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  1. I was Obviously joking but I can see it went completely over your head. Wouldnt expect much though since Grundy has no chance to beat out honaker for the playoffs right?
  2. TD Honaker, Grundy up 34-13
  3. Between him Blanding and Thornhill we could possibly have 3 future pros in the secondary #DBU Did I do that right?
  4. 34-7 Grundy 2:33 before halftime
  5. Gotta continue to stop the crossing routes and we should have a real chance. side note: man that Nelson kid is gonna be a good one
  6. 27-7 Grundy over Honaker 4:58 before half
  7. Abingdon Giles Radford John Battle Graham Union Lee Marion William Byrd Bluefield Bland Rural Retreat George Wythe Hurley Twin Valley JI Burton Castlewood Eastside Chilhowie Virginia Tenn Va Tech OK St GA WVU ATL MINN Sea KC OAK Grundy 48
  8. I think they ran it kinda like baseball. They traded off all their younger prospects in years past for players to come in right away and help. Now they don't have anyone to trade for a top player and they have to start building from the bottom again. Atleast in my head that's the way I like to think its went...
  9. Guessing it will be Chilhowie and Grundy in the Region finals looking at those teams.
  10. lol apparently so does everyone else
  11. Sounds like the Rebels with the W
  12. Got my info from someone who was there and left with 3 minutes to go after Riverview failed to get an onside kick
  13. Heard Hurley up 22-12 with 3 minutes to go earlier
  14. Abingdon Blacksburg Ft. Chiswell Giles Gretna John Battle Virginia Daniel Boone, TN Lee Union Glenvar Marion Galax Hurley Northwood Holston Thomas Walker Patrick Henry Virginia No. 9 Oklahoma St. West Virginia No. 16 Virginia Tech No. 3 Clemson No. 24 Florida No. 4 USC Carolina Kansas City New England Los Angeles Rams Atlanta GotW George Wythe 49
  15. Dec 8-9 Indian Classic - Kingsport Tn Dec 15-16 Reno tournament of champions - Reno Nv Dec 29-30 Agie Skeens - Grundy Va Jan 6 Galax Duals - Galax Va Jan 12-13 Virginia Duals - Hampton Va Jan 17 Parry McCleur, Rural Retreat Dual - Rural Retreat Va Jan 27 Glenvar Tournament - Glenvar Va Feb 3 Sub regional - Castlewood Va Feb 10 Regions - Wise Va Feb 17 State Tournament- Salem Va