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  1. Wheeling Park Bluefield Miami Marshall Liberty West Virginia Appalachian State Texas A&M (Postponed) Louisville Packers Buccaneers Ravens Bears Game of the Week: Seahawks 37
  2. George Washington James Monroe Summers County Webster County Sherman BYU Indiana Texas Virginia Tech North Carolina Marshall Appalachian State Georgia Arkansas Titans Chiefs Steelers Buccaneers Patriots Game of the Week: Clemson 47
  3. Praying for coach Smith now.
  4. Princeton Bluefield PikeView Tolsia Meadow Bridge North Carolina Liberty Marshall Alabama Iowa State Virginia Tech West Virginia Michigan Miami Cincinnati Saints Packers Raiders Rams Game of the Week: Titans 45
  5. Bluefield Hannan PikeView Tennessee Liberty West Virginia Duke Virginia Marshall Virginia Tech Titans Steelers Packers Rams Cardinals Game of the Week: Alabama 51
  6. Princeton Bluefield Buffalo James Monroe Wahama Florida North Carolina Liberty Virginia Duke Tennessee Marshall Panthers Titans Browns Seahawks Saints GOTW Clemson 62
  7. True, but I refuse to just throw away my vote on someone who has no chance to win.
  8. Hard to disagree...unfortunately we have to choose between the two.
  9. Bluefield James Monroe Princeton Wyoming East Sherman Van #21 Tennessee Baylor Liberty #2 Alabama Virginia Tech #1 Clemson Titans Cardinals Chiefs 49ers Packers Game of the Week: #4 Georgia 48
  10. Shady Spring James Monroe River View Auburn Louisville Cincinnati Oklahoma State Tennessee Virginia Tech Virginia Georgia Tech Liberty Bills Titans Falcons Packers Chiefs Game of the Week: Bluefield 45
  11. Praying now for this young man and his family and friends.
  12. Bluefield Liberty-Raleigh PikeView Mount View Oklahoma State Liberty Duke Pittsburgh Notre Dame North Carolina Central Florida Appalachian State Clemson Wake Forest Cowboys Packers Titans Seahawks Saints Game of the Week: Louisville 45
  13. UNC West Virginia Notre Dame Florida State Clemson Oklahoma State Carolina Green Bay New England San Francisco L.A. Rams GotW New Orleans 54
  14. Comparing decades is not easy, especially in certain towns and areas in SW Va.. I lived in Saltville from 1960 until 1966, and some of those teams (Shakers) would have destroyed the Saltville (Northwood) teams of today...mainly because of the decrease in population since the early '70's and the closing of Olin-Matheson Chemical Corporation. The talent, probably due to numbers, back then was just better than it is today. Other areas are just the opposite. Some of those football teams in the 1960's were very good, and could compete with any team in the 1970's and probably beyond. That said, I do agree as a whole that teams of the 70's and beyond are better (bigger, faster, stronger), and have utilized the passing game more than they did in the 1960's, but that's not true in every case...Saltville being a good example.
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