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  1. Blues_82

    Looking to buy a Hardtop for a 95 Jeep Wrangler

    i was drivin down doran today and saw a jeep about your model year beside doran machine shop...dont know what the deal with it is but u should check it out.
  2. Blues_82


    yeah, he plays soccer for CC...he's got a heck of a foot
  3. Blues_82

    GATOR BOWL!!!!!

    Wooo, my 1st bowl game! Awesome game, wish we could have played like that for the 1st 3 quarters, lost my voice in the 4th...this weather has been awesome too, every day its been in the 70's...lets pack up and go home to Good Ol' Virginia
  4. Blues_82

    Kobe Bryant Rookie Card

    no problem...sorry all you dial up users, i know its gonna take a while to load
  5. Blues_82

    Kobe Bryant Rookie Card

    holy crap...well, at least you get good detail
  6. Blues_82

    Nicki H?

    holy crap Mayor, congratulations, this was a surprise...I'll have to get ol' Mike Davis down there and put ur alls picture in the paper lol
  7. Blues_82

    Abingdon next year

    I think he meant, "Thought you wern't gonna be there", i guess he thought he graduated this year.
  8. Blues_82

    Kobe Bryant Rookie Card

    post em on here...i'd like to see em and im sure other ppl would too, especially the kobe!
  9. Blues_82


    why'd you quit Stilfresh?
  10. Whos goin to Lynchburg?
  11. Blues_82

    RHS Football Tribute Video/Slide Show!!!

    that video is freakin awesome...im pumped up now and i ill be pumped up till tomorrow around 4...WOOOO go all the way Blues!
  12. Blues_82

    UNC vs VT

    I was there section 14 row UUU seat 22 on the west side...decent seat, weather wasn't bad and a fair game...officiating did suck but it happens...M. Vick autographed my ticket stub so it was a good night, ON TO THE ACC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!
  13. Blues_82

    Little Embarrassed

    [ QUOTE ] but yeh that was aaron cambell that got the coma last yr. [/ QUOTE ] yeah that was a massive hit...he was in the hospital for like a week
  14. Blues_82

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Happy Turkey Day