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  1. Not only beat you real bad but, don't like you! Don't like the program, the coaches or the community either!
  2. Big, big upset this Friday night!!! Gate City wins!!!
  3. I hope he's elected Mayor of Tazewell!!!
  4. Well said Graham/Va Tech fan! I blame it all on their parents.
  5. The people in tazewell had nothing to do with the last one leaving. He screwed up himself. What pisses the people in tazewell off is people blaming them for running coaches off. People make comments but, don't know what they're talking about.
  6. I always thought they were the best on the show.
  7. Hope Wyatt gets it---he is a good coach.
  8. Some folks are saying things about tazewell football that have no idea what they are talking about. Tazewell football will be just fine. They are trying very hard to make things workout for the school and team.
  9. Sounds like someone on here knows what they are talking about, instead of running down tazewell fans and coaches.
  10. Not as crazy as all them dems
  11. Our country does not need the government to do anything for us but get out of our way!! We do need the government to protect us from evildoers however.
  12. There's always a kid left off this list that should not have been but, leaving Tazewell's kicker off is just plain stupid.
  13. Damn straight Skippy. Who yo daddy. You're most certainly welcome.
  14. Dallas will be no where near a super bowl this year! They couldn't beat my momma playing football. Packers win it all!!!!!!!! and I'm not a Packer fan. Just telling it like it is baby.
  15. You Richlands fans must be feeling better tonight!
  16. This is a great win for Graham!!! The win will have those young men reach for new heights that maybe they can attain. Good luck G-men on the rest of your season.
  17. You are right about the controversy, there is some and it may come out soon.
  18. Some of his examples he has been setting on and off the football field this year have not been good for young players. I don't think he is that worried about making fine young men. I think he needs to go.
  19. So far only 1 is going to Richlands next year and it's not the freshman.
  20. don't start countin dim chickens jus yet!!!!!
  21. It is me!!!!!!!!! Old blue boy-----you Richlands fans crack me up. Can't wait until playoff time.
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