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  1. What are the chances Owens steps down as head coach at Central? And who is the best for the replacement? Would like to hear everyone’s opinion and thoughts.
  2. Definitely a new def. coordinator. Preferably someone who knows a little about defense. Be a huge step up from what we’ve got now. Maybe my grandma could take his place. 😂 all he did was blitz all the time and take the linebackers completely out of the game. We blitz A gap, they run off tackle. 12 yds deep before anyone else is even close to a tackle. So predictable it’s not even funny
  3. They’ve got 1 kid that plays baseball and football I think. JV team wasn’t as good because they all played on Friday nights.
  4. His credentials are he is friends with Collins. I was hoping for a change after Collins’ retirement, not looking good.
  5. I agree with that, however you should be able to somewhat gauge the level of talent you are going to have at the varsity level. You shouldn’t go from total domination one year to being out coached the next.
  6. Central has all the talent in place to be a really solid team. However the coaching staff is a complete joke. I’m pretty sure the defensive coordinator gets his game plans from YouTube videos or the book, “defense for dummies”. They need to wipe the slate clean and hire a new head coach. They make no adjustments, they are the laughing stock of coaching staffs. The program needs a complete overhaul. The play calling for the most part is atrocious. They can barely get a play sent in before the play clock runs out. I agree that they will be tough for the upcoming years but until they get a new coach I don’t see much change. And it hurts to think that. Just my opinion. Hands down the WORST coached team in the Mountain 7. These kids lost 1 game in 3 seasons at the 8th grade and JV level. Dominating other teams. Now they have coaches that can’t even muster up a simple defensive adjustment Or call an offensive play to counter the defensive alignment. How about let the guy that has coached the JV take over? Couldn’t be any worse than the coaching we have now.
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