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  1. If Virginia high can keep Richlands passing game to a minimum think it will be close
  2. For 1000 , I'll take the falcons
  3. Spot on... When Abingdon won it was his team ,when they lost it was their team....it boils down to all about him
  4. You are exactly right.colbro & amburgy were on the same page, last I heard was 5 total coaches left & no one else wanted in with him.you hang around up there you hear & see alot of things that adds up is what little succeess he had last year ..( nobody wanted to play or coach under Reed)
  5. I think he was trying to turn Abingdon in to one of his Gc teams he played for!!!
  6. From 8th grade up , I don't think they lost any till Reed arrived,or he decided to call the offense
  7. Reed wouldn't benefit the program..look at all the other places he's ran in the dirt.hopefully they will get the right coach that will put them back some what the traditional Power house gate City us to be
  8. Fisher

    Abingdon 3A

    Buy looking on both sidelines it wasn't a 10 to 1 ratio..( tenn.high vs hurly.. example) numbers... take away sp.ed program out of enrollment you have a Richland or Appomattox high school . Falcons were better team Friday night
  9. Fisher

    Abingdon 3A

    Always have excuses if things don't go well.. doesn't matter you put your best 11 on the playing field whether it's high school or D1 or D3
  10. Fisher

    Abington 3A

    Appomattox has 718 students. Ahs 900, take the special education program out & that is who you played!!
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