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  1. This game was won under the headset of the Appomattox head coach. I bet he would probably say this game worked out exactly like he planned and envisioned it. Yes Graham got a terrible call on the punt return. Yes Graham dropped a crucial pass. Yes Graham blew two coverages. The bottom line as I saw it was the fact that Appomattox could run for 3-4 yards whenever they wanted. The game was slowed way down. Heck, even the refs where slowing it down with the impeachment hearings on every call. I knew Graham was in trouble on the first drive. When the second half started I made the comment that Appomattox didn’t want another point, all they wanted was time and that was almost exactly what happened. I was disappointed, but I’m always a bit satisfied when the team that won deserved it. Graham had the talent to deserve it but didn’t get it done.
  2. I never thought I’d ever watch a football game at a venue worse than Richlands...... but now I have.
  3. I’m hearing different reports. I understand GARS is covering it, but I’m hearing they won’t be doing live play by play. Anybody have the facts on if it will be available online?
  4. When was the last time a local team with that much D1 talent started the season 0-1?
  5. Gonna be interesting when Mercer county doesn’t want it and Bluefield Virginia takes it on. Awful new turf to rip up and change to cardinal red and gold. I would be surprised if the Mercer county decision makers go this route. To their credit, they seem to be more academically, than athletically inclined.
  6. I started this thread long ago. It seems an appropriate bump tonight. So happy for this bunch.
  7. Graham's offense is the defense making you punt the ball to Cooke.
  8. But I recall a play several years ago at that same exact location. I knew we'd pay for that one day.
  9. Wow. I watched the replay several times and I thought he fumbled with the knee 2" off the ground. I heard from several that were watching online that agreed.
  10. 45-35 Graham. Kick returns and Graham shooting themselves in the foot on offense keeps it this close.
  11. Hard to believe that Richlands can graduate the 4 players that had the "wow" factor and replace it. This year is more about physical play for them. Look for them to know what they have and adjust accordingly.
  12. Appomattox is on the roll Gretna had years ago. It will pass, but right now 2A belongs to them.
  13. 1. Florida State 2. Alabama 3. Penn State 4. Ohio State 5. Georgia
  14. Maybe a Bluefield fan will give an accurate account of the whole scene after the "Miracle at Mitchell" a few years back.
  15. Only thing I can think of right now was when Touchdown Tommy Edwards (Radford) discus tossed Todd King (Graham) down the field by his face mask.
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