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    Southwest Times article mentions that. What's the over/under on "Roon Nation" screaming for James to replace Harner? https://www.southwesttimes.com/2020/05/james-steps-down-as-cougar-football-head-coach/
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    Coach James resigns at Pulaski

    The truth is, Dixon all but took the head coaching job at Monticello High School in Charlottesville back in December before his wife changed his mind for him. Pulaski isn't very far of a drive from Galax and Mrs. Dixon can remain close to her children at Virginia Tech. Not an inevitability but something that makes a lot of sense on several levels.
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    I know who the player is i didn't wanna mention his name but I know he was a senior so I'm not sure if that's the reason he was allowed to play or not. I think one of the posters on here is appy93 so maybe he will fill us in it he sees this (unless it's him were talking about lol)
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