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  1. i was drivin down doran today and saw a jeep about your model year beside doran machine shop...dont know what the deal with it is but u should check it out.
  2. yeah, he plays soccer for CC...he's got a heck of a foot
  3. Wooo, my 1st bowl game! Awesome game, wish we could have played like that for the 1st 3 quarters, lost my voice in the 4th...this weather has been awesome too, every day its been in the 70's...lets pack up and go home to Good Ol' Virginia
  4. no problem...sorry all you dial up users, i know its gonna take a while to load
  5. holy crap...well, at least you get good detail
  6. holy crap Mayor, congratulations, this was a surprise...I'll have to get ol' Mike Davis down there and put ur alls picture in the paper lol
  7. I think he meant, "Thought you wern't gonna be there", i guess he thought he graduated this year.
  8. post em on here...i'd like to see em and im sure other ppl would too, especially the kobe!
  9. why'd you quit Stilfresh?
  10. that video is freakin awesome...im pumped up now and i ill be pumped up till tomorrow around 4...WOOOO go all the way Blues!
  11. I was there section 14 row UUU seat 22 on the west side...decent seat, weather wasn't bad and a fair game...officiating did suck but it happens...M. Vick autographed my ticket stub so it was a good night, ON TO THE ACC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!
  12. [ QUOTE ] but yeh that was aaron cambell that got the coma last yr. [/ QUOTE ] yeah that was a massive hit...he was in the hospital for like a week
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