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  1. Gate City State Champs

    Well done, GC. State Champs!
  2. VA state championships (3/8-3/10)

    Congrats, Gate City! You earned it.
  3. Region D Brackets

    Remember when you disappeared for a while and no one cared? And you weren't even banned. Lol! I'm impressed that you are keeping up with my post history. Atta boy. I enjoy watching you get all worked up over the simplest little comments, like "That might be a first". We all do. By the way, you can stop sucking up to Gman. He's probably not going to ban you again. You're too much live entertainment. But the sucking up is embarrassing to watch.
  4. Region D Brackets

    You're just too easy. Most of us would have easily let that go. But we know you're a simple target, so why not provide a laugh or two just for entertainment sake?
  5. Region D Brackets

    That might be a first!
  6. Peach Bowl

    Roll Tide!
  7. Peach Bowl

    Auburn had beaten Mercer 506-12 all-time but only won by 14 this year. Your point?
  8. Peach Bowl

    I have issues with UCF's regular season schedule. Check it out, and compare that to the schedule of any of the Power 5 teams. it's a joke. http://www.espn.com/college-football/team/schedule/_/id/2116/ucf-knights Yes, they are undefeated, but undefeated against a weak schedule has to be taken with a grain of salt. FIU...Maryland...Memphis...Cincinnatti...East Carolina...Navy...Austin Peay...SMU...UConn...Temple...South Florida...Memphis in the CCG...Come on, man! I have no problem giving them as much credit as they deserve, but they don't deserve to be considered among college football's elite. That's just silly.
  9. Peach Bowl

    Bama just beat the #1 team in the nation on a neutral field. Sorry. They proved you wrong. And remember, Auburn was only a two-loss team when both Bama and UGA lost to Auburn at Jordan Hare. And since Auburn lost to a 4-loss LSU team, you just put your foot in your mouth. Get your story straight. Starting a thread touting the team that just beat you because you lost your last two games on a neutral field is weak, at best. As I said before, look at the schedule for UCF and maybe, just maybe you'll see how they became undefeated so easily. Their strength of schedule was ranked 103rd in the nation. If that doesn't explain it, nothing will convince you.
  10. Peach Bowl

    Look at UCF's schedule for the year. They played a lot of cupcakes. That, and the fact that this was Auburn's 4th loss speaks volumes. Auburn can play at Jordan Hare, but is a mediocre team away from home.
  11. Please pray for a Chilhowie Coach's family

    Prayers for the family and friends.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! Enjoy!
  13. ; )

    Post of the week!
  14. Union vs. Marion

    Could he possibly work for a newspaper? Those guys are weird, for sure. :)
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