouble but obviously BluefieldPT is such a big shot down in Bluefield(sarcasm) he's going to say anything he wants on here. Also, to the person that said Wheeling Island is a swamp, it really doesn't matter because Mount View will never play for a state title so you don't have to worry where the game is at.
  11. I'm not trying to start up trouble, but there is no way the Super Six will ever leave Wheeling Island Stadium.
  12. He probably meant that he played on the 95, 96, 97, and 98 teams and graduated in 99.
  13. I still think that 97 team was the best Bluefield team in recent memory. Also, I have the tape of the Bluefield/Weir game in 2004 if that's what you're talking about Bluefield_Rocks.
  14. I was just wondering what some of the Bluefield fans thought about this subject. I don't know much about Bluefield in the past, but I have seen their 1997, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005 teams and heard a lot about their 1996 team. I think that the 1997 Bluefield team was one of the best AA teams of all time along with the Weir 1998 team, but some Bluefield fans say that the 1996 team was better especially with Yubrenal Isabelle on the team but they just had injury problems. So which team do you Bluefield fans think deserves to be called the best team in school history?
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