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  1. Thanks guys. Definitely look into those. Anyone else?
  2. Probably should have stated that in the open. We plan to go from Wytheville 77 through Charlotte and so on to 95. We would be open for side variations but not so far. Nothing like going through Atlanta or anything like that.
  3. Hey guys, haven't been around in awhile, but my brother and I are looking for a golf course (quality and price of a Draper or Wytheville golf club) on our way to Savannah. Any suggestions of course yall have played?
  4. I hate anti-football, but Chelsea has deployed these tactics for the past few weeks to sheer perfection--heck, even Fernando Torres was defending his highlights off in extra time. On the day, Chelsea were not the better team. I think that can be agreed upon; yet, they lifted the European Cup in triumph. Funny game football is. Question now turns to how will this result effect the German national team. Germany's core is Bayern and this loss is devastating. They say you are only as good as your last game... blog on the match can be found at btpwoodywilder.blogspot.com
  5. Hmm...I had seen conversations, but nothing with those links. I still think its insanely stupid. Even if we still do have the "districts" they won't mean anything if they aren't used for playoffs, it's like they don't even exist. But in the end, District/Conference mumbojumbo doesn't really pertain to the article I wrote...I made a mistake which I have now fixed, but the discussion at hand was awarding 6 state championships. Wayyyy too much IMO.
  6. Yes, Northwood and Holston should stay in the "Hogo" or whatever conference they are going to call it. It looks like the VHSL would shift them over to a Region D district. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Each of those should remain in Region C or what is to become of Region C.
  7. It's like the NCAA with these conference realignments, they are only focusing on football and basketball because they drive the bus. The VHSL isn't thinking about the Olympic sports here that would massively be watered down.
  8. http://btpwoodywilder.blogspot.com/2012/05/virginias-proposed-6a-classification.html Link the to my blog on it. I'm definitely opposed to it, but I doubt I'll ever be VHSL commissioner so you guys don't have to worry about my ideals coming to fruition.
  9. John Battle Martinsville George Wythe Lebanon Gate City J.I. Burton Castlewood Virginia High Union Holston Hurley Phelps, KY Lee High Graham #3 Alabama Tennessee #18 Arkansas Virginia #23 West Virginia #11 Virginia Tech #7 Wisconsin Philly Pittsburgh Detroit Washington New York Jets Game of the Week: Richlands 37
  10. 3 story WalMart in Grundy? Hotttttt dayyyyyyyyyyyum. I'm jealous.
  11. Happy Valley, TN Grayson Graham Richlands Giles Charlotte Latin, NC Eastern Montgomery J.I. Burton Castlewood Chilhowie Clintwood Eastside John Battle Honaker Hurley Central Radford North Carolina Virginia Tech Alabama Virginia Oklahoma St. LSU Philly Baltimore Pittsburgh Dallas Game of the Week: Haysi 22
  12. Rural Retreat Charlotte Country Day, NC Holston J.I. Burton Central Chilhowie Clintwood Eastside Honaker Hurley Tug Valley, WV George Wythe Gate City Harlan, KY Union Florida North Carolina Virginia Tech Oklahoma Pittsburgh Indy New England Atlanta Game of the Week: Richlands 38
  13. Radford vs George Wythe Heck of a game whenever the two play, and a lot of bad blood between them as well.
  14. Abingdon Christainsburg Marion Richlands Blacksburg Greenbrier East J.I. Burton Castlewood Honaker Haysi Patrick Henry John Battle Grundy Sullivan South Union Tennessee High Auburn Alabama Virginia Tech South Carolina Michigan Philadelphia Baltimore Indianapolis New York Giants New York Jets George Wythe 44
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